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Expedite Appointment Sample
Hello guys,

Can anyone please provide a sample letter/format for requesting Expedite Appointment. Thank you in Advance!
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Telegram group
Hi All, please join the telegram group for US visa stamping in Canada..
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What to answer for "Are you traveling from another country"

I am currently inside Canada on my visitor visa, wondering what I should answer for the question "Are you traveling from another country" while booking the appointment slot. Appreciate any help here.
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EA for H1B stamping in Canada when on visitor visa(expiring soon)
Hi All,

I work for a US company but I travelled to Canada in March to visit my family. However, I only managed to get a regular appointment in Vancouver for Mar 2022. Can someone share a sample or template of the EA request letter? Also, my 6 month on visitor visa is expiring soon, so can I also include that as a reason to request for an expedited appointment. Please note my job does not qualify for critical infrastructure hence looking for some help with writing my case for the EA. Thanks in advance for all the help.
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EA appointment
My expedite request application for H1B was rejected by U.S. Consulate Toronto. Can I apply for an expedited appointment at other consulate.
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H1B visa interview questions at Calgary location
what will your role be in US
Do you have an offer letter
Which city will you be going
What’s your highest level of education
Where did you do your Masters
Your visa is approved.

Definitely one of the easiest US visa interviews I ever had.
Good luck to those who are able to schedule appointments
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Do I need to fill new DS-160 for new visa appt location
Hi All,

I had booked my H1-B stamping appointment last year in Montreal but it kept on getting canceled. I finally got an opening in Calgary for Oct. But do I need to fill a new DS-160 for this appt? If yes, then how do I attach it to my visa appt?
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Received email that appointment is cancelled but appointment remained active
Hello folks- my H1B visa got approved at Calgary in July. My experience is below:

I am from Toronto but booked my appointment in May of 2021 at the Calgary location. After around 5 reschedules I got the latest date for July of 2021. However in June, I received an email from [email protected] that due to unforeseen reasons all appointments have been canceled and that they would update my next available appointment date on my portal. I had been chasing and checking but didn’t receive a new appointment date from them. The appointment date for July still showed as active in the portal though. I called customer service multiple times and I told them that my appointment was cancelled but I never received a new date- they said all appointments at Calgary location remain cancelled for July and August and asked me if I wanted to reschedule to the next available date in December of 2021. I denied. I was confused but was hopeful. To my surprise, 1 week before my scheduled appointment date, I received an email from the [email protected] asking me to submit a new DS160 for my upcoming appointment. This email had gotten a new hope again in me. I submitted as they requested and sent follow up emails every day of that week. I didn’t receive any acknowledgment from them. However during this time, I called customer service and told them that the consulate had asked me to submit new DS160 but there are no further updates. Then they confirmed that my appointment remains active for the same date I booked it for. No one even spoke about cancellation unless I told them about it. I booked my flight ticket and went to the consulate as planned on the date of my appointment. I was allowed inside and had a easy short and simple interview. My visa is approved.

If you get cancellation emails, and yet the appointment remains active on your appointment portal- pls call customer service to check the status and also write to the consulate to check the status. There is a possibility that your appointment is still active.
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Anyone EA approved from Ottawa in Canada
Hello, did anyone’s EA request got approved from Ottawa US embassy.

If yes could you please let me know the timeline?

I am currently waiting for the Reply regarding my EA request.

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H1B Appointments in Toronto Consulate
Does anyone staying in US have appointments in Toronto Consulate in July/ Aug/Sept?

Is this a regular/ EA appointment?

When we're these appointments booked?
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