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Adjustment of Status - I-485

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Green card
Finally I come With good news after 5 years of waiting 2 interviews 1 home visit 2 intent to deny and 1 waiver I finally got a 10 year green card. My advice is call them each month , put in aservice inquiry write to the congressman, senate and thanks to this app .
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Hi All,

Please I have a concern and will be glad if anyone can provide feedback.

So I filed for VAWA in Oct 2021 and I received a mail few later to provide all available evidence. In March 2021 I submitted all the evidence I have with my written statement but I haven't received a feedback yet.

Is anyone experiencing this long wait period too? Is there anything I can do to enquire or expedite the process? I have petitioned through the Congressman in my city about 3 months ago but no response from USCIS yet. I'm just so confused now I don't know what to do.

Any suggestions or tips will be greatly appreciated.
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i693 deficiency notice question
I received an i693 deficiency notice - but when i submitted I485 last year in July, the i693 was mailed in the same envelope as they sugguested. Why i'm still receiving this notice if anyone have an idea?
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Hi everyone, I really I'm in serious situation now, my i130 got revoked and my pending i485 denied due to divorced with my citizen spouse, and the letter says I can file motion to reopen with i290b form within 30 days from the dated letter sent to me. I hired attorney and he said he will do self petition for me, and he asked for evidence like where my ex wife would have mentally and physically abused, which I don't have even though she was abusive to me, but all I can produce is writings. Is there anyone in my situations or someone that have here or seen my kind of situation to let me know how would I go about it.
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Greencard Application for Mother
Hello, please am planning to petition greencard for my mum so that she can come live with me here in America. But the problem is my late brother's kids live with her (age 7 and 9 years old). She has been responsible for these 2 kids since my brother passed away in 2017.

Now my question is; is it possible to include these kids as dependents in my mum's i130 petition? Note, these are her grandchildren and there's no one to leave them with when she travels to America.

Are there any other legal options for her to come to America with these 2 children.

I hope you understand my situation. Thanks so much for your time.
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FINALLY!! Family-based I-485 in Baltimore, MD
Hi all,
It's been exactly 3 years since we started this process and it is FINALLY over! We got our green card! Thank you forum for all your guidance and support. Hearing your circumstances made us feel like we weren't in this alone. Best advice we can give you is to keep them accountable and keep the pressure on! We spoke to our Senator, sent letters to the Baltimore Field office, multiple calls to USCIS through info pass and we even contacted the White House on their portal. Within a month and a half of contacting the White House we got it! Here's our story! Don't give up!

Oct 2019: Married
Feb 2020: PD
September 2020: Biometrics done
Jan 2021: EAD delivered
Feb 2021: Interview
Dec 2021: Sent letter to Senator for assistance
April 2022: Renewed EAD
May 2022: Wrote to USCIS field office
September 2022: Wrote to USCIS field office
Nov 2022: RFE I-693 medical report expired
Dec 2022: Wrote to USCIS field office
Dec 2022: Wrote to White House using portal:
Jan 2023: White House responded by email with case number
Jan 2023: Sent information to address requested in reference to WH by email and mail
Jan 2023: I-485 approved
Feb 2023: 10 year green card delivered!!! Alleluia!

It's been stressful but God always has a plan in HIS time!! Keep the faith and it will happen!
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Travel document
Hi fam quick question is there afilling fee for travel document? My lawyer wanted me to pay him 500$ for filling for me I was previously rejected on the previous one
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Laid off from job have a pending i485 application with EAD in hand
I am indian and was recently laid off in the lay offs going in the Tech sector. I am currently on H1B and my last day at job is Feb 3rd 2023.
Priority date in EB2 is June 28.2014
At this moment, I have a pending i485 application with a EAD card expiring in Sept 2024 and AP expiring in Dec 23.

Have some questions
1. Wanted to check if I continue searching for job beyond 60 days on EAD?
2. Also what would be the requirement for the new company to port over by i485 application?
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Section 8
Good day fam, I would like to ask a quick question! I have AOS pending via marriage and it been almost 5years in marriage, I was denied in 2020 and re-applied again same year, had interview 2021 April but still waiting on decision. I just got to know that my spouse had section 8 in another state to help her mum, Will section 8 affect my pending AOS?
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Obtained US Citizenship through marriage - question about re marrying.
Hi all,

I married a US citizen in 2016 while I was on F1 student visa, and got divorced in 2022. I also got my US Citizenship in 2021.

Last year one of my sisters friends moved to the US for school and is currently under a F1 visa. I started showing her around town and we started hanging out a lot - we seem to be getting along very well which has made me start thinking long term.

Does anyone have any experience on what I should expect immigration-wise in case we ever get married later on? For example if we decide to get married in 2024, what types of issues/obstacles may occur throughout the immigration process? Although I am a US Citizen, I am very worried that I will have issues marrying a F1 student as I obtained my citizenship the same way.

I have evidence to show that my previous marriage was bona-fide (rent lease, checking accounts, health benefits, life insurance, car insurance) in case its a requirement and I m still worried about it.

Any advice or thoughts would be appreciated.
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