US Naturalization Early Filing Calculator

You can apply for U.S. naturalization (way of getting U.S. citizenship) up to 90 days in advance of you meeting all other eligibility requirements. Please note that 90 days is not the same as 3 months. 3 months can have anywhere from 89 to 92 days. However, the requirement here is 90 days. Even if you apply one day too early, USCIS can reject your application.

This handy calculator allows you to calculate 90 days from being eligible to apply for U.S. naturalization. Please note that, most people are eligible 5 years from the becoming the permanent resident (3 years in case applying on marriage to U.S. citizen basis). However, you must make sure that you meet all other eligibility requirements such as continuous residence, physical presence, good moral character, residence in USCIS district where you will apply, civics and English knowledge and allegiance to the U.S., among other things. If you don't meet any of those requirements, you may not be eligible to apply for U.S. naturalization even after 5 (or 3 years) have passed since becoming permanent resident.

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