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EAD (WorkPermit)

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Long Delays Causing Great Stress
Hi, I have had nothing but delay and heartache since applying for I485 with a I-765 EAD Application last year.
Im almost at breaking point.

Date Filed: 6th July 2020
Date Acknowledged: Mid August 2020
Moved Address: Sept 2020

No Updates Until Mid January 2021 where they sent Biometric Appointment, but for old address on other side of the country.
Request to reschedule, based on form stating reschedule to occur within 30 days.

No response since then. Raised 2 Service Requests a month apart. Zero Reponse to either, and when I called last week, was told to wait till this week to apply for a 3rd.
Processing times for 765 then shifted so I am now back in expected processing times of 11.5 months, so I cannot raise my 3rd request to have my case checked by tier 2 SR.

Im broken currently, as I cannot help support our newborn and my wife, who although financially can take care of us, is understandably struggling with taking no time off for our child due to this. When I placed the forms, processing time was 5 months max, plenty of time for me to go back to work before our child arrived. Now I feel they will be 1 before I get any response from USCIS allowing me to work.

If anyone has a suggestion of what to do, I would very much appreciate it.
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EAD without Biometrics
My case was received in February 2021. Can I get my EAD Card, even if I didn't get Biometrics Appointment yet?
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USCIS Electronic Immigration System (ELIS) - Acknowledgement Delay

I have received the acknowledgement for my EAD & AP (filed 3 months after AOS)

Date filed: Last week of Jan 2021
Date received: First week of Feb 2021
Date of Acknowledgement: Mid March 2021

There is a delay of 45 days approximately.
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Lost EAD and also time to renew
Hi guys, I am hoping you can help me out with this. I lost my EAD card but it’s also time to renew it because it expires soon. Can I submit an application for renewal and application for replacement at the same time? Thanks!
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L2 EAD Wait Times - Vermont SC
Hi all,

I'm curious if anyone else is in a similar position to me or maybe has just received their card and can tell me their receipt notice date?

I applied for renewal exactly six months prior to expiry, receipt date 1/15. My card expires 7/21.I've looked at the processing times online but does anyone have any real examples out there? Are Vermont going quickly or slowly?

My L2 is due for renewal 12/21/21. I know that when my EAD gets here it will only be valid until that date, so before it even expires this time around I will be applying for an extension, pretty much immediately after it's arrival - best case scenario. Worst case scenario it doesn't arrive by July, and I am out of work twice, once in July and once in December if things are going slowly.

I will be applying in country for my L2 extension, which I understand is taking quite a long time at the moment? Can I apply for the EAD concurrently? Will they be approved together?

Feeling hopeless currently at the thought of a long period of time where I'm not very employable!

Good luck to everyone else out there who's waiting on their card!
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EAD timeline
Hi all,
Is there an approximate time between the time of biometrics and getting the EAD card? I filed I-485 and I-765 at the same time with a family base (I-130).
Here is my timeline and place of processing.
National Benefits Center location
March 17, 2021 Case Was Updated To Show Fingerprints Were Taken
October 13, 2020 We received your Form I-765, Application for Employment Authorization.

Thank you!
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EAD Renewal
Hello Everyone,

I sent in my EAD renewal last month and was delivered 02/13/2021 to Chicago Lockbox, it is more than 4 weeks, and no receive notice or anything from USCIS. Please if you have any experience or idea of what is going on please share with me. Is this normal? Please

Thank you
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JOB change on EAD after i-485 pending for 180 days
Hi, Please advise on my situation below.

My client company is offering me a position that is one level up than what I am currently doing with them on contract (Working onsite with client).
I am a product engineer and the position offered is for a lead engineer role. Position offered is in the same engineering department (as I am in today) with similar job duties (more duties / responsibilities than today).

What shall I consider before making this switch?
Do I have to inform USCIS of the intent to change job and get some approval?? before changing job?
How this job change can negatively affect my 1-485 approval?

I have valid EAD and i-485 has been pending for more that 180 days. I will be moving from H1B to using EAD with this JOB change
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Hi, this website has been helpful and supportive and I want to share my timeline experience, if useful.

Jul 28, 2020: Filed marriage-based I-485
Dec 22, 2020: Biometrics in New York City
Dec 31, 2020: Case was updated to show fingerprints were taken
Mar 8, 2021: New card is being produced
Mar 10, 2021: Case was approved
Mar 11, 2021: Card was mailed to me
Mar 12, 2021: Combo card in hand.

Note: Waiting for the interview to be scheduled.
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I765 1st renew expedite request (successfully)
Having I-485 case must be reviewed after interview was completed is a nightmare. But few good things gained (myself)
1) Amended tax year 2019 from ITIN to SSN >>filed taxes deductible all stimulus relief funds 1, 2 and possibly.
2) New EAD under new legal name
3) Amended SSN

EAD expiry 04/12/2021, expedite 02/20/21 approved 03/12/21. reason expedited>>name change and employer required name matches SSN and Passport

AP expiry 08/28/2021

This thread(EAD) wouldn’t be here if approx. 3-4 months is for the processing time of I-485 and all other PR cases.

May luck n successful be with you all.
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