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My Naturalization Processing Time
April 23, 2007: Sent N-400 For
June 11,2007: Finger Prints
October 10, 2007: Interview
December 21,2007: Received Oath Ceremony Letter
January 18, 2008: Oath Ceremony, and finally US Citizen!!

Good Luck Everybody!
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I recommend you make a copy of the N-400 applicatio before you submit as you will be quizzed on what you filled in at the time of your interview.

Good Luck

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Immigration Consultant Fraudster Mohammed B. Wanli
This is to urge anyone in Canada looking to immigrate to the United States or anyone outside of Canada looking to Immigrate to Canada. BEWARE: There is a con artist posing as immigration lawyer or immigration consultant. His name is Mohammed B. Wanli, aka M.B. Wanli, aka Mohammed Wanli.

Check out

If you have been injured contact your local authorities
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Applied on basis of 3 years of permanent residency with marriage to a US citizen. You can apply upto 90 days before you complete the 3 year requirement. I complete 3 years on 2-22-08. So i thought I could apply 90 days before i.e. 11-26-07. With the thansgiving holiday, I thought it will take 3 -4 days for the USCIS to open my application - so I mailed in the packet on 11-20-7. No luck. They consider the postmark date as the day you applied - so they returned it. I sent it in again on 12-11-7. It reached them on 12-13-7 [delivery confirmation USPS]. Check cashed on 12-31-7. Waiting for letter... Will let you know what happens next.

Good luck for everyone.
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waiting for oath ceremony letter
applied for citizenship on 6/29/07
finger printing in mid July
interview in september
passed interview.
Been 2 months and still waiting on oath ceremony letter. I am in Lexington, KY. Don't know why its taken so long. wish me luck. Thinking of calling after 90 days.

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I mailed in the naturalization form in February. Got a Receipt date of 03/08/07. Fingerprinted mid-April with no problems in Alexandria, VA. I registered my email adress at their web site so if there is any movement I am supposed to get an email. VA cases are handled by the Vermont Process Center. So far no word and we are coming up on 9 months since the Receipt date. Any ideas? I called twice to the Cust Svc line. In October the phone rep. told me the VT office is working cases from DEC 22, 2006 still. When I called a month later another rep. told me they now are working cases from DEC 23, 2006. What is going on? Here I read about people filing and being a US citizen within 3, 4 or 5 months. Seems like the Vermont office is stuck. The timeline info posted on their site says they are working MAR 2007 cases as of OCT 15, 2007. How does this square with the info I received by phone? HELP!!!!!! Would making an INFOPASS appointment help? THX to all. Arthur
P.S. I have had my greencard since 1989.
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NATURALIZATION - 4 mos processing only
First,I want to thank this website because it helped me a lot in my naturalization. I want to share what happened and the processing time of my naturalization.

July 2007 - Sent my naturalization application (I sent a cover letter together with all the documents in an organized way)

August 2007- Finger printing

Nov 6 Interview

Nov 14, 2007 - My oathtaking

My schedule time was 12:30pm, so i went there 20 minutes before. My husband and my 2 kids went back to NORTON plaza to wait for me. When i arrived, i went to the window to hand over my appointment letter, and the guy gave me a piece of paper to fill out some info. When i got back to my chair to sit down, the officer already called my name.

The INS officer was filipino. He was so nice. He went over and read all the information in my application and asked me to write one sentence in a piece of paper that he dictated.

He then asked me the following 5 civics questions:

1. What is the capital of the state you live in? - Sacramento

2. What was the 49th state added to our union? Alaska

3. Name some of countries that were enemies during world war 2? Japan, Italy and Germany

4. Who becomes the PResident if both the President and Vice pres die? Speaker of the House. Here, he asked me what is the name of the current speaker of the house. i smiled at him, and he said, " No, thats not included, but its good to know and then he mentioned the name.

5. Who is John Roberts Jr? The Supreme court chief justice.

It just took 5 mins to finish the interview, that he handed me the oathtaking scheduled for next week, Nov 14.

When i called my husband, it was 12:30pm exactly. He asked why i was calling him now, he even said "did you mislook the date?

well, we couldnt believe that it only took me 4 mos to get naturalized.

Well, PRAISE GOd, prayers really work! and thanks for this WEBSITE!
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My Naturalization Experience @ Houston, TX SC
My Interview was scheduled today November 6th, 2007 at 8:40 AM at INS Houston Service Center...

I was dressed in business casual attire with executive jacket (coat).

I arrived at the center at 8:10 AM. Followed the instruction given by the guard at the front door and followed the Blue Line to the Interview check-in window. Upon arrival at the window I placed my interview notice in the collection bucket.

After waiting for about an hour and 15 minutes, I finally heard my name called by the INS Officer at the double door entrance by the collection window.

I was walking next to the officer, to which I was told to walk behind her as she is suppose to escort me to the interview room. I complied. The officer was very nice and cordial.

In the interview room, I was told to take a seat.
I was than asked to show the ID, my GC and Passport - I provided them to the officer - after examining them, the officet ketp them aside.

The officer was interested in the entry and exit stamps in passprt. Since I didn't have any stamps in my new passport, she than asked if there was another passport, whether expired. I complied and provided her with my old expired passport. She glanced at it briefly and looked satisfied.

Than she looked at my file by going through each and every paper. She looked satisfied.

She than put a paper in front of me with with my name, A#, SS# and the address and asked me to verify and sign. Make sure to sign the paper with your name in RECURSIVE letters (running letter in readable manner).

Upon which she started asking me the TEST Questions: The following were the questions I was asked (My responses were all correct):

8. How many states are there in the Union (the United States)? 50.
12. Who was the first president of the United States? -- George Washington.
14. Who is the Vice President of the United States today? -- Dick Chaney.
25. How many Senators are there in Congress? – 100, 2 from Individual State
30. Who is the head of the Executive Branch of the U.S. Government? – The President.
75. Whose rights are guaranteed by the Constitution and the Bill of Rights? – The Citizen of United States.
82. In what month do we vote for the President? – November.
83. In what month is the new President inaugurated? – January.
93. What is the most important right granted to United States citizens? - Right to vote.
95. What is the United States Capitol? – Place where the congress meets.

The Questions are numbered as they appeared in the civic lesson booklet.

Than I was asked to repeat a simple sentence, and to write this sentence "this a big dog"...

Once that completed, the officer declared that "I pass the interview"...

After that the officer reviewed each and every Item in the N400 application I had filled out and depending on my answers, she started putting "check marks"...

That was the last thing we did - Before leaving the room, I was told to wait in the waiting room so the oath letter can be issued right than.

Sure enough - 10 minutes later my name was called again and was given the oath letter.

The oath is scheduled for Nov 28, 2007.

Hope this information help all of you out there wondering what goes on at the time of interview.

Good to all of you.


Soon to be a US Citizen.
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N400 Naturalization Application
Applied for Citizenship January 2007, did my Blueprint by February 2007 and now got a letter from USCIS my interview on December 2007.

Wish me luck and Goodluck to everyone!!! =)
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Fingerprinting was done in June 2007 -- How will be the status ?
We got the notice in May 2007 for a June 15th date .We were supposed to travel to India so we went early by a week and they allowed us and took our fingerprints. But when we check the online status or call up the 1-800 number we get the message as 'We received your N-400 applications and mailed you a notice describing how we will process your case'.It does not say that we have received your fingerprints .Is this right ? Does this needs to be updated to proper information ? Please advise. -- Kumar
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