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I want opinion about my profile.2014 I got work permit of UAE I work there 4 month than 2015 I had apply for student visa but some how I got refusal now I'm applying for b1/b2 2015 I had apply for master now I am applying for b1/b2 what's are the chances for get the visa I'm going to attend conference there and I have a invitation letter from I am married .
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Applying for B2 Visa

1. Lived in the US on H1B from 2006 to 2012 with Wife on H4-B
2. Immigration petition filed in 2011 by ex-employer but chose to return to India while it was in
3. I-140 approved in 2012 after we returned
4. 2015 - Applied for B1 but was rejected
5. 2020 - Applying for B2 now. My question is - in DS160 form, for the question - 'Has anyone ever filed an immigrant petition on your behalf with the United States Citizenship and Immigration?' how detailed of an explanation should I provide, as the answer to that question is Yes
Please advise.
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B2 visa for my mom (widow) and my brother
I came to the US in 2014 Jan, I have done my master's degree in 2015 Dec. I couldn't invite my mom for my graduation at this time. Then I used my OPT for 2yrs and then I started doing the executive master's degree from the University of the cumberlands university. I'm about to graduate in May 2020. I requested for graduation ceremony invitation letter for my mom, brother n sister. Now I have an invitation letter.

I'm married to GC holder and recently my GC has approved and I will get my card in 4 weeks. I'm pregnant now and I want my mom to be here.

1) How should I invite my mom? Nowadays I'm seeing that there are so many rejections for B2. What is the best way to get a visa for my mom? Please suggest

2) I'm inviting my brother to my mom because she can't travel alone. Will it be a problem for my mom's visa because of my brother going with her.

3) Should I ask my husband to sponsor for my mom? how do I proceed?

Thanks in advance

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good reason to call parents?
I am in the USA and applied for Adjustment of status and my wife is LPR. I am a doctor and my white coat ceremony is in June 2020. I want to invite my parents to see that ceremony.
Parents: Indian and no travel history. both are 60+, father working in private sector and mother housewife.
now questions are?
what is the best reason: tourism or whitecoat ceremony? my green card file will affect their visa?
what is the best sponsor (parents or my wife?)

I need your advice guys!
Thank you.
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My sister got her B2 Visa denied - How to make sure next time she gets it?
My sister went to the US Embassy in Rwanda and got her B2 Visitor Visa denied.
I am getting married end of April this year, and I have been living in the US for 12+ years. I am a US Permanent Resident, I have a good job, and enough savings to be able to support my whole family if they come visit.

My sister is a medical Doctor with 15+ years experience, she is the head of a department, she is married, and has 2 children. She owns her own house and has enough money in her bank account to support herself as well.

I invited her for my wedding and I was planning to have her as my maid of honor. She applied for a visa, just for herself, because she wanted her husband to stay home with the kids. She had her employment letter and she had copies of my Green card with her, she even had both our birth certificates to prove that we are sisters. I gave her a letter of invitation, my bank statements, she even took her own bank statements, and the title and pictures of her house and family - In summary, she had all kinds of supporting documents that proves that she will be well taken care of, and that she definitely is planning on going back to her country and her family after my wedding.

 During her interview, they did not even look at any of the documents she brought. They only asked her 3 questions:

- Who do you want to go visit
Sister answer: My sister

- When was she born
Sister answer: my birthday

- What is your relationship:
We are sisters

- Sorry, today you have been denied the B2 Visitor Visa. Here is a letter slip with reasons why you were denied.
That was it! They did not look at any paperwork she brought and did not even ask her any other relevant question - not even the reason why she is applying.

That letter slip they gave her was just a generic letter that says that not enough documentation was provided. But how can they say she failed to provide enough documentation when they did not even look at any document she brought with her?

She is my only sister, and I really wanted her at my wedding as my maid of honor, I don't have any other family member who would be attending my wedding.

 We would like her to apply a second time, but we want to ensure that this time around she has a better chance of getting her visa accepted.
- I am thinking about personally writing a letter to the US Embassy in my country and explain her case
- Another option (costly) would be for me to fly to my country, and accompany her to her Visa interview and show my original documents (ID and Green Card) and try to explain to the Visa officer in person why it would be important for me to have her on wedding day

Do you think any of the two options above would help? What else do you think we could do? I am at a loss here, and any help on this matter would be very appreciated.

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I was denied 4times
I applied for visitors visa 4times but I was denied.The last time I went to American embassy Lagos.May last year the consular officer asked various questions and me what has changed since my last interview and told me to reapply again.This time around I want to pay my sibling and his wife in New York visit and come back.I want to know when I can reapply this year old help me out.
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2014 I got work permit of use I work there 5 month and than 2015 I got refusal for students visa and now I'm planning to apply for b1/b2 visa I'm working in pharma market from last 5 years my salary is 85k per month I want to attend a medical conference so what are the chances please let me suggest
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Please help me with expert advice
My father is a deadbeat and I’ve never lived with him and knew nothing about him. In 2009 I visited the US and in the ds160, I filled his name and dob as was on my birth records. Recently, I heard that he’s married and living in the US under another name and when he was fillling his paper work for his green card he listed us (me and my siblings l) as his children. Now I’m applying to the US again for a visit and I have to fill the ds160 again.

My question is, I want to fill the same details I have, but I want to select no to the question, “is your father in the US?”. Is there a way they will know since the name and date of birth I have of him is different from the one he has out there?

If I say yes, I don’t know anything about him and so I can’t answer questions on him. Although I don’t mind but I wouldn’t want myself to be the reason why he will be caught though I don’t like him much.

I guess my question is, is there a way to link him to me even though the name and date of birth are different? Please help
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Applying B2 visa again ( renewal )
Hi my previous US visit was in 2015 I got 3 months visa , admitted for 6months
I came back after 2months
At that time i was a student and I got visa along my parents ,they got 5 years visa

Now I am working for a firm as a General manager
Been 4years now with them

My income is 70k per month ,

I want to apply again , my father will sponser my visit have relatives there in states

I want to ask what documents do I need other that employment letter ,

Gonna get 3weeks of from work

Does my previous visit will be a plus point ??
I will be applying again in Islamabad consulate
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Need suggestions
Married have 3 kids . Applying for cousin brother daughter wedding. Apply just with 2 years old boy. Other 2 kids having exams n husband is busy in his bussines. My bro in law n sister in law both are also Us citizens. . Whats should be better for ds. 160 . Self paying trip . Or czn bro. Kindly guide
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