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Oath Ceremony Delay
Is anyone experiencing delay in their oath ceremony? I had my interview over 105 days ago and haven’t received any updates since then (the legal limit for a decision is 120 days after the interview).
My office is Newark.
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N 400 Citizenship Denied due to filing too early,
485 Approved May 2 2014 filed by myself no attorney
N400 filed April 14, 2021
Interviewed March 1, 2022
Denial N 400 April 26, 2022 due to file too early, agent said to reapply when I qualify. Still have my green card.

Hello everyone, please I need your help. I believe I can now file again by May 2nd 2023. Please have anyone gone thru this, if so how can I file again after denial of filing too early. Do I need an attorney or can I still file by myself. I really appreciate any help i can get. Thank
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I have been a silent reader of all the relevant posts in various forums on immihelp which helped me through my journey but never got registered.
Here is my experience:
All applications from Texas
1. Family based GC - By US citizen wife - Received on 19 Nov 2019 with conditions for 2 yrs
2. Removal of conditions - Applied on 03 Sep 2021
3. Received 24 month extension 23 Sep 2021
4. Applied for N400 on 03 Dec 2022 - Conditions still not removed
5. Conditions removal case transferred to Nebraska field office - 15 Dec 2023
6. Naturalization Interview letter - Received on 17 Jan 2023
7. Conditions removal and Naturalization Interview together at Houston office with Attorney and Wife - 22 Feb 2023
Simple questions by the lady officer, civic questions and said CONGRATULATIONS
9. Oath Ceremony - 08 March 2023

The journey for conditions removal seemed long but the Naturalization application onwards things went smooth. God's grace and all friends and family's good wishes.

Good luck to all of you1
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N400 Timeline Albuquerque, NM
Hi everyone,

My wife and I had the interview this morning (five years with job-based green card) and are waiting for the oath ceremony to be scheduled. The process has been very fast. This is our timeline:

December 13, 2022: We received your Form N-400, Application for Naturalization, and sent you a receipt notice.

December 13, 2022: We are actively reviewing your Form N-400, Application for Naturalization. Our records showed nothing is outstanding at this time.

December 13, 2022: Biometric reuse.

February 13, 2023: We scheduled an interview for your Form N-400, Application for Naturalization.

March 21, 2023: We recommended that your Form N-400, Application for Naturalization, be approved. Your case was submitted for quality review.

March 21, 2023: Oath Ceremony Will Be Scheduled.

Both interviews went smooth. The officials were very kind.

Good luck to everyone.
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I would like to file for my son under 18 years
Can someone help me. I got my citizenship and my son just came on a visitors visa he's 13 yrs old and i would like to file for him but i don't know if i should file a citizenship for him or a green card. I believed kid under 18 before the parent became a citizen are automatically a citizen can someone please explain how it work for me
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Newark NJ ( i751 Vermont) - (n400 NBC)
I field to remove conditions from my GC in NOV 2021. I am from NJ Newark my service center is Vermont, it has been almost 16 month no news at all!

Applied for citizenship in NOV 2022 has been 4 months no update yet.

Based on 3 years rule married to USC.

Do u guys have similar case? I do get sometimes impatient, can u guys plz share your timeline
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Combo interview is done
I'm a little frustrated but I'm waiting for them, she told me that everything looks good. I heard that many people are the same situation.
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Passed the test waiting for the decision
Hi all,
Here is my timeline:
Applied: 1/3/2023
Interview: 2/28/2023

The Cincinnati office said they had requested my files from the main office a week before my interview and they've not received them yet. I passed the interview and the test and now just waiting. Did anyone else have a similar experience? If yes, how long did you have to wait to receive a decision on your case?

Thank you.
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Oath Ceremony- Delay
Hi, all!

Here is my Experience and Timeline to share with (Oath Ceremony after 10 Months of the interview).

1. Applied in May, 2020 (Family based- Parents).
2. Biometrics in July, 2020.
3 Interview on 29th April, 2022 (I and my husband attended the interview SEPARATELY 8 am -8.15 am in the morning at Sacramento, CA on the same date.
4. My husband took Oath on 24th May, 2022 and Mine was scheduled for 27th July, 2022 BUT it was Cancelled the previous day (informed by a phone call).
5. No new updates for about SIX months from then in spite of calling/ writing several times (including a letter from a Congressman).
6. Finally received the letter and attended the Oath ceremony on 22nd Feb, 2023 at The Grounds, Roseville, CA at 7 am in the morning.
There were about 700-800 persons at the event. At last I got my Naturalization Certificate at the Event. Thanks, God! Best of luck to all, who are waiting for their turn!

                                                                                                Interview Experience;-
a.The officer asked for our Indian Passports, which we had sent for Renewal and it was Ok (didn't ask for Old passports).
b. The officer didn't ask for our Son's birth certificate.
c. He asked 6 Routine questions which were Easy ( didn't ask those difficult Definitions, which we feared all the time having a kind of Pressure in the mind ).
d. The interviewer was friendly in the beginning but not at the End. He didn't say...."Congratulations! you have passed the interview". He issued a letter showing that they will take decision about our case and inform us ( This made us Nervous but actually there was nothing to worry- It is common and happens to many ).
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Combo interview is done today
Hello guys! I went to my citizenship interview today at Oakland park field office in Fort Lauderdale. Florida. I was with my wife and our attorney. The officer was a woman, she call me first and my attorney and asked my wife to wait in the waiting room and she started by the civic tests, reading and writing tests, I passed them very quick and she asked me afew questions about our marriage and she asked me to sign in the tablet. After that she gave me white sheet of paper saying that I passed the citizenship test but she can't make any decisions now because she will interview my wife as well.
She took me to the waiting room and called my wife. After about 10 minutes my wife came out with the attorney and said that we did the best we could even though she made a separate interview for us but we answered all the questions almost the same.

Now I'm waiting. Have any of you guys ever been in the situation?
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