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Visa Stamping from Canada/Mexico

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Stamping in Canada
Guys, if you don't have PR or Citizenship of Canada , please don't book appointments. I have seen many posts where people were planning to get stamped without PR, they had visitor visa or wanted to get one or they were asking : is quarantine only if they come through US. The border is de facto closed for visitors and there is no clear idea when it will open. Moreover, they are only honoring emergency appointments at the moment for visas and rescheduling regular appointments atleast those of november. It is understandable that it is difficult with so many uncertainties and need for stamping, but scheduling and canceling will create a mess. There are those in Canada who can attend an appointment but it maybe blocked by someone who cannot enter the country. Sorry , not trying to be negative, just laying down the facts
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DS 160 for Canada
I originally filled up my DS160 for Toronto consulate for H1b/H4 stamping. But now it looks like there is no date available in Toronto. Only few dates dates are available in Calgary. Do we need to fill up a new DS160 for Calgary or is it OK to go ahead with the DS160 filled up for Toronto?
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Realistic timeframe when consulates will start processing applications for H1B in Canada
I know many appointments for H1B non emergency appointments were cancelled in november . I also heard that a December appointment was cancelled and pushed to June. The consulate website says certain non immigrant services are being opened. But if you look at the site below and scroll down, you will see the all consulates in tabs. When you expand, all of them say they are for F1 visa etc. All other non immigrant visas are emergency only. So i am highly doubtful they will confirm H1b appointments in near future. If anyone successfully attends H1B appointment please reply here as soon as possible. I am hoping they start honoring routine appointments as soon as possible, hopefully by January atleast. Things in India are not looking good either. Even the emergency appointments are havings large delays :(. Many people are in limbo and it would really help if have a successful appointment and post it here. Thanks
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Automatic Revalidation on expired H1b stamp
Is anyone considering Automatic Revalidation to travel to USA from Canada? My visa stamp expires on 15th Nov, 2020 but my new I797 is valid till Aug ' 2021. After my visa expires, I am planning to travel every month using Automatic Revalidation. Has anyone else used this before? Is there a limit to how many times you can use Automatic Revalidation?
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PR Holder F1 to H1b stamping COS
I am trying to decide whether to wait for appointment in India or choose Canada. I want to get H1b stamping done with my wife’s h4. I hold a Canadian PR and I’m willing to travel to find appointments in any of eastern consulates in Canada. Anybody able to find appointments in January/February? Any suggestions would be appreciated!
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H1b Visa appointment in Canada?
Reading here it seems some people were able to find a slot for Nov/December in Canada. Wondering where people are finding those slots? I am looking on but there is no option available to check slots available or make appointments. What am I missing? How do check or even attempt to schedule h1b visa appointment?
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Visa stamping in November, Toronto
Does anyone have a visa stamping in November that is confirmed? My visa stamping was rescheduled by the consulate to May. Please let us know if your appointment is confirmed or if you already completed the interview. Thanks
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H1B stamping in Canada
Hello, I am currently in US. I need to get my change of status H1B stamping done. I want to get it done from Canada. I don't have Canada visa right now. What is the process for getting Canada tourist visa and how long does it take?

Would they allow me to enter with tourist visa in this pandemic? I saw there is 15 days quarantine rule.

What dates are available for H1B stamping right now? Which consulate in Canada I should go to?

I am so lost, I will really appreciate your help! Thank you!
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Delivery location in Calgary

I have never gotten visa stamped in Canada before. My appointment is on Dec 8 in Calgary.

I am confused where to pick the delivery location, they have many locations in Calgay itself?
In how much time do they usually stamp the visa and give you the passport back?

Just wondering when to book return flights, airbnbs.

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Visitor Visa for Visa stamping
Hello All I need to go to Canada for visa stamping. I do not have PR so I need to get visitor visa. Can I apply for visitor visa or are there any restrictions due to Covid.
Pls help!
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