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B1/B2 rejected by strange reply
After telling My experience and salary VO is told we cannot process this time

Go and check with your HR and they can help you on next time

Anyone faced similar issue?
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B1 visa rejected chennai
I had been for visa interview in Chennai on 08/28/2018

I was rejected, i had applied for attending my company's annual conference ( ****** world)

My experience

VO : Good Morning
me : Good Morning

VO: your passport please
me : handed over the passport

VO: what is the purpose of ur visit
me: i am attending the company's annual conference

VO: where it is held
me: SFO

VO: for how many days your traveling
me: 2 weeks

VO: are u traveling alone?

VO: are you going to present anything?
me : No

VO: what is ur role in the conference?
me: i will be attending & meeting my colleagues

VO: what is ur current profile?
me: Senior Network engineer

VO: whats ur job role?
me: handle network infrastructure

VO: network issues?
me: Yes

VO: how long you have been working in ur present comp?
me : 3 years

VO: whats ur current sal/annum?
me : 1* lakhs/annum

VO: have you visited any other country?
me: yes, Egypt, Maldives & Singapore

VO: are u married?
me: yes

VO: sorry at this point you are eligible for current immigration , handed me 214(B)
me : thank you

Really i dont know what went wrong.. i a planning to re apply again in 2 weeks.

any suggestions?


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Interview City
Hi Friends,

My B1 visa was rejected in 1st attempt at Chennai on 24th August.
I am planning to apply again next month.

Will there be a difference if I apply through another city, say Hyderabad? or should I continue with Chennai? which would be the better option?

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B1 visa approved
Thanks guys who helped me through IIMMI help.

Today I got approved my US visa.

Me: Good Morning.(smile on face)

Vo: Good Morning. your Passport please .

Vo : Purpose of your visit.

Me: I represent xx company
vo: ohh xx company

Me:said the purpose and i will be there for 9 working days. and I have to return back since my wife's pregnancy is due on October first week .

VO: what is your current designation?

Me: Sr mechanical Engineer.

Vo: what is your experience in xx company.?

Me: 8 months , but my total experience is 8 years.
vo: ok started typing something.

vo : Have you been traveled out side India for business meeting.?
me: no
vo : Have you been traveled out side India?

Me: No. Not yet

started typing extensively on PC. I said your visa is approved.

One tip always keep a smiling face what ever it is and greet vo.

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Second time visa got approved.
Hello Friends, i got some valid inputs while reading the immihelp experience, first time i was confident that i will get my visa approved but unfortunately it did not happen, as i was not in detail answering to the questions asking the consulate, second time with in 2 weeks i have applied and got an appointment. This time i was confident while talking to the consulate and explained the purpose of my visit and the importance in detail. She immediately approved my Visa. Be confident and face them with smile with clarity in speech which will make us to get our visa approved. First time when i applied it was regular questions what they have asked what i see from most of the experience listed out immihelp, same questions but second time they asked my purpose and i have explained clearly to them. Thanks for immihelp for having this site to have more idea to get an exposure while attending the visa interview.
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L1B Individual petition approved
Intially my company filed L1B individual petition to USCIS, later raised B1.extaly few day back my B1 rejected under 214b. Does it will impact on my L1 interview ?
I have 3 years experience in total. My specilized knowledge is genuine.
Please share your thoughts
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B1 Rejected wtih 214(B)
Me - GM

VO - Purpose of Visit
Me - Employer is conducting Business meetings and workshops. This meeting is to .... (VO asked the next one.. stopped there)

VO - Designation
Me - Answered

VO - Salary
Me - Answered

VO - Stay and Duration
Me - Piscataway, New Jersey (pause) 1 week

VO - Have u been to any other place outside india
Me - yes, thailand and thats on a honeymoon

VO - gave a 214(B)

Was all well prepared to take it. Went in blazers / formals
What could be the reason for rejection?
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B1 Visa
Hi, I have filled the Ds160 Application on 8th Aug...& I mentioned the intended travel date is 30th Aug but my interview is on 31st Aug ...

this is going to be any issue during Visa Interview ?? Please advise ..
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B1/2 Visa Approved!
Thanks everyone for sharing their experiences, that really help to prepare. Here is mine.
My B1/2 was rejected 12 years back, when I just started my career. After that I have traveled to many countries which helps to build your case strong. But most important it is your Confidence to convince VO that matters a lot!
To be frank I was little nervous because my previous visa rejection, but I was confidant as I know all I have to do is tell him Truth.

If you are travelling to Mumbai, don’t reach too early, max may be 1 hr early. I reached 45 mins early and was asked to stand in a 2nd Queue. 1st queue was for earlier slot.

ME - Hi Sir, Good Morning. How are you doing today?
VO - Good Morning, Passport Please
ME - Sure (Passed on my Passport)
VO - Purpose of Visit?
ME - To attend business meetings with difference stakeholders and discuss to be business processes going ahead for new PPM Suite (I was looking into his eyes, although VO was typing as I was speaking)
VO - Ok. How long?
ME - 2 weeks Sir
VO - Going through my passport and looking Mexico visa, you have traveled to Mexico?
ME - Yes sir, I have been to Australia, Japan, Malaysia and Hong Kong as well.
VO - What is your designation?
ME - Lead Business Analyst
VO - When did you join current company?
ME - 1.5 months sir, but before joining my current company I had 12 years of experience.
VO - 12 yrs?
ME - Yes, Sir
VO - Again looking into system, have you been to Australia (Australia issues eVisa so there is no stamp on Passport)
ME - Yes sir, I have been to Australia
VO - Ok, Your Visa is approved. Passes me a page which has details on how you will receive your passport.
ME - Thanks you sir

Walks Happily.

He did not ask me any document. But I was carrying all documents with proper labeling, just in case I was asked.

All the Best!
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B1/B2 Visa Mumbai
Thanks to everyone for posting their experience. I had already travelled to US last year on H-3 visa, so i had travel history. Also my company is a reputed MNC. Below is my interview details.

VO - Good Morning. Passport please.
Me - GM sir. Here you go.
VO - What is the purpose of your visit?
Me - I have a series of meetings with my stakeholders to define future roadmap of our work that i can do when back to India
VO - How long do you intend to stay?
Me - Sir, 4 weeks.
VO - Sorry, 4 weeks? Almost a month! What is it that your are going to do for a month.
Me: Sir I will be meeting my team and all other teams we work with to understand the best practices they use and gain synergy out of that meeting.
VO (continuously typing something) - But why do you need to be there for a month?
Me - Sir, we initially planned for 3 weeks. But there are few senior people travelling from London in the last week. So we decided that i should meet them as well.
VO - How is this visit of yours different from when you last visited?
Me - Sir, this is for meetings. Last time I went to training on specific products and applications used by our team
VO - Ok, so you would be meeting for discussing products and services
Me - No sir. For discussing project requirements and strategies.
VO - Ok. Your visa is approved.

He didn't ask me for any documents. But make sure to carry all of them, specially carry your employment contract letter, invitation letter from company and last 3 months of payslips apart from everything else, just in case.
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