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N400 Application
The online USCIS Account showing the display message of "Your N-400 personalized processing time is down for maintenance" is being observed for the past 3 to 4 weeks. I do not know whether this is the case with all applicants of N400. Normally the maintenance should not take more than a week or so. Does it mean that this message will remain until my turn for the interview comes

Just want to know whether others are also experiencing this problem
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How long it will take to receive the oath notice after the interview
Hello everyone,
I went to my N400 interview last Wednesday(5/5) in Los Angeles. The officer gave me an approval notice after the interview but I did not know my oath detail(like date). She said Congratulations and will mail the oath letter to me. Does anyone know how long it will take to receive the oath notice (through the USCIS account) after the interview now?
My account now still shows “Interview Was Scheduled,” and does not have updates.
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N400 interview day with officer
Must we answer ALL the questions recite about N400, such as social security or address or similar hard keeping in memory? can we have a note? where is written in USCIS instructions such rule
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No response after acceptance of N400
I received my acceptance receipt of N400 on 20th Oct. 2020. Since then there has been no action on there part. It showed estimated completion p until August earlier but then it vanished from the page. Then the 'time until completion" showed completion in 7.5 to 14 months which is now changed to 9.5 to 16 months. I sent them message asking if they were reusing my fingerprints but to no heed. Is anybody from Maryland having same experience.
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Oath Ceremony Completed, Holtsville Field Office, NY
Hello, Everyone.

I just wanted to let you know that my Oath Ceremony was completed last Friday at the Holtsville Field Office. Everything went well, and I thought it was organized with the best experience possible during a pandemic. I had also applied for a name change, so the office gave me a court-certified document for the name change and the Naturalization Certificate [new name] with a "Judicial Ceremony" label. The judge presided over the ceremony remotely through video conference.

I asked them [administrative staff] if I should go for passport first or update SSN with citizenship status, they said it doesn't matter and do what is comfortable. I already applied for the passport. I will schedule an appointment with the SSA office after receiving the Naturalization Certificate [original had to be sent for the application] and the passport with the new name.

I wanted to thank all the members of this community for posting their experiences and answering my questions. Good luck, everyone.
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N-400 in Boston 2021; 2 different experiences
I filed two N-400 on 3/31/2021. Here is my experience with both:

case 1:
4/1/2021 Receipt notice
4/30/2021 Biometric reuse notice

Case 2:
4/1/2021 Receipt notice
4/1/2021 Biometric reuse
4/7/2021 Interview notice
5/7/2021 Interview
today is 5/10/2021, awaiting oath to be scheduled.

I have no idea why the experiences and timelines are so different. The people I was filing for are a married couple, entered the US the same day, their immigration procedures over the years were identical. I think the wife just got assigned a different agent who is taking his/her time.
Either way- the exam for the husband was a breeze, because of the masks and partitions him and the interviewer couldn't really hear each other so he just kind of nodded :)
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N-400 at quality review for weeks
I had my N-400 interview at Indianapolis field in April 11, 2021. The officer said she can’t make decisions bcos I have pending I-751. She said decision would be made within a month bcos she doesn’t have all my documents submitted for my removal of condition at the moment, that once it’s sent to the field office that decision would be made. April 29, I got a mail that my removal of condition has been terminated and my N-400 has been approved. However, my status online has changed to my application has been recommended for approval but going through Quality review process and it been two weeks now. Pls anyone with useful information of what going on or having the same issue
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Does anyone know how long does it take to get a passport?
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Chicago N-400 interview
Hi everyone,

I have my N-400 interview scheduled for May 19.

I am still pending on my removal of conditional status for marriage. On the website it is still showing as Case is Ready to Be Scheduled for an Interview.

Has anyone had the same experience? I am wondering how this would be happening. First my removal of condition interview with my husband and then my N-400 interview?

I much appreciate if anyone can share their experience.

Thank you in advance

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N-400 -- Newark, NJ
Hello all,

My N-400 petition was approved and I'm now a US Citizen. Here is my timeline:

March 10, 2020: N-400 Application for Naturalization form was received.
March 14, 2020: Biometrics appointment scheduled
March 29, 2021: N-400 Interview scheduled for May 7th.
May 7, 2021: N-400 application for Naturalization is approved.
May 7, 2021: Oath ceremony completed on same day.

The interview was quite straight forward. The officer was very courteous and kind. The interview itself lasted 15 minutes or so.
She only asked for my passport, green card, and drivers license. She did not ask to see any other documents.
After completing the civics and english test, she asked a bunch of yes/no questions from section 12 of the N-400 application.
She approved my petition and asked me to wait outside (large hall with other applicants) for the oath ceremony. I probably waited for 40 minutes and then they performed the ceremony in a different room. I received my certificate of naturalization.

Good luck to everyone!
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