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Adjustment of Status - I-485

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I-601 Approval

Wanted to share that I received I-601 approval yesterday. Had submitted last year on May 16. So took almost 1 year and 3 months. It was in Atlanta Fo. After interview received Noid for fraud and Misrepresentation and was asked to submit I-601.
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My 3 I 485 interview
We have confirmed that this case remains pending at the Brooklyn Field Office and will be scheduled for an eligibility interview when an interview slot becomes available. U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) will contact your constituent directly when an interview is scheduled or if additional information is requested prior to the interview. What do you expect? I have been waiting from 2018 . I have renewed 4 authorization. Appreciated of any help
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Customer service number
Hi friends

Am trying to reach out to the customer service number of uscis, but the automated system keeps asking me questions but would not transfer me to someone to speak with, what is the best way for me to get someone to speak to? Does any one has a different number apart from the 8003755283 number? Your help is much appreciated. Thank you.
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Will forgetting to submit a medical record at the interview cause RFE or rejection?

I just had an i485 interview at Baltimore field office couple weeks ago.

I was asked to turn in my medical record at the interview by my attorney, but I was too occupied with the interview process and forgot to turn it in. The interviewer didn’t even ask for it.

So right now I’m so worry that if this would cause a rejection of my case.

I would like to know if you all think that I would get RFE or a rejection.
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Interview cancelled after completion and rescheduled
First Interview Dec 2021 completed and need to be review
Interview cancelled June 15/2023
Rescheduled June 20/2023
The second interview was with a new officer lady. She told us she was surprised they called us for another interview because our form has been signed by another officer. She said anyway let me just get this done so you guys don’t come back here again. Then she asked did you move? We said yes and came back after 1 year

My worry is that she only ask me questions and not my wife. My full name, DOB, how I came into the country, full address and old one and my previous marriage. It was all details about me. After that she print out the question and answer for me to read and sign it. She ask the I-485 Yes and No questions, do we have new documents, she was going through the new documents and ask what I do because of our cars in the insurance. She started laughing with my wife saying what I do is not an easy job (I work for United Airline Tech Ops) If I was doing the same job back home and I told her no I went to school here. She said I need to review everything again and check her 📆 told us they don’t interview first week of the month so she will review and make decision in two weeks.

Anyone with similar experience?
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Receipt notice

I send my i485 and i130 on 06/05/23 and arrived to the lockbox on 06/06/23 today is 07/01/23 and I still don’t receive any information that uscis got my application I wonder if this happen to someone else what should I do how long I have to wait to get the receipt notice
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File I130 For my daughter
I recently became a US Citizen. Can i file / sponsor my daughter whom is 36 years old and her 8 years old son for a greencard both have over stayed their visiting visa for over a year. Also if i can sponsor / file for her can she get a working permit?

Thanks in advance.
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Uscis marriage based interview canceled? after being attended.
Hello Everyone. I am currently on a situation where on May of 2023 I attended a marriage based interview for an AOS. The interview went well. My concern in that just now, Mid june of 2023, I received a letter saying that my interview in may have been canceled and that uscis will notify me any further action on this case. Including any interview rescheduling on this case.

Has anyone else experienced this? What was the outcome?

Any suggestions will help. Thank you very much in advance
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I485 Transferred
Hi guys,
After I submitted online my N400 and has pending on N400 interview. My question is “will my i485 still processing?” My N400 interview has pending due to officer needs more documents regarding N14 form. Unfortunately, I haven’t received anything after 3 months from N400 interview. Please advise if anyone has the same circumstance.
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Legal status after L-Visa expires with pending I-485
I need help understanding what needs to be done. Situation below:

Myself, wife and daughter (8 years) have L1A, L2 visas respectively and it expires in Sept, 2023 (max out date).

I 485 applied for all of us while PD was current and biometrics done, pending status / adjudication by USCIS. Receipt Notice is with me.
GC EAD received for myself & wife. I did not apply for EAD for daughter yet.

Can all of us legally stay in US after L visa expire in Sept. until adjudication of I-485 is done. Does my child also need an EAD to be legally allowed to stay in US.
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