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Interview - Original Documents
Hi friends,

My interview is on Aug 31 at Philadelhia. I have a quick question if you know something about it.
It is written as “ if copies of a document were submitted as evidence with your N400 application, the originals of those documents should be brought to the interview “
My application is based on marriage and we have submitted the copy of my wife’s Naturalization Certificate.
The problem is she got her Naturalization Certificate in 2012 and we have only its copy and it seems we have lost it.
I appreciate any of your suggestions.
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Oath Ceremony
Hello everyone,
I passed my interview which was done last Monday. The officer asked if I want to take the oath the following day, but due to an international trip already booked, I asked if I can get in line with the resgular queue. The officer said it will take a few weeks to get a schedule which I am fine with. What I did not expect is that they will schedule me next week. Someone called me today to let me know that. So I asked if I can reschedule. She said I should call the 1-800 number. It was close to closing time so I did not get a chance to talk to someone. I have already paid for the trip and can’t cancel. If I don’t go I’m losing a lot of money that I have saved for.. at least it’s a lot for me.. I’ve also been looking forward to this since I have not seen friends/family for a long time being that I live by myself. I have checked the passport agency if I can get an appointment, but there is none available 3 days before my flight. The passport processing time will take at least 4 weeks and that is expedited. If I take my oath, then I will for sure not be able to get a passport in time for my flight. Do you think they will be considerate if I cancel? My worry is that they cancel and they put me back in the queue onty to get another schedule right away.. I am not sure if they will consider the timeframe I will be out of the country or if they care.. Thanks in advance..
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Interview scheduled N400 SF field office
Applied online July,20,SfFfield office, Bio July 15,21,Interview notice received today online for August 17,2021, 5 yrs GC
One question! Me and my wife have different time of interview at SF field office. Morning and afternoon 15hrs.
Can i call USCIS to make "back to back" in morning for both. It avoid long travel and wait time outside the USCIS office(How to pass the time?). Any one read some one has done like this.
And what's the time of Oath if they allowed on same day?
Thank you in advance
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My Experience- Philadelphia
Hi friends, I would like to share my journey with you.

11/30/2020 - Received Date
2/12/2021 - Biometric Reuse
7/20/2021 - Notice Date
8/31/2021 - Interview

All the best to all those still waiting.
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Houston filer
Hi Everyone,

Do anyone here have update for Aug or Sep in Houston field office?

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Got an update
Hi Everyone,
Yesterday I got an update on my application says, We recommended that your Form N-400, Application for Naturalization, Receipt Number IOExxx, be approved.

On July 20, 2021, your case was submitted for quality review.

This is a standard process we use to ensure the quality of our decisions.

Once our quality review is done you will be scheduled for an oath ceremony.

If you move, go to to give us your new mailing address.

First I would like to thank God and for everyone giving me hope and advice in this forum. And for those of you who are new you can see my previous experience.
Lastly, did anyone know how long is gone take to be scheduled for oath ceremony?
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N400 Clarification
I'm seeing 2 questions in N-400 -

Question A. Have you EVER been arrested, cited, or detained by any law enforcement officer (including any immigration official or any official of the U.S. armed forces) for any reason?

Question B. Have you EVER been convicted of a crime or offense?

In my case, I've got speeding ticket of case type 'Infraction' and paid fine around $160. But confused under which question I should provide these details. Question A has citation which is correct and Question B has offense which is also correct for traffic ticket. Kindly clarify.

Thanks in advance,
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N-400 Processing time Miami

I’ve submitted my form N-400 on October 27, 2020. On January 20, 2021 Biometric reuse. my case status has not been updated since Oct 20 2020. It says

“Case Was Received And A Receipt Notice Was Sent”

Can you guys share your timeline for Miami, Fort Lauderdale area?

Thank you!
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Timeline for US Passport after naturalization
Hi everyone,

I wanted to ask you what was your timeline for US passport after you got your naturalization certificate? Is there a way to expedite your US Passport application if you don't have an urgent matter (i.e. travel internationally for an urgent reason)? If there are are experiences in MA that'd be more helpful, but experiences from all states are welcome!
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An update on naturalization case.
Hi everyone,

I submitted an inquiry to my local field about my naturalization case without decision after interview and I received the response below through email:

"We are still reviewing your case. The case is in final processing. We will mail you a notice when we make a decision".

Dose anyone here receive same response?
Please share your experience.
Thanks 🙏 🙏
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