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Oath ceremony today
I did my oath ceremony today. Very smooth process. In and out in less that 20 mins.
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N400 interview with I751 pending_DC field office
Hi, I live in Fairfax VA and have a quick question. Has anyone done a N400 interview with I751 pending at DC field office that they let your spouse get in? I have an interview in two weeks but the notice stated that only interviewee allowed to get in due to Covid. Thank you
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Some questions on the N400 interview
Regarding the travel/employment/housing/membership history question, do the answers in the interview need to cover the day or just year/month would be sufficient?

Some civic questions have multiple answers (e.g. What is the “rule of law”?). Is it sufficient to provide only one answer?

Is it allowed to bring gloves and hand sanitizer liquids? If yes, what is the allowed sanitizer volume?

In case that the interview process might take several hours, is there any time limit to park car in the parking lot nearby?
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Anybody know good immigration lawyer in Hawaii
Please anybody know any good immigration lawyer they worked with?? In Hawaii? Honolulu told be precise.

I did my N400 and USCIS said they found me ineligible because I traveled abroad 40% of the statutory period so I wasn’t living in marital union with my wife for the statutory period.

I don’t think that is right since we been and still happily married and I wasn’t living in those places. My address is in the United States and sometimes the trips is to represent both of us.
Anybody ever heard of such??

So please any good lawyer.
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Philly OATH ceremony!
Anyone in Philly done their Oath ceremony can you please share your experience? Do you need to take two photographs with you? Or they will use the photograph from biometrics? Also when to fill the N-445 form? On the day of the ceremony? Or before?

Thank you 😊
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n400-i751 combo interview Los Angeles office
Read until the end (important information about the Los Angeles office ceremonies and other field offices in California)

my interview was scheduled at 7:45am

arrived there with my spouse and attorney at 7:10am

we waited for about an hour between checking in and until my name was called
my phone was off but I guess we entered to the interview at 8:30 or something

the officer called my name
my attorney asked if he needs my spouse for the interview, he said yes since I have the I-751

he was serious but not soooo serious
he made jokes with my husband and attorney here and there

we started by confirming my name- date of birth - nationality
then he said " lets start with the I-751"
he looked at the file we submitted in march 2019
then he asked about
1- tax returns last 3 years
2- most current health insurance ( we don't have health insurance this year, we gave him the 2020 one )
3- most current dental insurance
4- utility bills ( gave him phone and cable)
5- he pulled a picture and he said is that from your wedding we said yes
6- how many people
7- where was it
8- what type of food was served

then he saw my huge binder with pictures and asked to see pictures

I showed him a couple of pictures then he asked
show me pictures with family?
we showed him two I started telling him who is who

he asked if my family attended the wedding?
I said just my aunt and my husband said " her mom's cousin's too"
then my husband added that we made a live stream for my family so they can see the wedding

the officer was pretty cool at the end - he got along with my husband

then he asked about children and why we don't have children?

if my mother in law still lives with us ?

last trip we took together?
 a picture from the trip

any travels outside the us

then he asked about lease agreements ( we don't have a lease agreement)
we said we pay rent from the joint account
he asked me to highlight the payment
ofc I got nervous as I am not the one handling the finances.
my husband couldn't find it at first then we should him the payment

then he was like no need no need lets. move to the n400
I was worried about that part
then we started. with the civics I honestly forgot what he asked me

who makes federal laws
what's one power of the federal something

I answered them correctly reading and writing went well
who lives in the White House?
the president lives in the White House

he went over yes or no questions ( didn't ask about meaning)
he said have you been torturing hurting anyone ? I said no
he turned to my husband and asked him if I was torturing him
lol we laughed

then he made me sign the certificate of naturalization or something on the tablet
and gave me a paper that says congratulations recommended for approval
he said if it was a n400 interview he would ve let me take the oath today
but its not

he had to approve the I-751 which takes about a week or so in the system
then my oath would be scheduled for the third week or the 4th week of march

*my husband tried to kill a fly in the freaking interview
*after 15 mins from the question about the lease. my husband opened his phone and the officer made a wtf face. my husband was like : I really want to show you that we pay rent and the bank statement. the officer laughed he was like just drop it man
*the officer and us have a cat so we started talking about cats and stuff
*I lost weight in the last 2 weeks from the nervousness which is good I guess
*because I was a control freak asking my husband and revising dates last week my husband answered his date of birth as my date of birth lol

important information:
*make 2 copies of everything ( yesterday my attorney told me last minute to make copies of everything. the ups girls kicked me out because they were closing.
*I don't regret making that huge binder. it gave the officer an impression that we really have a freaking marriage. husband and spouse humor or good mood really affects it as well.
*study the dates with your spouse. memorize everything
*he didn't take the parking tickets that I paid for. he said no need.
*memorize your employment history when and where you worked
*the oath ceremonies per the officer in the Los Angeles office are on Wednesdays and Fridays
*if your office field is considered small (Santa Ana) they have same day ceremonies
*I didn't have a green card because I got my I-551 stamp this year, the officer was ok with it

overall :
it was and wasn't an easy interview comparing to my conditional resident green card my interview was freaking hard
there was a lot of questions but mainly about the basics of the marriage and the finances

I am waiting for my oath now and I hope It won't be a long wait
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N-400 Interview scheduled (applied in combo with I-751 that was pending)
Hi - Got a letter from LA office today saying I have to come in for the interview in April. Had applied last August. My I-751 has been pending since August 2019. The letter doesnt say to bring my wife, despite her being my sponsor for both I-751 of course and the N-400. Does that make sense? I guess because of COVID they're not requiring that? Did anyone else get a similar letter that doesnt require bringing the sponsor?
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Passport size photo
Hello friends
Do I need to bring passport size photo to the citizenship interview?
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UPDATE N400 Interview - Los Angeles
Just received a notice letter that they will do my I-751 with my N400 tmw and I should bring my spouse.
so at least now we know its a combo

I think they are sending the I-751 interview notices within the same week of the scheduled N400 interview either by call or mail or email

Note: they haven't changed my online status for my I-751 its still transferred to NBC

wish me luck
and good luck to all
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Reno, NV Filers
Anybody here from Reno, NV? How long did y'all get an interview notice after biometrics?
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