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Decision cannot be made
Had interview yesterday at San Jose after more than 1 year wait, passed civic & English in a whip, but decision cannot be made. Officer asked me many docs, scanned and uploaded. Officer said look for a letter in 1-2 weeks.
This is so frustrating and hurting… I have no criminal background. Just had a divorce. I travelled on my H1 while green card got approved and airport authority did secondary screening and stamped as parole. Officer had issue with that too. But that’s very normal.
Don’t know what to do…I am feeling very low…
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N400 3-year marriage based
Anyone had a text alert saying USCIS took action on your case, but not have anything updated when logging into your online portal?
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N400 (and ROC, and AOS) Timeline
N400 Timeline, Boston office. Very easy interview, same day oath ceremony. The AOS was family based. Vermont Service Center for the ROC.

- March 30, 2022: Certificate Of Naturalization Was Issued.
- March 30, 2022: We scheduled you for an oath ceremony for your Form N-400, Application for Naturalization.
- March 30, 2022: Your Form N-400, Application for Naturalization, was placed in line for oath ceremony scheduling.
- March 30, 2022: We recommended that your Form N-400, Application for Naturalization, be approved. Your case was submitted for quality review.
- February 11, 2022: We scheduled an interview for your Form N-400, Application for Naturalization.
- September 16, 2021: We are actively reviewing your Form N-400, Application for Naturalization. Our records showed nothing is outstanding at this time.
- September 16, 2021: We received your Form N-400, Application for Naturalization, and sent you a receipt notice.

- June 7, 2021: Card Was Delivered To Me By The Post Office
- June 7, 2021: We mailed your new card your Form I-751, Petition to Remove Conditions on Residence, directly to the address you gave us.
- June 4, 2021: We approved your Form I-751, Petition to Remove Conditions on Residence.
- June 3, 2021: We ordered your new card.
- May 21, 2021: We received your response for Form I-751, Petition to Remove Conditions on Residence.
- March 31, 2021: We sent a request for additional evidence for your Form I-751, Petition to Remove Conditions on Residence.
- February 8, 2021: The fingerprints relating to your Form I-751 Petition to Remove Conditions on Residence, were taken.
- September 25, 2020: We received your Form I-751, Petition to Remove Conditions on Residence.

- November 30, 2018: Card Was Mailed To Me
- October 11, 2018: We scheduled an interview for your Form I-485, Application to Register Permanent Residence or Adjust Status.
- November 9, 2017: We accepted the fingerprint fee for your Form I-485, Application to Register Permanent Residence or Adjust Status. Our National Benefits Center location is working on your case.
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Hi guys I live in Fairfax did anyone had the interview recently here in dc area ? What paperwork did they ask for ? And did the oath ceremony happened at the same day?
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N-400 citizenship interview Newark, NJ on May 18, 2022.
posted on May 23, 2022

Citizenship interview location:

N-400 Interview Date : May 18, 2022
Weather : Bright sunny day.
Parking Difficulty level : Medium +. (too many events in the Newark downtown this time of the year, the parking places around the RODINO building are FULL). So, get there early ! - I parked at the parking lot right behind the interview location about 0.2 miles away. Paid $40.00 :(

Entrance: Depending on when you come in for the N-400 interview (or any , there are many services at RODINO) the wait time (at the side entrance door) to get in could be long.

Getting into the building : After airport style screening, you can get into the building, take the elevator to the floor your interview is at.

Interview Experience : My N-400 interview itself was under 10 minutes, lucky to have opportunity to take the Oath and Certificate of Naturlization on the same day afternoon. Heads-up, the actual interview is ~10 minutes, but the waiting time to be called for interview and waiting to be called for Oath will consume you and your day ! - I was in at around 10:15 AM and left the building at around 3:00 PM

Please pay attention to the announcements when they call your name. Sometimes, the officers have difficulty in saying your name ‘properly’.
Funny incident happened : interview officer could not say the First name of the applicant (xx. Patel) well, so he tried with last name and 4-5 people stood up !

The Mask : My interview officer was wearing a face-mask during the whole interview and his speech was coming out muffled. Because of that in the civics questions (6 questions) I could not understand the 1st question he asked me. I politely asked him to repeat the question. He did. I still could not understand and asked to repeat again. He did again. I still could not and asked him to repeat the second time - at which point he got a bit restless and moved on to the next question !. Of course, I was able to answer the remaining questions all correctly (imagine, what if I could not understand them at all —OMG !)

Civics Questions I was asked:
Q1: xxx….muffled voice (read Mask para above).
Q2: Who is the governor of your state ?
Q3: How many senators are there ?
Q4: How many representatives are in the house of representatives ?
Q5: Where is the capital of the United States ?
Q6: The preamble to the constitution begins with which three words ?
Q7: What is the name of the First US president ?

Reading sentence : Who can vote ?
Writing sentence : The people can vote.

During the interview:
1. Officer (he) called my full name and asked to report to Door 3
2. He is already at the door waiting for me enter thru
3. We both walk into his room
4. Officer asked me to put my belongings and raise my Right hand to place me under oath….( you can say ‘I do’).
5. Asked me sit on the chair facing the digital tablet.
6. Asked for my Green card and latest passport (he did not want to see the old passports, driver’s license)
7. He examined the passport and returned it back to me. He did NOT return me my Green-card though.
8. Quickly asked if my cell phone number, home address are same as in the application (I was going to say the phone number and complete address, but se seemed un-interested). ‘
    1. Yes’,I answered shortly.
9. At this point in time - he wasn’t even looking at me. All along he were examining the paperwork and forms on the table and computer screen. I was a bit surprised at the pile of paperwork and hard-copies of my previous I-485, GC renewal, etc. (probably tracing all the way back to H1 visa !).
10. He then, went straight into asking me civics questions followed up with reading and writing tests.
11. He asked me (he was literally racing thru these questions !, mind you …he was wearing a face-mask. And, there was a 3-feet glass sheet (for covid precaution ) between us. So, I had to be extremely attentive all my ears !
    1. ‘Were you arrested anytime?’
    2. ‘Do you support the US constitution ?’
    3. ‘Where do you work ?’
    4. ‘How many kids do you have?’
    5. ‘Did you register to vote?’
    6. ‘Did you claim to be a U.S citizen anytime ?’
    7. ‘Do you pay taxes ?’
12. He asked me if wanted to change my name. I said that I wanted to to split my long first name into First and Middle names. But, we both decided to leave it without changing due the additional time taking process.
13. He asked me to verify my information on the tablet (about 4” X 3” size) and sign on it (be advised, this signature is what comes up on the N-400 naturalization certificate later. He did not tell me that though!)
14. I was hoping he will ask me to show taxes, etc. (I carried a heavy bag of about 6-7 lbs with a lot of paperwork weighing from 2007 since I had my GC). But, I did not have to open the bag for at all doing the interview ! , he did not ask to see ANY of the paperwork.
    1. TIP: To save time, I uploaded my previous 4 years of tax transcripts from and returns for one year on the application under ‘additional documentation’ ahead of interview even though it is not mandatory.
15. He then printed a paper with yes/ no questions and my name, address on it and asked me to answer them and sign again ( this time a manual physical signature).
16. He started walking to the door…I realized to follow him and before opening the door - he handed over the interview test results sheet of paper and said ‘Congratulations !’
17. I asked him if there is any chance I could get to do the Oath same day. He briefly, answered ‘absolutely’ !
18. I leave the room back to the waiting area brimming with joy !

That afternoon, after about 2 hours of waiting ( and snack and coffee at the cafeteria on the 2nd floor) my name was called for Oath and I was presented my Naturalization certificate !

Happy to be a U.S national !
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US citizenship and OCI process/experience:
I am sharing this for anyone who is going through these processes. It took me a lot of research to decipher everything since there isnt one authority/source who will tell you this. I have also included my personal timeline for each step. 

I am not here very often so may not be able to answer any follow up questions. 

Original citizenship: India
US location: Washington DC/Virginia
Goals: Obtain US citizenship, obtain India OCI card

Everything below has to be done in this particular order since the next step is dependent on the previous item. 

1) US Naturalization process:

- Submit the N-400 application online as soon as you are eligible - May 2021
- Interview - January 2022
- Oath Ceremony - February 2022 - receive naturalization cert at the oath ceremony 

2) Obtain US passport

- get the naturalization cert
- apply for US passport (I also applied for the optional passport card for a small fee) - you will mail the original copy of naturalization cert (make copies beforehand) 
- once you have the US passport (took two weeks) - apply for India passport renunciation cert (requires US passport info)

3) Indian citizenship renunciation cert 

- apply on the govt website first - get the application number. When it asks for passport information - it usually means your old Indian passport information (not the US passport info)
- then apply on the vfs site (requires the application number from the govt website application) - choose their FedEx shipping service, pay with credit card, it will give you a renunciation cert template, will provide shipping label
- send package to vfs (include documents listed in the checklist - make sure to sign all necessary docs, include original passport and photocopy of it)
- receive the renunciation cert and cancelled passport in mail - two weeks in March 2022

4) Apply for OCI (requires renunciation certificate)

1. fill out the form on the govt website. Make sure you have a digital version of the SAME picture you will send in the mail to VFS later to upload to this site. Make sure all PDFs and picture are less than 1M in size (painful). This form asks for a lot of information and will take a lot of back and forth to finish. This time - when it asks for passport information - it usually means your US passport information. Naturalized US citizen documents needed: canceled indian passport, US passport, US naturalization cert, indian citizenship/passport renunciation letter, address proof (utility bill), picture, self written consent letter for VFS to make edits
2. fill out the application on the VFS site
3. Mail the whole application package
4. Status is checked on
5. The OCI card is delivered around 2 months from the date of application (May 2022)
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Oath Scheduled - Detroit Center
Finally - 5years GC - submitted 4.9yrs on 12/29

12/29/21 - N400 submitted
2/2/22 - Bio Re-use
4/17/22 - Interview scheduled
5/18/22 - Interview completed
6/7/22 - Oath scheduled
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I applied for my n400 application July 2021. The last week of January I received an appointment for March 9 for the interview . I immediately mailed a letter asking for a reschedule explaining I’ll be out of the country (tracking confirmed delivered ) On March 9 I see my case change to “no one appeared for in person processing “. A week after the update I received a letter asking y I didn’t show up. I sent another letter with proof of my initial letter (tracking info ) explaining I had asked for a reschedule . This time I made sure to call . I received an email stating my request will be sent to the correct department for review. How long has anyone heard of reschedule interviews ? NY OFFICE.
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Do I have an Interview?
I filed for N400 through marriage and just got a I797 Notice of Action, requesting me to appear on a date and time in person. Tells me to bring GC, passport, wife’s birth certificate, etc. Does not explicitly say interview, but in your experiences, is this an interview?
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End of the long immigration journey
Had my oath ceremony yesterday. Now officially American
From September 18 2021 to May 14
Atlanta Ga
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