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Visa Stamping from Canada/ Mexico

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Cap-Exempt H1B Stamping - Toronto Canada - Interview Waiver
Hi all,
Wanted to share my experience and where I am currently in the process.
I am applying for a cap-exempt H-1B visa with an interview waiver

March 01 2023 - Mailed documents to the Toronto consulate via Canada Post

March 03 2023 - Canada Post tracking indicated that it had arrived at the destination. CEAC still showing "No Status"

March 13 2023 - CEAC status changed to "Application Received"

March 20 2023 - CEAC status changes to "Approved"

As of March 22 2023 there is no further update. I haven't received any indication that my passport has been mailed back to me. Would I normally get a tracking number? How long does it normally take to get my passport after my application was approved?

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visa appointment in Canada
I was trying to renew my H1B visa from Canada. But before paying for the visa fee, I can see that earliest appointment is in 2024. Do you think it is possible to get an earier appointment if I pay the fee and check for it from time to time? or can I expedite on the ground of a conference?
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H1B Extension Stamping - Toronto - COPR
Hi All,

Would like to post my h1b stamping experience :

Landed in Canada with COPR on Jan 17th

Jan 18th - Sent documents to Consulate through Canada Post

Jan 19th - Consulate received my documents

Jan 30th- Status changed to Application Received

Feb 4th - Status changed to Refused

Reason : Not eligible for interview waiver asked me to come for in person interview

tried booking the appointment latest i got was Apr 4th

Sent a expediate request to having something in Feb but request rejected consulate responded the request cannot be accommodated due to no slot availability

Refreshed every day and got appointment in March 7th

We had to stay in Airbnb and those were long frustrating waiting days

Mar 7th - Interview at 7.45 - Attended interview and asked based questions job tile ,roles& repsonsibility,work location

Around 8.30 - Status changed to Approved

March 9th - Status changes to Issued

March 10th - Tracking number generated

March 13th - collected passport ( 11 & 12 - Canada post not working so had to collect my passport on March 13 )

Waiting in the airport now to travel to US after 55 DAYS

I see some post the consulate will accept COPR but in my case they asked me to come for interview .. Not sure what exactly the reason . I will never go for drobox again & In person interview is always the best as you will know what is happening in your case .

If i would have book inperson interview the work will be done in 6- 7 days Thank You

If any information is required .Please reach out to me .
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Toronto March 7 interview - received issued status and passport ?
Hi Anyone who attended march 7th interview in Toronto consulate got their status change & update on passport collection? Please update your status . How many days it takes to change the status to issued ?
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Anyone with H1-B Non-Immigrant Visa interview in Ottawa on 23rd Feb 2023 still waiting on Passport?
I had my interview on 23rd Feb, the consular said the Visa was approved. Came back and checked the status and it had turned Approved. Its been 9 working days now, the status still shows Approved. Have written to the Consulate email and called the phone number multiple times, get standard answer they cannot comment on processing time, have to wait for status to get changed to Issued.
Can anyone in Ottawa on the same date please confirm if they got their passport?
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Toronto h1b stamping document delivery option
Hi All,
This is the first time I am going to Toronto for stamping.
Should I choose an expedited delivery option if I am staying in Toronto ?
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Upcoming H-1B visa stamping in Toronto - wish me luck
Going for H-1B visa stamping in Toronto on March 9th. Can anyone share their recent experience in terms of the process, questions asked, requested documents and timeline? I am very nervous 😬
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221 g -Admin Processing -Toronto- H1B
I attended in person appointment for H1b for a new employer in Toronto consulate on Dec 30 2022. VO asked few basic questions with regards to roles & responsibilities, place of work, returned my passport and gave me a yellow slip. I was told that no documents were required from my side. My new consultant and client received an enquiry from USCIS on Jan 27. I am still waiting for any communication from consulate. Does anyone know how much time it takes after the client verification to ask for the passport for visa stamping?
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How do I get eligible for Dropbox? PR Holder with previous H1B stamping
I would really appreciate if someone can help or lead to right resources/post. I live in US and last stamping was in India that expired in 2021.

1. Are there 2 options? Dropbox where I don't need to travel to Canada and ship the documents or all the experiences shared here is folks landing in Canada and sending the documents?
2. I selected yes for "Are you traveling from another country to apply for a U.S. visa in Canada?" and I am not getting dropbox options. Dates are 2024 Oct.
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H1b Stamping at Ottawa on Canada visit visa

This site was super helpful so posting my experience.

I flew to Canada on visit visa

My timelines are

9th Feb - 9.20 AM - Consulate Interview - You can go early they are not strict on timings,
you can take mobile phones with you there is free locker service inside.

Do carry passport photo OR 10CAD to get a photo inside Consulate.

Carry all documents as per the link which I have shared , if you have all documents then you will feel more confident and can avoid 221G


Are you with same employer?
What does your company do?
What do you do at Company X?
Whats your salary
Pay stubs

Visa was approved you will get it soon.

9th Feb - Status got changed to Approved.

10th Feb (Friday) - no updates status is still Approved.

13th Feb - Status got changes to Issued by ~10AM.

14th Feb - no updates.

15th Feb - Got an email to collect passport form BLS Ottawa.

I was expecting my passport on Friday 10th Feb but had to extend my stay.

Take aways - For document pick up there are multiple options I choose BLS , if its BLS you will not get any tracking#.
You will get an email once passport is ready for pick up.

I have seen post from other members who got it sooner via Canada post and if there is an option do select premium service.

While coming back you will get immigration in Ottawa airport itself which was super fast.

Good luck everyone!
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