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Houston Timeline for Indian Origin
Below is my N400 timeline, Marriage based

Jan 25- Application received by USCIS
May 07 - Scheduled Interview
June 11 - Citizenship Interview
June 15 - Oath ceremony scheduled
July 10- Naturalization Done, Oath taken, Certificate of Citizenship received.

Total #of days : 5 months 15 days

All the best you all. No hurdles at all. It was easy. Finally after 8 years of entry in the US
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N-400 Interview with pending I-751 (3 years rule) - NYC
Here is my immigration journey (Brooklyn, New York):

I received my first Green Card/ became a permanent resident through marriage on 03/02/2021.
I filed for form I-751 - Petition to Remove Conditions on Residence (renewal of my Green Card) 3 months before expiration on 12/19/2022.
I filed for form N-400 Application for Naturalization on 12/03/2023 (based on the 3-year rule).

On February 1, 2024, I was scheduled for the N-400 interview.
On March 11, 2024, I had my interview at the Jacob K. Javits Federal Building in NYC. Although not mentioned in the interview notice, I brought my husband with me. The officer called us both in for the interview and mentioned that she was going to do the I-751 interview first and then proceed with the N-400 interview.

At the end of the interview, the officer gave me a paper (Naturalization Interview Result—Form N-652) stating that I passed the English, U.S. history, and government tests but that a decision cannot be made yet about my application (due to pending I-751). However, she told me to expect a case update within a few weeks.

Three days later, my I-751 case status changed to "Case was transferred, and a new office has jurisdiction" - which I assume means that my case is now in Brooklyn.

It has been 4 months (exactly 121 days) since my interview, and I haven't received any further updates.

Today, 07/10/2024, I tried calling USCIS and was able to speak with an agent who told me that the 120-day rule that USCIS has to make a decision on your case cancels out when you have a pending I-751 because my N-400 cannot be approved until my I-751 gets approved. Adding that my I-751 case is within the normal processing time.

At this point, I wonder if there is anything I can do or just have to wait... Does anyone have a similar experience or advice?
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N400 combo interview
Had my combo N400 & I751 interview yesterday in Fairfax, VA.

The interview went well and I passed the civic test but the officer said he could not make a decision yet because of my pending I751.

Anyone with the same experience? How long did it take for the status to update after the interview?

3/20-2023 - I751 case was received
12/26/2023 - N400 case was received
5/13/2024 - N400 interview was scheduled
7/8/2024 - Interview date
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N400 interview - Atlanta location
3/3/23 - filed i751 removal of condition
3/10/23 - i751 case is actively being reviewed by USCIS

Filed for N400 - married to USC - 3 year rule
2/28/24 - N400 applied for naturalization - biometric reused
6/29/24 - N400 interview scheduled for August first week - Atlanta field office location


1) with pending i751 -> does my USC spouse has to be present for the interview?
2) the N400 notice only mentions to bring Spouse's naturalization certification BUT does NOT indicate in any way to bring along the spouse?

Anyone faced similar experience recently?
Please review and advise.

Also please post any questions and i will be happy to share my experience.
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My experience in Maui Hawaii
I've been on this forum since I apply for my green card almost 4 years ago. yesterday I became a US citizen. I apply on 3 year rule.
I apply online in January, got interview scheduled for march, I was out of the country so I had to reschedule. I got a new notice in may and interview scheduled for June.
The interview was really easy and relaxed, the lady didn't ask for any document. She just knew I owed taxes at the moment I sent the application and asked me about that, I told her I have paid everything off, he asked me if I brought any prove and I said no but she let me log in my IRS account on my phone and showed her I don't owe anything .
Reading test: who lives in the White House?
writing test: the presiden lives in the White House.
she asked me 6 civic question because I answered everything right, these are the ones I remember:
-what is the capital of your state?
-name one US territory
-what is one responsibility only for US citizens?
then we went over my information and te trip I did after I apply.
last thing was yes or no questions.
she told me that I passed and I took oath ceremony a couple hours later that same day.
hope my experience help you, my advice is not to be nervous because is really easy :)
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Interview schedule
Applied N400 3 year rule: 11/23/2023
Interview schedule: 06/18/2024
Interview date: 07/23/2024
🥳🙋‍♂️ after 7 months of waiting got scheduled!

Not combo interview, got my 10 year green card approved last month, applied for remove conditions I-751 11/29/2022 and got approved 05/02/2023 !
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I submitted my application since September last year and I still haven’t received any notice for interview, the process time says I can only escalate in July of this year. I had a record that was expunged and I did stated and added it in my application. Is there anyone with experience in my situation. I don’t know what’s going on and yes my record has been more than 5 years and it’s a misdemeanour. I really hope it’s not what’s stopping me from getting an interview. Please help
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Have a question on N-400 application
I wanted to know what my filing status should be should it be "General Provision" or I should select "Other" and provide the reason that I was married to a US Citizen before.

My case is I was married to a US Citizen earlier when I got my conditional green card and before I got my 10 yr. green card I got divorced and now I am married again.

What all supporting documents do I need? Please let me know.
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Good morning guys
I just received my interview letter for July 25th but in the letter they said I need to bring my wife birthday certificate but to tell you the truth we are in communication what can I do
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N-400 Experience with Tampa Field Center
I am a silent follower of this forum past 17 years. This site helped me through my journey. Finally i become a US Citizen in April 2024.

My TimeLine:

Application submitted : 10/23/2023
Biometrics reused: 10/23/2023
Interview Scheduled: 12/22/2023
Interview Cancelled:01/24/2024
Interview Rescheduled: 02/09/2024
Interview Date: 03/28/2024
Oath Ceremony: 04/26/2024
US Passport Application: 04/29/2024
Passport Received: 05/15/2024

Civis Test:
1. What are two rights in the Declaration of independence. Ans)Life, Liberty and Pursuit of Happiness
2. Name One State Borders Canada? Ans) New York
3. Who is the speaker of the House of representatives? Ans) Mike Johnson
4. What is the capital of united states? Ans) Washington DC
5. How many U.S. Senators are there. Ans) One Hundred
6. What are the two major political parties in United states? Ans) Democratic and Republican

Reading test:
Who can vote in the elections?

Writing Test:
Any citizen 18 and older can vote.

Best of luck for all.
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