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Adjustment of Status - I-485

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Second interview
Good afternoon everyone. I went on my second interview 117 days ago. It was Supposed to be a stroke interview However before we went in the officer ask for all the documents we had, we provide everything Insurance lease joint tax etc. when we went in he told us base the amount of documents he’s not going to separate us, he told us we have More than enough Evidence to prove that the marriage is Genuine. He told us he will approve my I130; two days after he did approve ;me and my daughter I130 who’s outside of the country. However he’s told us he’s not the one who’s dealing with the I485. Anyone could give us any advice? We did our First interview September 2018 both I485 and I30. Any advice will be greatly appreciate it
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Minor Sign I 485
Should I let my 10 year old sign I 485 ?
I was told to let him sign it .
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Crossing the border to Canada
Hello everyone,

I want to drive to Canada but I’m not sure if I can cross the border with expired greencard and extension letter. I live few hours away and I don’t want to drive and get turned back. Does anyone know if I can. Any advice is appreciated thanks!
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Spouse died
Hello guys how are you doing.
My wife and I had been married for more than 3years now. We filed to adjust my status in 2019 and it was denied in 2021 because Uscis said my previous marriage divorce letter was invalid, which I had resolved with the Nigerian Government. And everything is now perfect.
Few days ago which was Friday morning, my wife passed away and it’s been very hard on my as I could not think of what I would do and I couldn’t think straight. I am not really close to her parents because of our marriage but I am close to her brothers and children. I know that it’s too early to come here I want to move on the right part as I was told to find out what I will need to continue to adjust my status.
Please what do I need to do to adjust
What are the steps that I should take.
What questions should I be asking
Is death certificate enough
What does it mean to be a beneficiary after her death and how should I go about that
Thank you
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Adjustment of status I-485 3 years since the interview
Hello everyone !
Sharing my story , me and my husband went for the interview for GC on October 17 , 2019 ( adjustment of status I-485) .
My husband is a health care professional , got his MS here , works for a farma company.
He was the main petitioner.
Long story short, we had an interview 3 years ago . We got verbally approved for a GC , the officer said that we can expect our GC within 30 day.
Next day in the morning , the officer gave a call to my husband and said to bring the latest paystub because he forgot to ask it yesterday. My husband asked the officer is we need to bring any other documents , the officer was pretty clear and said that it’s the only one doc he needs.
We ran to federal plaza in New York ( that’s there we had an interview) , the secretary at the main waiting room for the interviews said that officer Basdanski is working from home and we can leave the doc at the special room around the corner.
We came to the room and left the doc with some woman who stamped us and gave us a copy of the doc with the stamp confirming that she got the doc.
In about 5 days we received the mail ( on my name first) saying congrats , you are approved . HOWEVER, next day another mail came saying your case got reopened.
It’s been 3 years of trying anything we could . We contacted super lawyers , ALIA . The status for my case # says “case reopened”, for my husband “ interview was scheduled”.
We contacted uscis , first , there was an excuse for COVID , then backlog , today we received the response on our e-request “your case is currently delayed because the required security checks are still pending….” 3 freaking years…
We sent a letter to the senator in New York , waiting for the response.
If anyone came across anything similar , please reply 🙀🥹🙀
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I-290B "Notice of Appeal or Motion" taking long
Hello everybody: I need your help to understand why my daugther I-290B "Notice of Apeal or Motion" for her I-485 Green Card Adjustment of Status is taking so long. Chronology follows:

Feb 2020: I-485 filed.
Jul 2021: Denial Letter
Aug 2021: I-290B "Notice of Appeal or Motion" introduced to re-start the case.
Oct 2022: Her Web inquiry answer is "your case is pending for review at this time".

Why it is her I-290B taking so long (14 months) ?. Please let me have any experience you have had with cases like this.

Thanks in advance friends.
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Please help how to convert jointi-751 to into Wavier
Good Afternoon dear people can someone just tell how to convert my filled jointly i751- pending to Wavier me and my wife going through divorce. Can just tell me I need to submit divorce decree to USCIS or cover letter and what else do I need to submit new i751 form and do I have to pay again 680 dollars or not please let me know? Thanks in advance for your response
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New card is being produced
After 4 years of Prayers and hope
3 Interviews
1 denied
2 Notice of intent to deny
  I never gave up,I had faith,It wasn’t an easy journey,I almost got depressed,But God came through,Submitted my response On Monday for the 2nd Noid and it got delivered on Tuesday and Got the update New card is being produced,I have waited to come on this timeline to give this news and also to say Thank you God and I pray everyone going through this journey received good news,You are almost there, After 5 years of marriage.
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Apply for 10 years gc wait time 2 years
Hello everyone! I apply for 10 years gc based on marriage and my lawyer she said like because they are busy the estimate time it's up 2 years. I filed in new York.
Does anyone know something about that ? Used to be I think 4 or 6 month.
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Anyone understand this message ?Case Was Relocated From Administrative Appeals Office To USCIS Originating Office?
Anyone understand this message ?Case Was Relocated From Administrative Appeals Office To USCIS Originating Office?

recently I got update on USCIS case status portal as Case Was Relocated From Administrative Appeals Office To USCIS Originating Office ' ie, the Administrative Appeals Office (AAO) transferred your Form 1601 Notice of Appeal or Motion, Receipt Number XXXYYYZZZZ, to the USCIS office that made the original decision on your case. That office will mail you our decision or send you a request if it needs something from you." "

What does this mean? is it approved /denied/ USCIS will ask for additional evidence to approve ? Is there any time for USCIS to process this?

Please help with your experience.
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