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B1 visa approved on 2nd attempt
I applied for B1 visa last year in october 2017 for visiting business conference of professional society but I was nervous. Last time I was observing all the counters and finding best consulate to have interview with. While standing in a line I found a lady talking with good interest to one mechanical engineering student and his VISA got approved. I thought I should get that interviewer if possible. When my turn came there were two windows got empty and one was of the counseler which I talked above. I went there and stood there but the other officer called me back to another counter, the officer I didn't like. She asked me few question first few went well with confidence. then as I was nervous I fumbled on 4th question (How much is your annual salary, I had memorised monthly salary) and I gave her document from my office stating salary even though she didn't ask me. then I was handed 214(b)

2nd attempt: 20th September 2018

This time I prepared myself well practiced all the questions mentioned in this website by self recording my answers and improving on my mistakes.
On the day before interview I practiced the memorised answers in front of mirror of hotel that gave me more confident.

My turn was at 9:30am I reached US consulate at 8:30am and were called in at 8:45am. During wait time I made up my mindset whomsoever
is the interviewer I am going to give my best answers, it doesn't matter whoever is the interviewer.My turn came at 10:30 am.

Following questions asked:

1) Where are you travelling?
A. Zachary, Louisiana.

2) Purpose
A. To attend internal meetings along with shortpump design training and to discuss about capaciy... he cut in between

3) what were you doing in kenya?
A. To attend business conference of NGO

4) What is your monthly salary?
A. 3X K

5) Does anyone in your family stay in US?
A. no

6)Is your company paying for your trip?
A. Yeah

7) For how much time are you travelling to US?
A. 3 weeks

8) Why so long?
A. The upcoming project is bit complex and me along with all the stakeholders are going to have detailed discussions on capacity planning, cut in between....

VO: Your visa is approved taking his hand back with passport.

ME: Surprised and said sorry

VO: Your visa is approved sir.

Thank you

No docs asked.


1) Prepare thoroughly by recording all the answers to questions given in this website ( I rehersed for almost 100 interviews). Not just read the answers. You will find your mistakes in recording and improve upon them.
2) Then when all the answers are finalized practice infront of mirror.
3) This youtube video was much helpful:
4) Have faith watch this video on youtube:
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B1 Visa got approved
Thanks Immihelp :)

He dint ask me much questions.
1) Where are you traveling?
2) Reason of traveling. Duration of travel. Travel Plan.
3) Is this first time to USA?
4) What is my role in Company?
5) Monthly Salary
6) He also asked for previous travel to abroad, as I have mentioned my previous travel.

That's it. He said okay, your visa is approved :)

I think.. main thing is you should be very much confident. Say same thing which is written in DS-160
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B1 Approved - Any idea
I have got my Visa approved today, can anybody tell how many days it will take to the visa stamp?
when can I expect my password
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2 time b1 got rejected
Interview location : Chennai (Location does not matter for getting visa)

I applied for first time was 28 Aug 2018, It was all normal question what we find any typical b1 interview visa,

My rejection reason is, when VO asked my experience i told my latest company experience which is 10 month (i don't know why i said that but it happens sometime), and next second realized i did mistake and i should have said my overall experience as 5 years by that time he already given 214b.

2nd time:
i was little familiar with process and have some confident i should make through this time and then again got rejected, i appear for interview just after 21 days on sept 20th but date do not matter here. almost all consular were seating in same counter which i found last time and again i was sent same consular who interviewed me last time but when my turn comes he said, i am closing this counter move to next available then i was sent to some other counter.

this interview went very long, he started with normal question go in deeper slowly and when i explained him my role and responsibility as Application Technology owner then he said and i quote "Your job description and work sound like more of manager have to do or some senior technical guy, but you as Developer is doing that". that's it, he took around 1 minute before giving me this answer just scanning through my profile till then. i had proof that i am doing same job what i have informed but he did not ask it.

He was courteous to say the rejection reason, never mind world is big. currently i have no plan of reapplying as i am tired with the process so need some break.

Wish you all the very best! if you get visa be thankful and if you don't just be patient.
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B1 Visa got Rejected
Summary of interview what yesterday i had in Chennai

Me : Hi Sir good morning
Counsellor : Hi, How are you ?
Me : good and handover the passport
Counsellor : Why are you going for US ?
Me : I want to meet my customer and understanding there requirement
Counsellor : What is your job and responsibility
Me : I am Senior Mechanical Engineer and my responsibility is project mangement
Counsellor : Which company you are working
Me : XXX
Counsellor : Whare are you going in US ?
Me : Indiana , Syemour , and i submitted xxx company invitation from US
Counsellor: What are you doing in xxx Company in US
Me : We have some projects from xxx US company, i need to understand and study there requirements
Counsellor : What is your salary
Me : 65K INR /month
Counsellor : How long you will be Staying in US
Me : About 18 weeks
Counsellor :(he is tying something for few minutes )You are not qualified for this visa, and he is given me 214(b) and told contact your HR department,

Please anyone suggest me whats goes wrong.
Now can i apply for the second time immediately ? could you please let me know the probability of rejection if i apply again same reason
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B1 Visa interview experience
Hi All,

Today I had my B1 visa interview at Chennai consulate.

I'm 26years old, MBA graduate with overall 4.3years work experience. I have no travel history to US before, applying for the first time.

Here is how the interview went

VO: Give me your passport
ME: Handed over my passport

VO: What is the purpose you are traveling to US
ME: I am traveling to attend the *** conference & expo

VO: What is your role in this conference?
ME: Explained in short and crisp way

VO: Are you traveling alone?
ME: Yes

VO: Have you been out of India before?
ME: Yes I've been to Malaysia once

VO: What is your title in this Organization?
ME: Inside sales executive

VO: How much do you earn annually?
ME: ***LPA

VO: What is your overall work experience?
ME: 4.3years

VO: Handsover the 214(b), told me sorry you are not eligible for immigarant visa this time.
ME: thank you and walked away.

P.S No documents asked during the interview process.

Though I kept my invite letter, and all key documents upfront visible to his eyes he didnt even care to look at it. I have no clue what went wrong. I assume it would be because my income and work experience is not conviencing from the VO point of view.

Does anyone experience the same case? if so, what is the best way to consider before re-applying.


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My spouse's B1/B2 visa is getting rejected

I have travelled to US in the past for business meetings.

I went with a plan of 2 months. I had meeting with my client's customers in different states. However, due to unavoidable circumstances, our customer meeting got delayed frequently and was not able to complete the trip on time.

First, I was asked by my client to extend the trip for one more month. Then, again for a couple of months. I have request letters from my clients for my extension requests.

Finally I returned after 5 months. Please note, my I-97 is approved for 6 months in my immigration. So, legally, I did not offended the law.

Now, this year, I am asked to travel again to US. This time, I am planning to take my wife to US. This is how her first interview went.

SPOUSE: Good Morning
VO: Good Morning

VO: Passport please
SPOUSE: *provided her passport*

VO: Why are you going to US?
SPOUSE: My husband is going on for business trip to US, I am accompanying him

VO: How long is your trip?
SPOUSE: 6 weeks

VO: Have your husband visited US before?

VO: Do you have your husband passport?
SPOUSE: * Handover my passport *

The VO officer looked into my passport for a couple of minutes, typed in the system for next few minutes.

VO: Sorry, your visa is rejected. *Handovers 214(b) form*

I am planning to apply again this month. However, I would like to know if my travel history is affecting my spouse's visa.

If that is the case, how should I avoid this case to get visa for my spouse.

Please help.
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B1 VISA apply time period
Hi friends

please suggest me..which time period(month)is better to apply for B1 visa to avoid rejection possibilities
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Travel Information: Doubt
Hello All,
Under Travel Information:

 """""have you ever been refused a us visa or been refused admission to the US or withdrawn your application for admission at the port of entry?"""" "

do we need to mention previous VISA details here?
My B1 rejected in the past.
Its urgent, plz reply.
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B1/B2 rejected Chennai
i had been for B1 visa interview in chennai us consulate on 08/31/2018

my experience is as below

VO: good morning
ME:good morning

VO: Passport please
ME: handed over the passport

VO:Purpose of visit
ME:to meet multiple stakeholders and clients and to participate in business meetings.

VO: what is your project about?
ME: explained the project and added these tow lines "we want to migrate the data to cloud currently so i am travelling to gather the requirements so that i can come back and implement the same in offshore with team members".

VO: whats your experience with the current employer?
ME:2.7 years.

VO :where are you travelling?
ME:told the destination.

VO :Indian salary in LPA?
ME: 4.6 LPA

VO:what is your designation?
ME:System analyst

VO: have you traveled to any other country for business?

VO: what is the duration of your stay?
ME:2 weeks

She was typing for a long time and rejected my visa.
I have overall 2.7 years experience and single.

can anyone tell me on what basis they have rejected my application and where did i go wrong in convincing them?
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