Submitting I-864 (Affidavit of Support) - NVC/USCIS Processing
Where and when to submit the affidavit of support depends upon whether the person will be getting an immigrant visa or filing for an adjustment of status:
  • Immigrant Visa / Consular Processing:
    When NVC mails you Form I-864, complete it and mail it back to NVC along with supporting documents. Follow the instructions provided by NVC as they may be different in some cases. The instructions on when and where to submit Form I-864 are included in the information packet that is mailed to you with Form I-864.

    Once NVC receives your affidavit of support form(s) and supporting documents, it will review them for technical completeness and correctness. If any of the form(s) are technically not correct or complete, the NVC will ask the petitioning sponsor to correct and complete the applicable form a second time. It will also explain what is lacking in the previously submitted form(s). Once NVC receives your correct and complete affidavit of support form(s), it will be sent to the appropriate U.S. embassy or consulate, along with the immigrant visa petition.

    When you send the affidavit of support form to NVC, make sure to send a copy to the alien relative to carry it to the interview.

    If you are not asked to submit the affidavit of support at NVC, provide it to the intending immigrant for presenting it to the consular officer at the time of the interview. This is particularly true in the cases where the petition was filed abroad at the U.S. embassy or consulate. In this case, the NVC will not review it as it reviews affidavit of support forms only for the cases filed with the USCIS in the U.S.

    In case the consular office asks the applicant to get a joint sponsor, the joint sponsor should send the completed I-864 form directly to the applicant, and not to the NVC. The applicant should submit that I-864 to the consular officer for review.

  • Adjustment of Status:
    Submit an affidavit of support and the supporting documents along with the adjustment of status application. For privacy reasons, the sponsor may enclose these documents in a sealed envelope marked "Form I-864: To Be Opened Only by a U.S. Government Official".

Affidavit of support can not be submitted electronically.

I-864 for Multiple Intending Immigrants
Here the affidavit of support will mean Form I-864 (one or more, if there are joint sponsors) and Form I-864A (in case of including resources of household member(s).

For each Form I-130 (or I-140, in some cases) petition filed, separate original affidavit of support is required. E.g., if you filed two Form I-130 petitions for each of your parents, you would require two original affidavits of support and copies of supporting documents, each set for each parent.

However, if there are any additional family members immigrating along with a primary applicant, you would submit a photocopy (or original, if you wish) of affidavit of support for each derivative immigrant, as long as these dependents are immigrating at the same time as the principal immigrant or within six months of the time he/she immigrates to the U.S. A separate set of supporting documents are not required for derivative immigrants. Copies may be used only for those dependents whose names appear on the principal's original forms.
E.g., if you are sponsoring your brother who is married and has two children, an original affidavit of support would be required for your brother along with the supporting documents. For the dependents, his wife and two children, you would send a copy of the affidavit of support (one for each person). Additional copies of supporting documents are not required.

Family members who travel later (follow-to-join) will require one complete set of the documents prepared in support of the principal applicant's I-864.

Expiration of I-864
In general, the Form I-864 must be submitted within one year of the sponsor's signature. If it is submitted after one year, a new I-864 will be required.

After the Form I-864 has been submitted to and accepted, it does not expire. However, if the supporting documents are more than 12 months old, the consular officer will ask for new supporting documents, such as the most recent federal income tax returns (1040) and a current employment letter.