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Visa interview language
Asking for a friend . My friend wants to apply for B2 visa . The earliest appointment date for visa interview in English shows in May. But she plans to travel in May. However , there are appointments available for other language early . Is it ok if she chooses to interview in Hindi .?
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visa rejected
I am a 30 yr old medical graduate and currently a 2nd yr post graduate student.
I wanted to go to USA for an observership but my visa was rejected.
I have already given usmle step1 and cs.
My interview went something like this:-
VO-What is the purpose of your visit
Me-I have an observership in June
VO-what do you do?
Me-I am a second yr PG student in India
VO-so are you going for clerkship?
Me-No, observership (the letter I had stated that I will be observing the physician)
VO-started typing something(shaking her head)
VO-it is a clerkship.
Me-no an observership
VO-you are a graduate?
Me- yes, I am a graduate but doing my post-graduation.
VO-went for 2 minutes
then she came back again started typing something while shaking her head
VO-Sorry, you don'y qualify this time. You can't be a medical student to do observership.

Now, as far as I know a medical student as well as graduate can do observership but only a medical student can do clerkship. I am not eligible to do clerkship since I have already graduated from medical school and American medical colleges don't accept Indian post graduate students as medical students so technically I am not eligible for clerkship.

So, after this incident I am shook. I have no other reason right now to apply and just want to ask when should I reapply? Should I reapply with the same reason again?

Any help will be much appreciated. Thank you.
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B2 Visa for Niece

My niece want to come US for 21 days on B2 Visa to visit couple of places. She is doing B Tech in India now. She is 19 yr old. I am in US L1 visa. I want to apply her Visa. So I have couple of questions

1. Can i add myself as sponsor . If yes what documents should I give to her to show consular?
2. Do i need to send any documents to consulate? What are those?
3. If I add my self as sponsor what are chances to get her visa?
4. After filing DS-160, what question does they ask so she can prepare to get Visa?

Please suggest me.
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B2 Visa - Spouse to accompany me

I've acquired B1 visa valid for 8months, but will be here for about 6 months. I'm in the USA now and hoping my husband will be able to come and stay with me for the duration of my stay.

I'm not sure what to expect. My experience with my B1 interview was gruelling, but fortunately successful in the end. Having viewed that you can have as many back-up documentation as possible, chances are they won't be viewed. When I went for my interview non of my docs were interviewed during the interview.

I just want my husband to stay with me for the duration of my work assignment, he's a software engineer and his job is very flexible with regards to global mobility - his colleagues work in different countries whenever, wherever really. This is obviously difficult to explain such agile working to a consulate.

Point is, he will not working in the US for any US company. His Income will only be from our country - as he will work only remotely for his own company when he stays with me. We have every intention to honor the date of exiting the USA. I have return tickets and planning to get the same for my husband. For the duration of my assignment my company is taking care of my expenses including housing, flights, etc.

Should I get my company to endorse the travel, that's if they'll look at it. Can this make sense to the consular, in consular terms? If not, please advise?


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Hello i want to apply for b1/b2 visa previously i got rejected in 2018 when i was going to celebrate new year’s eve, now i want to apply again

1 i have done my bachelors degree in engineering.
2 its been almost 3 years im owner of a showroom in pakistan.
3 im also a tax payer in pakistan.
4Also i have agricultural lands and other properties.
5 i own my personal car which is worth around 20k usd.
6 My age is 24 years engaged but not married yet
7 i have travel history of almost 8 times to UAE once Azerbaijan twice Malaysia and once thailand.
8 i have current bank statement of almost 12k usd and credit card which has limit of almost 3k usd

May i get the visa with that profile? Tour suggestions will be appreciated.
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B2 Visa

I have 3 US visa rejection, 2 on F1 Visa and 1 on B2 visa which got reject a week ago on 21st Feb 2020.
I wish to visit my sister in the USA.
I have my own business here in INDIA. Also, I own a house and parental agricultural lands and property to look after.
I am just planning to visit my sister for 2-3 weeks and comeback.

What are my chances of getting a VISA the 4th time?
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B1/B2 visa chances of approval

I am a Philippine citizen and planning to apply for a B1/B2 US Visa for me, and my family, with my wife (not legally married), and 3 kids to visit my Mom in California. My mom went in US last 2017 and just few months after arriving she have her kidney failure and is having her dialysis. Question is, what are our chances of approval on our US visa? Here is our detailed information that i will send.

My mom wants to see her kids as she cannot travel here as per her physical condition
Have 3 kids and planning to go this summer (kids vacation time in school)
Have a good business ($24,000 annual estimate income)
have $5000 on bank
plans to visit my mom and for some pleasure.
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Visa B2 Documents

I am a Ghana citizen and I’ve applied for US visa B2 for me and my family, my partner and son both holds a New Zealand passport. Is it evidential that I take a copy of their passport to the interview?

We’re going on family vacation.
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f-1 visa

. I am an Indian citizen and was rejected a B2 visa in July’18. I also have a relative in US (green card holder) and I mentioned his details in my previous VISA application. How should I prepare myself for the VISa interview, considering I have double fold disadvantage:
1) Have been rejected US visa once already
2) have a cousin living in the US

what are the chances of f-1 getting denied ?
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b1/b2 visa reapply after rejection
hi, my visa b1/b2 has been rejected. the reason i think is because of my insufficient funds.

can i apply immediately with my sponsor details?

is there any chances of getting approved?

Thank you.
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