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Visa Stamping from Canada/ Mexico

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Delivery notification after h1b interview
I was issued VISA on 14-Sep, but still no delivery notification. Is someone facing delay in delivery of passport after issue of VISA ?
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H1B Stamping date availability in Toronto and Montreal
I am Indian, h1b visa holder working in us. Can someone tell me what is the earliest visa interview date available in Toronto, Ottawa or Montreal embassy?
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H-1B Stamping Ottawa (In Person)
1) Aug 21 - Interview (very simple and easy)
2) Aug 22 - Visa "Issued"
3) Aug 24 - Passport Ready for pickup

Very quick turnaround provided this was my H-1B Renewal and had two previous F-1 Visas. The only document they asked for with my I-797A was my previous passport with all my previous visas.
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H1B Stamping in Vancouver
Hi, my timeline:
interview on Monday, August 21st
Approved and issued on Tuesday, August 22nd

But still, there is no notification as of Aug 24 from Canada Post about shipping, Is anyone else in the same boat?
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First Time H1B Stamping in Toronto
I paid for my visa application fee on October 25, 2022 and the next available date is November 16, 2023 so I chose it. Now I am starting to gather all my documents and realize that the visa application fee expires October 25 2023. I tried to reschedule for a closer day but there's no available date.

Anyone ever be in my shoes? Any suggestions? Any tips to find a closer date?
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221g for h1b stamping in Calgary
Hi ,

I had h1b extension stamping interview on July 24th 2023, Interview went well and officer told me visa is approved and passport will be delivered in 1-2 weeks. (No 221g was given) . Next day I got email asking for additional documents lime resume and employer letter mentioned my case went for 221g. I have not got my passport back.

Please help me with timelines if anyone had similar experience.
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H1b visa stamping through drop box in Ottawa
This has been my status since 26th May - at US consulate in Ottawa

The consular officer has approved your application subject to final processing by the consular section that is necessary to issue your visa. When that processing is complete, the status will change to "Issued". However, a final screening step must still be completed prior to issuance that could lead a consular officer to conclude that you are not eligible for a visa. If that occurs, the consular officer will notify you that your application has been denied and your status will change to "Refused".
For more information, please visit U.S. Embassy Ottawa.

Anyone with similar experience? Trying to figure out the timeline of how much longer it would take as my employer is getting impatient .
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Ottawa H1B visa stamping miss passport
If any one had the H1B interview at U.S. embassy at Ottawa Canada last week and waiting for to pick up passport at Canada post today. Pleas pm


There was another passport with passport in my envelope and I did handover to the post office guy.
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Timeline for H1B extension stamping for Canadian PR (COPR) in Toronto
Hi All - Posting here to see if anyone are in similar situation as me (Hope we can share timelines)

Background - I already had my first H1B stamping in India, here for extension stamping

May 20 - Landed in Canada with COPR

May 21 - Sent the documents to Toronto Consulate via Canada Post

May 24 - Documents got delivered to Consulate (Based on Canada Post) but status still says "No Status" (Tracking)

May 30 - Status is still same "No Status"

Thank you
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Question regarding date availability if COPR holder
Hi, I am unable to get dates for this year if I apply as a third country citizen (non-US and non-Canada but working in US).
I hold a COPR and planning to do a landing soon. 1.) Could you tell me where does this visa interview waiver option show (Does it show at the time of creating the account on ais.usvisa-info site) or there is an option after opening an account. 2.) I already created an account, submitted my DS-160 no. and paid the visa fees as a third country citizen. Is it possible to change the profile here for an interview waiver (basically asking so that I avoid paying the fees again) or do I need to create a fresh account and fill the questionnaire again (where I fill the info that I am a Canadian resident and see the interview waiver option) I will do step 2 (i.e new account and new DS-160) once I land there.
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