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Adjustment of Status - I-485

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Spouse is torturing. Can I file for VAWA with already pending I-485?
Hello everyone

Please hear me out and give some advice. I’m very tensed. So I came to US on B1/B2 visa in Aug/2019 and got married to a US citizen in Dec/2019. I thought I was madly in love. We filed for our I-485 AOS through marriage in Aug/2020. Biometrics done in Feb/2021. I received my EAD-AP combo in April/2021. We had our marriage interview last week but we postponed due to health reasons. Field office is Newark, NJ. Since June we are having very very difficult situations. She is mentally very abusive towards me. She knows I like her and she takes full advantage of me. She likes to completely control me. I don’t have much friends as well here. Now, I got an amazing job offer as I applied after my EAD and after extensive interviews. This offer is more than triple of her salary and she is completely jealous. She is discouraging me to take the job. I don’t want to be dependent on her completely. And I am not losing this job opportunity.

So I read about VAWA case. My interview will be soon rescheduled. So it’s a pending I-485 application. To file for VAWA, do I have to first get divorced from her? Will I lose my EAD then? And subsequently my job? If I transfer to a VAWA application, will I be not able to use the current EAD?
I want to separate from her as I cannot take this abuse but I don’t want to lose this job.

Can someone please please guide?
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Filling for N-400
Hello Everyone
Hope you are safe.

We are filling my wife's N-400 application for naturalization.
Is better to file online through the USCIS's website or by paper mail ?
Also, Can we have list of the document to send with N-400 form.

Thank you
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renewal 1-765
Hi fam,

Would anyone please help with my I-765 renewal. Do i still need to join:
A copy of your Form I-94,
A copy of your last EAD (if applicable)
Two identical passport-style photographs
 Form G-28 (if you are represented by an attorney or accredited representative)

Is there anything else i need to join?

Please advise. Thank you all.
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I485 Approved, Fresno, CA
Hello everyone!! Finally, the wait is over, USCIS has responded to my RFE after 50days, (pls read my previous experiences) I got an email and my I-485case was updated as "New card being produced". I thought they will take forever to respond to my RFE but thank god they have respond within 60 days as they said. My question is how many years of green card they will give? its been 3 and half years since we married, I am expecting 10 years green card and in how many days I will receive the green card? and also my I-130 status still showing interview completed and case must be reviewed, when it will change?
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Refiling after denial
Good day folks,

I had my i485 and i130 denied back in March, 2021 due to issues relating to my previous marriage.

I have since corrected the raised anomaly and refined with my US citizen wife.

However, upon receipt of the notice of acceptance and checking my case status online, I realized my i1485 shows "USCIS is actively reviewing my case and nothing is outstanding at this time"

This got me confused.

I was expecting a notice on biometrics appointment or the use of the biometrics in file..

Does anyone have a similar experience ?

If you have a better explanation, please help a brother out.

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Biometrics appointment for EB3 Adjustment of Status

How long is it usually taking these days to receive biometrics appointment once you file the Change of Status forms? EB3 category. Please post. Thanks.
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Any updates from Seattle filers?
Hello All, Seattle filers,
My application was received in April 2020, and ready to schedule since July 2020. No updates since then.
Any updates from Seattle filers who filed application in 2019? Can you please share your time line?
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Interview Cancelled and Notice Ordered Fresno CA
Hi ,
My PD is July 3 , 2020( San Jose Field Office) and got interview scheduled on Aug 5th ,2021 but it was cancelled on August 17th although I haven't received the notice but anyone recently got their interview cancelled and rescheduled at Fresno CA ? how much time it took ?

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Hello all, I need your help and honest advise. Last year I filed for VAWA (long story). While I filed for vawa I also filed for renewal of my EAD which was almost due. It's been almost 11 months now and the last update online has been the same since October 2020, which says "case was updated to show fingerprints blah blah blah." When can I actually expect my EAD to be renewed? I need to a job to maintain my lawyer fees and other regular basic amenities. I might be out of a job soon due to the expiration of EAD and this renewal is taking forever. Is there something I am not doing right?? It has been a torturous adventure for me.

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Expedite EAD for I140 application
Hi all,
I heard that we can expedite EAD, actually I have applied for the EAD last year (this is my 3rd time extension) and not yet received it, I have done couple of service requests as well but no luck.
Now my card expired 5 months back. really horrible situation for me for the last six months I dont have any income source, really hard to survive for me and my family, kindly help me. anyone done this process and succeeded? if yes please let me know. what are documents we need to submit and how to start.

Thanks in advance.
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