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N400 SF Interview Scheduled
Hi, wanted to share my update, SF filer on 8th Ocf 2019, and the status update has just changed to Interview Scheduled.

I do not know the date of the interview yet.
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Call Center - Real Person???
Has anyone actually spoken to a live representative lately? Seems like something has changed and I cannot get passed the automated responses. Really frustrating! Anyone have any tips that has spoken to a live person in the last week?
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oath Ceremony due to a request I DIDNT MAKE
Hi there

i had my citizenship interview in the 17th of November 2020, a week later i received a letter that the case has been approved , and i should wait for the oath ceremony letter, today the 28th, i received a letter that say that upon my request my ceremony in December 18th was canceled . now i didn't receive a letter for the ceremony appointment , and for sure i didn't make a request to cancel it. i checked my account online, and it shows under my case history that my case was scheduled and canceled twice, then for the third time it was scheduled and mailed, these 6 actions all happened in the 23rd of November. under documents it shows a two letters for the ceremony scheduling and the letter of cancelation which was the only one i received by mail. today is Saturday couldn't talk to anyone, but i am seriously worried, if someone had a similar experience and have an input i really appreciate that.
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Hi guys, I applied for my N-400 naturalization on the 10th of November and it was delivered to them 2 days after that but since then they haven’t sent me no notification, no text or email that they received my application. Now I’m confused to see if they received my application or not and can y’all tell me how long it takes y’all to receive a notification that they received your application.
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Dallas n400
Hello hope all had a good Thanksgiving. Some good news finally. Arrived in today's mail interview letters for us for mid December. Filed mid November 2019.

Quick question: should we leave kids home with babysitter or would they be in USCIS office as it was for biometrics appointment last year??
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Will like to know if I can file for my citizenship 18months after I get my 10years green card if I didn’t travel out the USA in those 18months
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N400 - Denial saying no response to RFE
Hello Community,
I need some help. My father was going through a citizenship process. We had filed N400 and then he was stuck overseas for a little over 6 month due to covid (he had return ticket after 4 months but flights were canceled). During the citizenship interview they issued a routine RFE as they wanted to see some additional proof. We responded to RFE within 2 days of his RFE. The online USCIS portal even acknowledged that the response was received. After 2 months of wait we receive a letter today that they have denied the citizenship as we did not respond to RFE (N-14). The letter says that we have to file form N-336 (Paying $700!). Clearly this appears to be fault of USCIS as they didn't see our response which we are able to see on their website. Can anyone help on how to get out of this situation?

I have already send a message to uscis via their online send message capability. However, I am not sure if anyone receives a response via that. Would appreciate any help you folks can provide.

Thanks in advance.
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Sharing my citizenship interview experience for NYC filers
Dear All,

Since I got done with my interview (Manhattan field office), I thought I will share below my experience and timelines for those interested.

August end, 2019: Form N-400 received, biometrics appointment scheduled
September mid, 2019: biometrics appointment
October early, 2020: Interview scheduled (first notice)
November mid, 2020: Interview attended

My interview was at the federal plaza. I went about 20 mins early, went through the security check, took elevators to the designated room (as listed on the notice) and checked in at the counter by the entryway to get a token. (Make sure to wear the appropriate face mask as per USCIS guidelines) I waited for about 15-20 mins before being called in by the interviewing officer. The officer was cordial, and the interview lasted for about 30 mins. I was first asked to take an oath to speak the truth. I was then tested on the history/civics, reading and writing bit. This was followed by going over my application.

Civics test questions:
Name 2 cabinet level positions.
Who is the Governor of your state?
Name one of the longest rivers.
Why did colonists fight the British?
Who signs bills to make laws?
What are the 2 major political parties in the USA?

Reading test (on iPad): How many US senator are there
Writing (on iPad): There are one hundred senators

One day after the interview, my online case status changed to: Oath Ceremony was scheduled, and the notice appeared in the document tab after 3 days. My oath ceremony has been scheduled for mid December (I did not request for name change, so this is not judicial).

I want to thank this community for their support through the process and my best wishes to all.
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HI Guys,
I am wondering did any body get recently Citizenship interview invitation?
i filed my N400 Feb 2 2020
biometric done on Feb 27 2020
when i am checking my file status online still no change" we are taking longer than expected to process your case, you do not need to do anything at this time"
can anybody tell me who applied same period got interview in Boston????
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Military Citizenship
Hi can anyone post they citizenship experience trough military? I filled mine but they just send me the receipt that they received it and they will notify me for my interview. Thank you
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