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Adjustment of Status - I-485

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Please guys I have to respond to rfe but what the uscis asked me it's lots of papers and no envelopes can get i will send it ?
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Home Visit # 2
Hi Fam,

PD 03/2019
Interview 09/2019
1st House Visit 05/2021
2nd House Visit 06/2021

After our house visit last 5/2021 (9:00AM) wherein me and my husband were both at work (for details, see my previous post), USCIS came to visit our house again at 6:30AM.
I was at home, but my husband had gone to work. They asked me if they can come in. I let them in on our backyard and when I invited them in, they told me that due to Covid Restrictions, they cannot go inside so they asked me the following (it was like the same process/questions that they asked me over the phone during their first visit except, they requested to read my texts conversation with my husband. I gave my phone and let them read it).

1. Where is your husband?
2. What time he left?
3. When was the last time you saw him?
4. What documents do you have of your husbands?
5. What does your husband do?
6. How many jobs he has?
7. What bank do you have?
8. Where did you meet your husband?
9. When did you meet your husband?
10. How much is your rent? How do you pay?
11. How did you find this house?
12. Asks questions about our tax returns
13. Looks on our room and made some comments
14. What do you do (job)?
15. When do you deposit money to your account?
16. Do you have a social media? Can you show photos?
17. When is your wedding day?
18. What did you do for your anniversary?
19. How do you go out on dates if you don’t have a car?
20. When is your birthday?
21. What did you do for your birthday?
22. When is your husband’s birthday?
23. Can you show me your husband’s shoes? Clothes? Dirty clothes?
24. What size are those?
25. What is the brand?
26. Can you show us your phone texts?
27. Can you show us recent photos?
28. What do you call on each other?
29. Who are the witnesses to your wedding?
30. Can you show us your husband’s belongings on the bathroom?
31. What did you do last weekend?
32. What did you last buy on your credit card?
33. Where does your mother in law live?
34. When did your husband got a life insurance?
35. Do you cook?
36. Can I see your credit card transactions?
37. What was your status before?

To tell you all honestly, I’m tired. If they need to do a 3rd visit and 4th visit, we will welcome them with open arms.
I believe I have shown them enough and even welcomed them to our home.
I want to start counting for results but I am hoping that it would be less than a month! I am tired!
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Desperate filler
Hello, I have a pending I-485. I think i might get my interview scheduled mid September and me and my partner are celebrating 2 years of marriage in september.
For some personal reasons we got into a big huge fight. I really dont think my partner will feel comfortable going to the interview and help me get my greencard because we already talked divorce..
I know is a long shot but is there any way i could get granted my green card? I have lots of proofs, photos of vacation with our families, conversations, credit card together, taxes together, etc.

Tell me theres a hope for me please. I just want to cry
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Sacramento Field Office - Receipt Date for Case Inquiry
Just saw that the receipt date for case enquiry went back from April 29th to March 19th and processing time has changed too.

It is so frustrating. They keep moving back the receipt date for case inquiry so that no SRs can be initiated.
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Received My Conditional Residential Permit
Hi all,

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Mailed application. I130 and i485 for parents
Hello Members. I hope someone can help me. I mailed my parents application (I-130 and i-485) on 5/20/21. I included the G-1145. However, as of today, a month after, I have not received any acknowledgment. Is that normal? Their I-94 expired on 6/4/21. Would that be a problem?
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Employee Based Visa ~ Form I-485|I-131|1-765 ~ Biometrics
Hello Members,

I filed my AOS (485/131/765) on April 3rd, 2021 and received 2 sets of receipt notices with different priority dates on it.

The first set had the priority date same as my pending I-140 application notice date of Feb 6th, 2021, which makes sense. However, I received another set of USCIS receipt notices with the priority date as March 2nd, 2020 which happens to be my entry date in US on L1-A individual visa. This was particularly strange to me and I reached out to my attorney to help. The answer was that it could be a mistake from USCIS

Couple of weeks back, I received multiple sets of biometrics notices - where the receipt numbers were matching the multiple notices I received earlier. This made me believe that this wasn't a mistake from USCIS and there is something else going on.

I went to the ASC biometrics center yesterday and they took my biometrics 2 times and when I asked why the multiple notices, they were not able to provide me a definitive answer.

I just wanted to check if anybody else in the same boat as mine? Thank you in advance!
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Queens NYC
Finally my interview was scheduled
PD June 2020
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Seattle based, NBC processing, US citizen spouse. Filed I485, I131, I130 and I765
Seattle based, NBC processing, US citizen spouse. Filed I485, I131, I130 and I765
PD : July 1st, 2019.
Biometrics : July 31st, 2019.
Ready to be scheduled for interview : Sep 11th, 2019.
New EAD card is being produced : 20th Nov, 2019.
i765 - case approved : 22nd Nov, 2019.
I131 - case approved : 22nd Nov, 2019.
EAD in Hand - 26th Nov, 2019.

2nd EAD renewal filed - 26th June, 2020.
2nd EAD received - 9th Sep, 2020.

We are scheduling your interview : May 19th, 2021
Interview Scheduled : for June last week.

Took almost two years to schedule the interview

Interview conducted : June 22nd, 2021 : 10.15 AM.
Case status changed to approved : June 22nd, 2021 : 4PM.

Good luck to everyone waiting for their interview.
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reopened case of form i-290B
MY CASE WAS REOPENED On June 21, 2021, for Form I-485, Application to Register Permanent Residence or Adjust Status, my status says I have been mailed a notice.
And that I should follow instructions in it.I am just curious to know what it is and what the neext step is gonna be.
Note-All documents the USCIS requested was submitted in addition to my form I-290B.
can some one tell me something please
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