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Visitor Visa - B2

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Visa "Refused"
My father had his interview for visitor visa in April 2022. He was told the his visa was approved and his passport was taken by the consular officer. His visa status on CEAC was updated as 'Approved'. However, after a few days, the status changed to "Refused" and has was asked to submit some additional questionnaire response. The response was submitted within a week and he received an automated email that confirmed that his response was accepted by the consulate and he has nothing further to do. The next day, his passport was returned with a written document that states that the embassy will ask to re-submit his passport on a later date.
Since then we have been waiting to get a notice from the embassy and there still has been none. The visa status still shows "Refused", last updated in April.
Any idea on how long it might take to hear back from the embassy and will he possibly get the visa?
Thanks in advance for any help.
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B2 visa for my brother
Hi, I want to invite my brother to visit me to USA for my baby shower and travel around in USA. He is 40 years and unmarried. Does not have job as he lost his job in covid had some instability in carrier. He does part time business with my dad but does not have anything on paper as his name is not listed on company. He has B2 visa denied 6 years ago while he was student in Canada and F1 visa denied around 20 years ago when he tried for graduation from USA. Both my parents have B1/B2 visa and have never overstayed in last 9 years. What are the chances my brother can get visa if applied and mentioned he would be traveling with my parents for a month? He genuinely does not have plans to overstay illegally here but at the same time wont be able to prove strong ties back to home country. Can my dad generate salary slips on his company's name and show him as employee in his business?
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Parents Visa cancellation and interview date postponed till next year
Hello. My parents interview date was schedule on Dec from Nepal. But today Embassy cancelled the interview date without any reason and we had to reschedule the date. The nearest available date is after one year which is August 2023. I feel so sad because I waited more than 2 years already. Is anyone from this forum going through same?

Thank you
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visitor visa extensioin - inlaws
I am applying extension for my inlaws. I have filled application (I-539) online and there is question "Did anyone assisted in filling application. I answered NO" which implies they have filled application.

Now i am preparing cover letter which explains reason/justification for extension. Can you guide whether i need to prepare cover letter saying "i am requesting extension for my in-laws: or the "letter should be in format where my inlaws requesting extension"
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B2 Visa First and last Name Question
My mother lives in New Delhi India. Her B2 Visa expired in April 2017, she is planning a visit so she wants to apply for a new B2 Visa. Her name is Jane Doe (example) but often in India people write switch their first and last names........Her name is D.Jane and so, her passport was issued as First Name = Doe Last Name = Jane. Her prior B2 Visa was issued as Doe Jane She made three visits in the last 25 years with no trouble.

But last month the VAC in New Delhi has instructed her to fill out the DS-160 with First Name = FNU (First Name Unknown) Last Name = Jane. Have the rules changed? Why would they tell her that?

Thank you
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I134 affidavit of support for Visitor visa renewal
Do you need submit I134 affidavit of support for Visitor visa renewal?
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Frro registration
Frro registration is must after 6 months of stay. If not penalties applicable upto 20000 rupees. They take their own time may be a month. Apply in advance on effro
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Visa denied in 2019
Hi All, i was denied a visa back in september 2019. I had no travel history back then and was working as a software engineer. I was supposed to visit my uncle in the USA for tourism/leisure who is also from software domain but a citizen over there.

Currently, as of may 2022, i have travelled to Dubai, Schenzen, UK. Will it make sense to re apply for the b2 visa?
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B2 visa Dropbox eligibility
If b2 visa is expired in 2016, are they eligible for dropbox now with the new visa waiver posted by US embassy that any one who had a visa in the past can apply for dropbox?

Thank you in advacne
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Can a person on a B1 visa who has stayed for 1 year in the USA be back in the USA after a gap of 8 months ?
My mother in law came to USA on 10/29/2020 and stayed with us for almost 1 year till 10/13/2021 on B1 visitor visa .We had applied her extension at that time for 6 months.
Can she travel back to USA after 8 months around 6/15/2022 on same B1 visitor visa.
Please advise.
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