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N400 Yakima Office
Does anyone have any experience with Yakima office. Especially recently. Thanks.
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n-400 Los Angeles timeline
here is the timeline for my application so far:

August 24, 2021- submitted online
August 24, 2021- biometrics reuse
October 20, 2021- interview scheduled
November 23, 2021 - I’ll have my interview, wish me luck ❤️
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N400 Interview completed - San Diego, CA
Hello all!
Just wanted to share I passed my citizenship exam/appointment yesterday!
It was a relatively easy interview. The officer was lovely, very conversational and put me at ease from the beginning by saying "Well, this is probably a long time coming for you right?" Almost as if he knew I'd pass ;)

The questions he asked on the exam were all ones I had thoroughly studied. If you study the guides that are on the USCIS website and the app, you should be good to go. It is nothing to be overly worried about.

He asked a bunch of the questions on the application. I was tripped up a little by a couple of them (ex: "have you ever presented false documents." I worked illegally when I was undocumented but I didn't have *** papers). He probed for details about every section like my job, my living situation and my marriage. He asked if we had kids and I said no. The he asked "Any pets?" and I answered "Yes, Daisy." He was confused and asked "And Daisy is a ..." Me: "DOG!" That was just a funny, nervous moment and I love it!

And then when it came time to talk about the oath, I am a conscientious objector to military service (for religious reasons) and will not recite the full oath so we talked about that and I answered decisively but still felt a little nervous. He was very understanding and said he sees a lot of cases like mine.

I gotta say, I feel like my officer was a God-send. Him and I had a lot in common (a year apart, went to the same high school briefly, same college!) and he was very nice and easy-going. So, if you're a praying person, pray for the right officer, that's what I did! At the end, he did a drumroll on the desk and handed me the form that says "Congratulations! You have been recommended for approval" or something like that. But since I decided to change my name, my swearing-in ceremony won't happen until November 23. I echo a few people on this message board who feel like it's good news but still, just want to get the certificate in my hands!

Overall, I'd say if you're prepared, don't be nervous. Also, try to give short, concise answers. If the officer is anything like mine, he's understanding and not looking to trip you up. But some might. I can see that as well.

Lemme know if you have any questions!
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Orlando, almost there
I really appreciate all knowledge I have gained from reading about your experiences and want to add mine.

N-400, submitted on 3/1/2021.
Note I-751 still pending (Potomac, received on 2/26/2020)

Interview on 10/25/2021 (with the wife since we were not interviewed for when applied for residency).
Immigration officer was extremely kind. Test and questions went very smooth.

She said I passed the interview and gave me form N-652 recommending for approval.
However when checking at her system, the IO told me I-751 still appeared under Potomac (although she had the physical I-751 file when she interviewed us). She said it should take a couple days for the system to update, and being able to approve both I-751/N-400 and schedule an oath appointment.

I feel kind of bittersweet, so close to the finish line, yet not there!! Crossing my fingers for being done soon.
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Anybody from San Francisco?
Hello guys. I’m just wondering if anybody here applied online from San Francisco. Here is my time line ( I won’t go into details for i751)
Sep 2019 applied for i751
Sept 2020 applied to n400 online because of 3 year married to US citizen
Dec 2020 biometric reuse n400
Sep 2021 i751 approved (no interview)

So it’s been more than a year that I applied for n400 and still no answer other than the bio reuse. After reading everybody else’s timeline nobody goes over a year of waiting and doesn't get a response. My questions are:
Should I be worried?
Should I expect a RFE?
Has anybody else from San Francisco applied around the same time as me?
Any response help, Thank you guys in advance
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Houston filer

Did anyone apply for n400 on December 2020 in Houston Texas?
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Should I bring my spouse to the citizenship interview?
Hi all - my N-400 interview is scheduled next month at the Washington DC / Fairfax office and it's based on the 3 year rule (i.e. married to US citizen for 3 years). The interview notice states that the only persons that I may bring are a) interpreter, b) lawyer or c) an individual to assist in case of disability. I don't have a need for any of those. Also, I have an approved I-751 (no RFE, no transfer and no interview) and already have my 10 year green card.

I have read conflicting advice on this. There's an argument advocating for having your spouse with you for either psychological reasons (officer sees spouse in waiting room and that re-enforces marriage) or if the officer decides during the interview they need to ask spouse directly. I have also read that the spouse is not needed as long as the marriage documentation is solid. FWIW, I think my case is solid - marriage is strong, we've been living together at the same address for many years, solid documentation on tax filings, financial co-mingling, etc. etc. - I mean that was the basis of the I-751 approval anyway.

Thoughts on this? Any personal experiences that you can share?

Thanks a lot!
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Does it really take 16wks+ to get US passport?
My husband became US citizen the beginning of the month and applied for hisbUS passport right away. They told him it will take at least 16wks or more to get his passport. Is this true? Please share your experience. Also they took his original naturalization certificate, will it be returned once they process everything?

Thank you,

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Travel abroad between Interview and Oath
Hi Friends!

I have an international travel coming between interview and oath ceremony.

Interview is scheduled on 28th and then potentially an oath, if approved, in few weeks. In between I need to go to Canada for work for 5 days.

Would it create an issue? They will cancel my oath ceremony automatically?
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Hello everyone
Does anyone knows when the oath ceremony will be completed after being put in line?
Here's my timelin
submitted online:06/22/20
Biometric reuse:12/30/20
Interview schedule:03/19/21
Interview descheduled:03/18/20 (travelled oversea and didn't return until 9days to Interview,so it was canceled)
Interview schedule:09/16/21(passed)
In line for oath ceremony:10/12/21
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