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EAD (WorkPermit)

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EAD Timeline

Married to USC, Center NBC
12/16 - My PD
01/16 - Biometrics
02/08 - RFE on i4865
02/25 - RFE documents received
04/06 - 1st Expedite Request (Denied the same day)
05/12 - 2nd Expedite Request - (financial loss reason as I currently have a job, my EAD expires on June 4th)
05/15 - I-485 Status updated to "Ready to be scheduled for Interview"
05/16 - i-765 Status updated to "New Card is being Produced"

Can anyone please tell me how long would it take for me to receive my card in hand as I only have two weeks until my current EAD expires?
Also, If I don't hear anything for the next two days then should I call and follow-up?
Really appreciate your help!
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EAD Timeline
Hello all,

So I've been blessed enough to get an update to my case on may 15th. They have finally approved my i-765 application and I wanted to share my timeline with those of you that are checking their status on the daily. Though, I do not have my EAD in hand, I just figured I'd brighten someone's day.

I-130/ i-765/ i- 485

PD: 01/24/20
Receipt: 02/02/20
Biometrics App: 02/18/20
Fingerprints Applied to apps: 02/18/20
Expedite request -financial loss due to covid: 04/14/20
Expedite Request Denied: 05/01/20
New Card Ordered: 05/14/20
I-765 Case Approved: 05/15/20

Active Days: 114 as of today, 05/18/20

So those January Filers might be getting some good news soon enough.

I cannot wait to go back to work. I've got my job lined up, just need the EAD to arrive.
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I485/EAD Processing time
I applied for a concurrent I485/I130/I131/I765 on 01/30/2020. I have completed bio-metrics on feb 27,2020. I-765 updated for biometrics on March 1, 2020, I-131 updated for biometrics on March 3, 2020. Then received RFE on March 14,2020, submitted response by March 30, 2020. Status shows I485 "received response to RFE". No update since then.
Can someone please share if the next step here is to see "ready for interview", or can it be EAD approved? Also, anyone else with a similar timeline, who has received their EAD?
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My service center NBC. Pd 16/19
Biometric: 01/08/2020
Ready for interview 01/24
 Nothing for 2months
04/20 expedite request for prove..
04/28 fax all the prove of financial hardship
05/11 card is being produced
05/12 case approved
05/13 card mail to me
05/16 card delivered in hand..
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Do not know what to do anymore - I765 EAD
Hi guys,

Service center: potomac

November 12/2019 - Case received by USCIS
February 12/2020 - Reply to RFE received by USCIS
April 12/2020 - Deadline passed of decision making / Out of processing time

It it unbelievable what a chaotic process USCIS processes have become. I have been waiting for over 6 months, the deadline at potomac is maximum of 5 months. I have called with USCIS on a weekly basis, the congressman is involved and tried his best, all they say is that my case is under active review with an adjucation officer, the final stage. This case has been with this officer for over 1,5 month, the deadline to respond by them is 30 days, so almost double that deadlin. I have absolutely no clue what to do anymore. My job offers have been retracted, also because of covid unfortunately, and my visa expires end of october, question is even if an extension would be processed on a timely basis.

Just wanted to share this story with you guys, I truly hope for the best soon and for everybody. But it is super frustrating that processing times have doubled or even more in just a matter of time!

Please stay safe everybody!
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August Filer
Anyone here with case still pending since August? please share

My case has been pending for 272 days now. All requests from Congressman and Ombudsman come back with generic responses stating that "case us under active review"

Not sure how much longer I need to wait...
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Regarding Approved Initial EAD on Asylum & SSN
Hi, I am on a CPT work visa with having SSN already & I received my EAD today via Asylum,

I would like to know will I be receiving another SSN in a couple of days or Can I continue with my current SSN with a new EAD work visa..?

I applied for EAD on February 3rd, 2020, It took more than 100days to get me the EAD, Its Nebraska Center. All the best to others who are waiting.

Please share your experience & Knowledge which might help me.
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No update since biometrics

Married to USC from B1

I485 and I765

October 30, 2019 mailed application
November 1, 2019 priority date
December 2, 2019 biometric appointment
December 3, 2019 case was updated to show finger print was taken

***165 days since last status change

I130 and I131

October 30, 2019 mailed application
November 1, 2019 priority date/case received

***197 days since last status change
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February fillers please share experience
HI there,

I am c8 category and filed for renewal on 2/11/2020. My expedite requests were denied and it has been over 3 months and no card yet. Service center is Potomac.

Please share your experience for the same center and dates.
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EAD Experience, Waiting for SSN/SSC
We tried expediting our case twice and both times it got denied, we finally reached out to the congressman and his secretary helped us out and a week later

05/04/2020- status changed to We Ordered Your new Card
05/05/2020- We Approved Your Form I-765/ When we called USCIS they said that this same day our SSN application was mailed to the SSA
05/06/2020- We Mailed Your New Card
05/07/2020- Post Office Picked up Mail
05/11/2020- We Received His EAD Card

Called Local Social Security Office everyday after that and they keep telling us that they can’t find his information in their system and when we explain that we applied through USCIS they think I’m crazy like how do they not know that!
Hoping by Next Week Monday or Wednesday to either receive it or get some comfort knowing they have him in their system so we’re waiting Once Again.
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