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Toronto - B2 Visitor visa approved awaiting passport return
I had being in US for 10 years on L visa. I had moved to canada on PR in 2019. After covid opening , i applied for visitor visa in Mar'22 . Got interview appointment on Dec'14 . Interview was very breezy and people / guards were efficient and respectful. If you follow the process and rules (no phone , no smartwatches , clear bag) , it is good for you. anyway was done with interview and out in 30 min. they did not take the picture , however it is better to carry. Question : Where are you going ? i see you previously entered on L2, care to explain ? your visa is approved and you will get your passport delivered to your home (I had opted to deliver passport)

Problem for me , the visa status shows approved since 14 Dec But did not get passport back yet :-( . My christmas vacation plan to US was ruined due to this and also weather woes. i thought passport is generally returned in 5 working days so had planned tickets etc optimistically.

It is Dec 28 and the status still in approved status ? Anybody else in similar situation ? If not , How long it took for passport to arrive back. If i need emergency travel also i am stuck . i generally know it is 5-7 working days. For me today is 9th working day and no update further. Any ideas what should i do . i had sent a mail to Canada Visas GDIT-GSS Support but reply that consular section has not released passport. we cannot help.
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B1/B2 Parents Visa Mumbai Nov 20
Language Gujarati
1) why do you want to go to US?
2) Relatives in US?
3) Any other children? what they do?
4) Who is paying for the trip?
Visa Approved
My Mother,
Language Gujarati
1) Why do you want to go to US?
2) Who is in US?
3) Any other children? what they do?
4) What do you do?
Visa Approved
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B2 Visa Interview Process - Toronto
I was an undergrad in the US and worked on OPT for a year before moving to Canada. I applied for a B2 visa to visit some of my friends. I had my appointment at 8 am today; however, the people were taken in on a first-come, first-serve basis. The security guards were extremely rude while you were already in an intimidating atmosphere. Once I got in, the DS-160, passport and the confirmation email hard copy were checked, and fingerprints were taken before the interview line. As I approached the interviewer, the first question was about the purpose of the visit. I answered that I was visiting some of my friends; I did my studies and previously worked on OPT in the US. The officer said he would pull up my OPT info on his computer and ask about my profession. Once I told him about my job, he said the visa was approved and the passport would be mailed within five business days. Overall, the people working inside the consulate were very kind, and the process was smooth. I wish they would train the security guards on professionalism and proper etiquette for dealing with applicants.
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221 g case rejected stating 214 b
Hi readers,

I was in the US for 4 years (2014 to 2018) I applied for a US visitor visa on July 25, 2022, it refused to further the administration process by giving 221 (g) White slip
after a week immigration officer requested for the i 20 and tax docs. I sent I20 i didn't pay tax since i didn't work during my stay in US. After a couple of months, i.e Sept 25 got an email saying
Upon further review of your case, the consular officer found you ineligible for a nonimmigrant visa based on section 214(b) of the U.S. Immigration and Nationality Act (INA). A refusal under Section 214(b) is not permanent and you may reapply for a visa at any time; however, we recommend that you reapply only if new evidence to overcome the previous grounds of refusal is available.
Is it a good idea to apply again?

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Visa appointment- India
Hi there,

Does anyone know the current appointment date for a B2 visa in India (Mumbai)? I am trying to book an appointment for my parents, but I don't see any available date for the Consulate interview till 2024, while some dates are available for the OFC fingerprint appointments.

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Applying for B1/B2
Hi guys,
This is the second time i am applying for b1b2 pakistani passport already previous visa b1b2 expired this august 2022, applying again as need to attend training sponsered by my company. visited usa in 2019 already for 9 days for training.
Married 38 years of age, working in same company for 12 years in KSA, travel history UK frequently, italy, germany, spain, france, switzerland, turkey, uae, belgium, qatar including usa.

what to expect from VO this time? what documents should i carry??

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Hello everyone,
October 31,2021 I filed an I-130 for my mother and on June 3,2022 I received a notification that the case is actively being reviewed. How long does the review take (estimate). What are the next steps. P.S she lives in Jamaica
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B1/B2 Drop box called for interview
I applied B1/B2 by drop box.Passport returned with hand typed letter, saying “for further process,embassy needs interview.Is it NORMAL.? I am a Pakistani passport holder.Previously had 4 approvals every 5 years.I have good US visit history.Used to visit once a year only for less than a month.Have pending i130.What can be reason for interview call? Passport returned was not with any sort of 221g kinda paper. Just a typed letter for interview call and mentioned date and time for visa.
I will be grateful for help
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Emergency Visa for spouse of US Citizen
I am a US citizen and my spouse is in India. We have not initiated her green card. I am seriously ill due to covid and need her here. I have doctor’s letter too that i need a caregiver. Does she has solid chances of approval B2 approval? Anyone has any experience? What should be our preparation and potential question that she may face. Please help.
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EU citizen applying for B2 Visitor Visa
Hi everyone,

Helping my dad to get visitor visa (B2) completed instead of ESTA due to longer planned duration of the stay.

DS-160 completed, MRV fee paid now it's just to schedule interview. Main question that I have is: How does appointment date affect visa issuance date? His plan is to come to US in mid-November but appointments are available from mid August onwards. He would like his visa to be valid/start from mid-November. Should he wait for later appointments closer to his travel date or can officer assign later issue date on the visa if he goes for interview earlier (let's say start of September)? In DS-160 planned departure was indicated as mid-November and he can also repeat that to the officer at the embassy.

Thank you in advance
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