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I-751 Approval VERMONT!
Hi everyone! I’m sooooo happy! I thought Vermont Service Center (EAC) was not as fast as Texas, I was sooo anxious and hopeless. Today I’m in SHOCK!


July 2nd 2019: application received
August 6th 2019: Fingerprints taken
May 28th 2020: New Card is being produced

No RFE, no interview and no other update after fingerprints taken just Card is being produced.

Documents submitted:

•Marriage Certificate
• Tax reports with W2s included from year 2015, 2016, 2017 and 2018.
• Joint saving account statements (we opened it in 2015 and sent the last 12 months statements).
• Previous apartment lease And 1 letter from my current landlord stating we reside here and that we have a month to month agreement with utilities included (we live in a basement).
• My child’s custody court order (I have a child from a previous relationship if I should call it like that). I married my husband when my child was around 10 months and I wanted to show this guy is not involved in our lives and also pays child support.
• Pictures of a trip together to the Caribbean with family
• Other pics (20 total I think)
• We have no car insurance together because his driving record is the worst and messes up my quote so we have it separately and didn’t send.
• No life insurance yet, working on it.
• No medical insurance
• Forgot to send driver License

I’m applying for citizenship beginning of June so God help me.

Thank you everyone for posting your experiences, it helped me tremendously! I’ll be around.
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Pending I751 filed from Miami
Hey guys,
I submitted my my I751 application in Dec 2018, so it's been 17 months now since the documents were mailed and the receipt notice was received.

My case has been transferred back and forth between four USCIS offices, and now it's back in their Texas office. I've done my biometrics twice already, USCIS never asked for any additional evidences (we provided a lot of documents initially) , and yet my case is still pending and because the processing time keeps extending, my can never make it to the point when I can submit the inquiry "Outside the processing time".

In Dec 2019, I submitted my N400 application and did the biometrics in Jan 2020. In fact, I had my citizenship interview already scheduled for end April, but it got cancelled because of the covid19 lockdown.

Does anyone know if there's any connection / correlation between these two cases (I751 and N400) , and if my I751 might be pending because I already filed for citizenship? Or these are completely standalone cases, and my I751 is pending due to its own (unknown) reasons.

Thanks for everyone's help!
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Potomac interview scheduled

I spoke to uscis and they told me that my case will be transferred to my local office and that I will have an interview but my current status is ”case transferred to the new service centre and new service center has jurisdiction over your case”

I hope that this is not the case because a few times they gave me a different answers when I called them.

Do you know what's the current status of the interview for i 751 and what is the efficiency rate? I heard that due covid 19 they avoiding interviews. Is this correct?

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May 28 2019 application received
6 photos
1 year incomplete tax return
Health and car insurance
401k beneficiary
Envelope showing both names and address
Debit and card account
July 1 2019 biometric
April 1 2020 RFE
3 years complete tax return and IRS transcripts
3 years Debit and credit card statement every other month
Joint Cell phone account and calling records
2 affidavits from friends
Copy of both drivers license showing address
Different envelope with address
Lease and lease extension from time of marriage
More photos like 15

May 1 2020 RFE received
May 28 2020 Card ordered.

Thank God. Whole process took exactly one year.

Now I have a question for you guys can I apply for citizenship even though it’s not 3 years yet since I initially became a permanent resident?
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My friend’s timeline
Filed on Sep 2020
Fingerprints on Nov 2020
Approved on May 27 2020
Texas Service Center
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I-751 pending since sept, 2017
Hi Guys, has anyone had their case be pending for close to 3 years? I’ve done inquiries with USCIS directly and through governors office and keep getting the same response that they are reviewing it and apology for any inconvenience. I’m still married and just trying to understand what I can do to get an actual response rather than just a message that it is being reviewed with no end date.


Sept, 2017 - case received in Vermont
Nov, 2017 - biometrics done
Nov, 2018 - case transferred to Texas

Multiple inquiries from me since then, but no concrete answer. Is it even worth waiting for anything at this point? Is there anything I can do to get a response?
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What's up with USCIS office in California
I'm kind of concerned, what happened to California Service Center. It doesn't seem like anything is moving down there. I see so many approvals from Texas and other states, but not California. Hmmmmm.
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Approved; Houston Center
Received date: 7/22/2019
Biometrics date: 11/20/2019
Approved date: 05/20/2020

After 10 months I am finally approved. My card should come in the mail today or tomorrow according to the tracking status. I didn’t have to do an interview. Good luck to you all.
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New Card Is Being Produced I751 - Texas Service Center
Hi everyone,

Application received: September 2019
Biometrics: November 2019
Case transferred to local office: May 06th 2020-updated on but not on egov
Card Production: May 27th 2020-updated on egov but not

Divorce waiver, no rfe, no interview

Good luck everyone!
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About interview
I heard applying for N-400 while I-751 is pending means interview for I-751 automatically?
Is this true ?
Please share experience
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