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N400 Dallas Field Office, Online application
I applied online Nov 2019 and had biometrics taken December 2019. Since then no update or change. Should I email or call USCIS knowing that the Dallas office processing time states 11-17 months? Anyone else has heard anything about interview at Dallas office? Thanks
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Biometric Question
Did anyone's biometric get scheduled at Louisville, KY office?

Thank You
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N400 carrying document original
I and my spouse have n400 interviews on the same day 30 min apart. Is it ok if one of us carries the original documents like our marriage certificate and the other one just carries photocopy?
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N400 Experience Fairfax VA (Washington DC Field Office)
I am posting this late. I had my interview on 16th (09/16/2020). My interview suppose to start at 1.45 PM I waited for IO and about an hour so and asked front desk my interview suppose to start at 1.45 and she was what ? People came after you already had interview then another guy from waiting area came to me and asked his interview was suppose to be at 2:00 PM now it's almost 3 PM. Anyways, about 3:30 PM IO shows up and said system is down we have to conduct few interviews manually (paper base). I was like okay? No apology. She had huge file didn't know what she was actually doing.
right after swearing I sat down and she said let's start reading and writing test and give me your GC and DL. She said relax and calm down I won't able to make any decision today since system is down. I was like okay, I am calm but not relaxed coz I have waited almost 2 hours for my interview.
I passed both civic and reading/writing tests. She couldn't even print out that I have passed tests.
It's been over 10 days now no update.

She told me I should able to hear something by this week but nothing at all. she also told me I should able to vote since they move very fast with oath ceremony but so far nothing. Now I am worried.

Anyone had same experience in Fairfax office ?
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NYC progress update
My timeline for NYC office:
Aug 2019: Received application
Sept 2019: Reviewing biometrics
Sept 2020: Scheduled interview for Oct 2020
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N400 Interview Oct Seattle
I am an Indian citizen and my kids were born in India. The N400 interview dates are different for me and my wife. As per the documentation requirement for N400 interview, there is no reference fo Children's GC (perm residence proof). Can someone please help me understand:
1. When do we need to surrender children's GC?
2. Do we need any additional document for children's citizenship? Or can we apply for passports for our children once both the parents are US citizen?
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N400 interview
Are 1040's forms enough for tax proof or i just need the transcripts from irs. Im having trouble to get them online. The verification step wont recongnize none of my credit cards. Ive tried to call irs no response....
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N400 biometrics NYC July filers
Any updates with biometrics in NYC?
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Biometric Service Appointment
Has anybody known how soon we get notice Biometric appointment these days after filling application?
I'm thinking to file N-400 in Orlando FL but I just curious how the ASC is operating and how long it will take to wait because of this situation.
Please help me anyone.
Thank you.
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Passport Application
Hi! Has anyone recently applied for a new passport(specifically in the Sacramento area)? What is the processing time? Thanks!
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