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Oath ceremony
Had a n400 interview on sep 2019 and passed test it's been a year almost. Green card is already expired and cannot renew drivers license in the state of Georgia without an extension on passport or green card. Can someone help?
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Dallas filers- Any N400 interview reschedule update?
Anyone in Dallas got their N400 interview reschedule? Mine was scheduled initially on March 31st but no update yet. Are they sending reschedule notices or I heard you have to check online account?
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Fail to add my paperfiled case to USCIS account
Hi Everyone,
I received the N-400 receipt on Nov.2019, but I didn't sign for the USCIS account. When I try to add my case to the USCIS account, it shows the ONLINE ACCESS CODE already expired. Anyone knows how can I apply for a new code?

11/15 2019 received case notice.
12/16 2019 Biometric took

No more updates till now. I'm from Honolulu Hawaii office. Anyone can help?Thanks a lot!
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Oath ceremony
Hello Immi Folks,
What a 4th July surprise!! I just got that cute little email from USCISwhere it says " We have taken an action on your case and it needs your attention" Yes I was waiting for my naturalization ceremonies. My interview was on 02/13/2020 and the application got approved on 02/18/2020. Since then I was waiting and checking and coming to this site but nothing happens obviously COVID-19 and my small name change was maybe the cause. Anyway got the email from USCIS and my account says they scheduled my ceremony but no letter yet which will appear after few days.

My timeline:

Philadelphia field office.

You submitted your application on September 07, 2019

We scheduled your biometrics appointment on September 13, 2019

We reviewed your biometrics October 4, 2019

We scheduled your interview on December 30, 2019

You attended your interview on February 13, 2020

We approved your application on February 18, 2020

We scheduled your naturalization ceremony on July 4, 2020

View your letter on your documents tab for the ceremony date, time, and location

Note: It may take up to a few days for your letter to show on your documents tab.

Good luck to everybody. I will let you know how my ceremony went after I attend.

Again my field office was in Philadelphia.
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Estimated case completion time disappeared
My original N-400 interview was in the first week of April, I was de-scheduled due to covid-19, I was showing estimated case Completion (ECC) time 2 months, then 1 month respectively, when July month begun it said, ECC July 2020, so I was hoping, like everyone else I’ll get my interview scheduled this month in July,

Today in the morning it showed same, July 2020, and now past noon, Estimated Case completion time and filed it totally gone.

If your interview was re scheduled please tell me does that happen right before your interview was re-scheduled? Is this a good sign? It’s been a stressful journey.

I pray for ease for all of us. :( share your thoughts ( Only those whose interview was de-scheduled due to covid-19 please)
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Case is taking longer than expected message
How long after you received the “case is taking longer than expected” message did your interview get scheduled? My husbands application says estimated wait time is 7 days, but we know not to expect anything by then.
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N.C interview
Did anyone from N.C been scheduled for interview after uscis reopened their offices?
My biometric was on February first week,
Pls share your experience
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tax transcripts
Hi - I plan to submit my N400 in next week. One of the recommendations on this site is to carry tax transcripts for the interview.

I am unable to request tax transcripts online as my phone number is not being recognized by the website. I have used the same number on my tax return for the past several years, so not sure the reason.

Considering that IRS has stopped mailing the transcripts, any suggestions on what I should do?
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N-400 mistake
i just submitted my application for naturalization on june 2nd 2020 but i did a mistake
are you a male who live in USA between your 18 and 26 birthday i click NO
but when i entered in USA my age was 24 year and 9 month almost 25 and this is for selective service and my age is 30 now
please help me how to fix it may GOD bless you
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mistake in form N-400
hi i just submitted my application for naturalization but i did a mistake in iy. are you a male who live in USA during your 18 and 26 birthday i click NO but when i entered my age was 24 year and 9 month i dont know how to change it ?
do you think it gona be a problem for me ? please share your experience
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