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Visa Stamping from Canada/ Mexico

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Canada Toronto H1B stamping - Waiting for Passport

I had in person interview on 9/26 in Toronto Ottawa. Officer said visa is approved and kept my passport. He gave me photo back saying they don't need it(Not sure if they take from DS-160).

9/27 - I received email saying they need recent photo. same day I sent recent photo along with email printout by Canada post. Document got delivered on 9/28.

My visa status was approved on 9/26, 9/27 - Morning it showed Administrative Processing. 9/27 Afternoon - Application received.

As of today my status is same as Administrative Processing. Any idea when I will get my PP back? How long it will take? Anyone has experience same situation.

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US visa stamping dropbox from Canada

We submitted our new H1B stamping for drop box processing and got an update that we have to go for interview. However, the first available date is Oct 2023 for Toronto.
In the appointment scheduling, only Toronto is shown for appointment selection. Other locations are not shown.
Would like to know what is the process to look for appointments at other locations. Also would consular location ask us to attend the interview at a particular date given by them or everyone has to explicitly book an appointment for interview?

Appreciate your responses.

Thank you!
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H1B 221g experiences Canadian visitor
Hi All
Any H1B or F1 221 g (pink slip specifically) experiences in any of the Canadian consulates? How are the administrative processing timelines recently? Any preferred consulate for faster processing? I would truly appreciate some feedback and advice for my situation.

This would be my 3rd H1B stamping and first time in Canada. I always receive 221g for H1B due to my PhD and/or my degree. Pre covid used to take 3-4 weeks in India which wasn't a problem. However, during covid in 2020 it took 10 months and I was stuck in India for the entire year. So, now I am looking into traveling to Toronto/Ottawa ( I am in Detroit so easier) to get stamping, travel back to US and then travel to India next year. I can potentially stay in Canada and work from there for 1-2 months without issue. Still better than being stuck in India and work during god-awful hours overnight. Planning to travel May 2023 so really need to get started soon. Happy to answer any general 221g questions that you guys may have. Thanks!
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Recent Toronto Experience
Anyone here who recently had visa interview at Toronto Consulate (Non Canadian resident) mind sharing your experience and timeline?
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I am a Canadian PR, my previous stamping was from Vancouver and eligible for dropbox. I choose Toronto Consulate to send documents and got the instructions to send the documents. I was going through people's experience and wait times and want to change the consulate to Vancouver. website does not show any option to change it. Is it possible to change the consulate to send the documents?

if so what is the process?

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Visa Stamping Experience (TCN Interview) - Vancouver
I had my visa interview appointment in Vancouver on August 22nd. This is my 3rd H-1B, 2nd time stamping in Vancouver. I do not have a PR, I travelled on a tourist visa.

I first filled a DS-160 in November 2021, and got an appointment for Jan 2023. Kept on checking for 2-3 months afterwards, and some time in March 2022, I was able to secure August appointment.

Afterwards, my company applied for an amended to my original I-797 (issued in Nov 2021) due to going full-time remote. Once I had the new approval notice in hand, I had to figure out how to keep my appointment but update DS-160 that now points to new I-797. I was able to reach out tech-support email and they helped me update my DS-160 number in May and later, my petition number (which also needs to be updated in profile section on ais website) separately in early August.

August 20 - Arrive to Vancouver by flight on a tourist visa.
August 22 - 8:30 AM appt.
                   Documents asked - DS-160 confirmation, I-797, photo (has to be in last 6 months)
                   Biometrics questions - specifically asked for legal status in Canada - Told them tourist visa, and accepted.
                   Interview questions - Is this an extension or first time H-1B?
                                                      What is your title and what do you do?
                                                      What is your salary?
                                                      Where (which city) will you be working from?
                   Interviewer said "Approved" and you'll get passport back in one week.

Once I got back to where I was staying, I checked DS-160 status, and weirdly it said "Approved" and not "Application Received" or "Administrative Processing". I tried to search for it, but couldn't figure out if "Approved" is even a valid DS-160 status on the website... anyways, it did not change throughout the day.

August 23rd - 10:30 AM status changed from "Approved" -> "Issued"
                       11 AM received tracking number for Canada Post.

August 24th - 10 AM passport in hand - Picked up from Canada post.

Overall, similar to my last stamping, Vancouver consulate is very friendly, and it was a breeze to get it done. The only issue being the wait. I started in Nov. 2021, and finally I have the visa in August 2022. I hope the wait gets better in next year.
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Question - Old passport submission for dropbox canada
Hi - Could someone please let me know if we need to submit both current and old passport when doing dropbox ? The old passport has previous visas. Thank you for your help.
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Eligibility for H1B Dropbox (Canada PR)
Hello all, I have a few questions regarding dropbox for H1B in Canada.

1. I am currently in US and travel back and forth US-Canada using Automatic Visa Revalidation. My initial H1B stamping was done from Bangladesh. I became a Canadian PR in July 2022. I would like to travel to Canada some time this September/October to dropbox for second H1B stamp. Is there any requirement such as the applicant must have been a Canadian PR for 6 months or so before becoming eligible for dropbox in Canada? Or I can do it sooner around September/October because my PR status just started in July.
2. For legal status in Canada proof, is PR card proof enough or do I need to send other documents such as provincial photo ID etc.?
3. My primary residence according to my current H1B extension application is in US. Is that an issue for dropbox eligibility being a Canadian PR?

I appreciate any help/feedback! Thank you!
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H4 Dropbox eligibility-Visitor Permit in Canada
Hi, We are in GTA and in the process of submitting H1 and H4 visa stamping in Canada through drop box; my spouse is on ICT WP , myself on Visitor Visa and my daughter on Study visa. I would like to know whether H4 applicants on visitor/study visa be considered as a Canadian resident to be eligible for Dropbox?
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what should we fill in "county of permanent residence" while creating account for US visa stamping in Canada
Hello Guys,

when I created my account with the country of permanent residence as "India". I don't get the option of sending documents by mail for US visa stamping. Currently, I'm on a closed work permit in Canada. Please let me know if anyone gets the drop box option while working in Canada ( not PR).
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