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Visa Stamping from Canada/ Mexico

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H1B dropbox from Toronto OR Ottawa consulate
hello friends..

Currently, I reside in Toronto GTA. I will be applying for my H1B visa stamping through drop box in the next few days.

I have few questions.

Looking at the current trend of stamping duration being posted in this thread, Toronto consulate is taking approx. 5-6 weeks from the application received date to issue visa stamping and Ottawa consulate is taking between 3-5 weeks.

Since i reside in Toronto GTA, Should i need to choose Toronto consulate for drop box option or am i allowed to choose Ottawa consulate?

Also, do we need to send I-797 approval copy, when sending the documents for stamping? My visa is approved and waiting for approval notice.

Regarding photos, We will have to upload the digital photo while submitting DS-160 and send 2 hard copies when sending the documents for stamping. Is my understanding correct.

Thanks much for all your assistance.
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Are you traveling from another country to apply for a US visa in Canada
Hi Everyone,

I have a Candian PR and live in the US. When I apply for H1B stamping in Canada, I answered "yes" to the question "Are you traveling from another country to apply for a US visa in Canada". The available appointments are all in 2023.

A friend who lives in Canada on visa was able to schedule their "L1 visa" stamping earlier as June 2022 and there were several dates in 2022 available to them.
Will changing my answer to "no" help get an earlier date? Will that cause any delay or admin processing?

Any suggestions/inputs are most welcome.

Thank you
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DS-5535 in Canada
Hi everyone - Does anyone have experience with DS 5535 in Canada for H1B? There are many experiences of this from consulates in other countries, but not many seen from Canada. Over a month of waiting and still counting. If someone has gone through this, please share how long it took to clear up.

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H1B and H4 Stamping at Vancouver Consulate
Hello all,

Below is my experience if it helps anyone. I am based out of Canada and was eligible for courier-in/interview waiver. (Self, Spouse and 2 kids).

Application Sent: 03-May-2022

Package Delivered (as per Canada Post): 04-May-2022

Application Received: 11-May-2022

Admin Processing: 12-May-2022

Issued: 13-May-2022

Ready for Shipping & Shipped: 16-May-2022

Waiting to receive stamped passports on 17-May-2022
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H1B Visa Interview Dates in Ottawa or Toronto
Hey Guys, anyone with recent experience in getting Visa interview date at Ottawa or Toronto. I am not a Canadian Citizen or PR so not eligible for Dropbox. I will have to travel from US to Canada to attend visa interview.

Can someone give an idea what is the current wait time looks like? Is it easy or hard to get appointment?
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US H1B Visa Extension Dropbox in Canada
Hi, my 1st H1B stamping happened in Vancouver, Canada in 2019. Now I have to get my H1B extension stamped before Nov 2023. I am planning to use dropbox in Vancouver (if I am eligible). I am planning to stay in US and send my completed application docs to my cousin in Vancouver. He can submit docs on my behalf at dropbox. Once approved, he can collect it and courier back to my US address. Did anyone else do similar process? Is there any risk of me not traveling to Canada for the process?
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Regarding L1B visa in Canada

I have COPR from Canada and I am planning to do soft landing in month of June/July 2022. Also I have to go for L1B Visa interview for my L1B Visa. I am planning to combine both process.
Can I go for L1B Visa interview in Canada during my soft landing? I will not be having my PR card when I go to visa interview because I will be attending interview within couple days after landing. Whether officer checks for any resident status?
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Canada -Automatic Visa Revalidation Provision -H1B Visa
Hi My H1-B Expired in 2021 September. I have got my I-797 and I94 extended and with a new employer AMD. I have to travel for 2 days to Canada on a business conference from San Francisco. Can I use AVR for re-entry to United States.? Please advise. I have travel coming up in June 2022.
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H1, H4 - IWP Toronto
Just adding my H1 and H4 timeline (Toronto consulate, dropbox). I am a canadian PR, living in GTA area.

Mailed - 12th April
Received Status - 13th April

Mailed - 12th April
Received Status - 19th April

There is no status update after that. I am wondering if this (long) delay is normal and if there is a way to call the consulate and request for update.
Anyone else in my April 10th - 15th timeline?
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Ottawa Visa Stamping
I mailed the documents and passport to Ottawa Embassy on May 3rd, 2022. Still no update on Status. Anyone has recent experience regarding timeline with visa stamping under interview waiver situation? Please let me know the timeline.

Mailed the document - 05-03-2022
05-09-22 - No Status

Thank You
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