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Adjustment of Status - I-485

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Can I re-marry my ex-wife and file for a green card for her?
I obtained my US passport through marriage, but my wife, in the aftermath of the COVID-19 pandemic, decided to end our six-year marriage. Despite all efforts to salvage it, she filed for divorce, leaving me with the shared debts, which I have since managed to handle. It has been two years since our divorce, and I find myself feeling lonely, realizing that I cannot be without a partner. I am 40 years old and have three children from a previous marriage.

During a recent visit to drop off my kids after spending a few days with me, I noticed a positive change in my ex-wife. She appeared younger and more desirable, having overcome the addictions that contributed to our divorce. Now, I am contemplating remarrying her and exploring the possibility of filing for a green card for her to join me in the USA with our children.

Our original marriage, through which I obtained US citizenship, was genuine, spanning seven years with shared experiences. Despite the serious issues that led to our separation, I am seeking advice on the possibility of remarriage and the feasibility of filing a green card for my ex-wife. Your guidance on this decision would be greatly appreciated.
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I-130 & I-485 Approved
Hello Guys,

My I-130 & I-485 just approved today. When should I be expecting the card in the mail?
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I just sent in my package, how long till they give me a PD and case number?
I just sent in my package, how long till they give me a PD and case number? How long does it take nowadays for i130 and 485 to be processed?
What’s your experience like?

Thank you!!
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Interview next week
Hello guys,

Is it advisable to go to the interview with a lawyer? Or before the interview starts is it ok for the lawyer to connect via phone to join the interview? Please advise.
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Green Card Through Registry
I have a friend Mary, who immigrated with her parents in 1955 and has never left the country. She meets I-485 registry eligibility requirements. Father had green card in 1955. Mother was naturalized in 1968. Mary's brother was naturalized in 1975. Mary was not naturalized and is without a green card. She was 18 when her mother was naturalized.
 Her parents are now deceased. Just recently, Mary submitted an FOIA request for immigration info the USCIS may have on her. Mary entered the U.S. legally as a 5 year old with her parents in 1955 but it's TBD if USCIS has an A-number on record associated with her 1955 entry. When the FOIA responds (with or without an A-number), Mary will submit an I485 to request a green card through registry. Question for those who have direct or indirect experience with applying for green card through I-485 via registry: based on the background given on Mary - are there any other forms beside the I-485 that she needs to submit? Any tips on applying for registry via I-485? Thanks for your replies.
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My People, Help me!!!
My Divorce was finalized in Oct 2017 in lagos... And i was given a decree nissi... Long story short USCIS sent an RFE that they cant verify.
I Married my USC spouse in 2018. Rocky marriage and i filed for VAWA in 2021. I received RFE three weeks ago.

Sometime in 2023, i heard about how USCIS was cramping down on divorce decrees from lagos and i decided to do a search to confirm if what i had in my hand is real. I couldn't verify and i went into panic mode. I contacted another law firm back home in lagos and another divorce was done and that one can be verified because it has a new suit number. It is 100% authentic.

My question is should i go ahead and respond to the RFE with my new divorce that i did last year?
Or should i do another one here in the US?
Will these new divorces not invalidated my marriage to my USC spouse?

Please help me.
I have seen people say do the divorce here in the US and remarry your USC spouse,, and refile again. I cant marry him again, I have suffered too much.
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Dallas field office

Regarding: i485 second extention (10 years)

Request date: in 6/2024 (field of office: dallas tx)

Anyone has any update on their case in dallas? Website shows 14 months.
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Uscis tracking unavailable (i485 second extention)

I am trying to track my case, but uscis website shows case number is invalid, has anyone else experienced this and how can you track when you set up an account on the website?

Field of office: dallas, tx
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Need Help please!!!
Hi guys, I’ve been a member here since 2020 when I started my journey with USCIS. I’m married to a US citizen and this year makes it 3 years since the interview and submitted a RFE after interview the same year.
I had my third Work Authorization this year too.
This is really draining us, what else can I do?
My lawyer keeps telling me to be patient as he already sent in an application to review what’s wrong.

Please what else do you guys think we can do to expedite this process. ?
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1-485 - Seeking Advice: Addressing Personal History in an Upcoming Interview
Hello Everyone,

Has anyone been in a similar situation or have an opinion on how to handle this? I'm preparing for an interview with my current wife and am concerned about a particular question. While I was legally married to my previous wife, we were separated and not living together for a long time as we worked on our divorce. During this period, I had a child with my current wife before we got married. If asked to explain this situation during the interview, what would be the appropriate response?

Thank you.
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