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EAD (WorkPermit)

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EAD Expedite Request
I filed for expedite since my current work permit expires next month. This is for GC c9 category; it shows it's just been approved on May 3rd; I asked USCIS they say I still need to wait for the case to be approved to get the new EAD card. Does any one know how long this is going to take?
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Biometric Done. When will EAD arrive?
I am on L1-A visa status currently. I got my Biometrics done this week. When should I expect my EAD(I-765) to arrive?
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What's going on with USCIS delays of everything? Potomac Service Center (J-2 EAD renewal)
We're currently in the process of re-newing our J-2 EAD again. (I know there's usually a couple of other J-2s in the same boat around this time, though I think we lost on of the regulards, JMG-J2-Canadian). Last year was unexpected smooth sailing and we received the new card in under 2 months. This year, we submitted the I-765 package a couple weeks later we would've liked due to unforeseen circumstances. However, even 2 weeks later then when the mail was received at the Phoenix lockbox (tracking receipt), we still have not received a Notice of Action confirming receipt. They usually transfer J-2 applications to Potomac, but we never received the Notice from Potomac later than 1 week to 10 days after we mailed everything off. They usually cash in their check immediately as well.

So far, crickets. And it's making me VERY nervous, considering that processing times are stated at 3.5 to 6 months for Potomac. Our current EAD expires July 31. Two years ago that was missed by THREE days because the card was stuck in the mail and caused all kinds of headaches.

Any fellow J-2s?
Does anyone know whether delays in receiving the Notice of Action with our case number as well as them cashing in the check actually means a delay in actual processing of our renewal application, too?
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Lost EAD by USPS. Track your EAD and wait for a mail person the day documents should arrive!!!
I filed my AOS, EAD and advance parole in early July, 2020.
January 8: I had biometrics.
March 19: EAD and advance parole were approved
March 25: USPS tracking says EAD was delivered even though I didn't receive anything. The USCIS website shoed that it was delivered on March 22nd, though it was odd, because the website also showed that USPS picked up the card on March 23rd.
5 days later on March 30th I still did not receive anything, I opened a case for a lost mail in USPS. Luckily, the delivered it to me the next day on March 31.
It was stressful a couple of days. I thought I would need to start my application over.

You can get a tracking number on the USCIS website, track the mail continuously and wait for a delivery man in person!
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L2 Extension Grace Period
Hello Friends,

Is a L2 dependent allowed to stay in US while his L2 Visa extension application is pending with USCIS? If yes, how many he/she is allowed to stay in US after the visa expires during the pending application.

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I-765 Renewal NBC
Hello I had a question about the I-765 renewal process

I’m currently waiting for my I-485 Interview and my current EAD expires on June 2021. I sent a renewal form back in January 2021 6 months in advance before my current one expires and the USCIS sent me a receipt notice as well back in January.
It’s been 3 months since then and there was no other news or update about the renewal.
My question is would there be another step like waiting for a biometrics appointment or do I just wait till they approve it?
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EAD renewal timeline - RECEIPT and CARD - SHARE your experiences
I will be 180 days away from my current EAD card expiration date. I know I can renew it then and this will be my 2nd renewal. On my 1st renewal, I applied in late July 2020 and received it in early October 2020. My employer takes the receipt as valid and I received it in late August. I am thinking about the ideal time to renew my EAD because instead of renewing it every year, the current timelines is making us to renew every 6 months so that we do not miss the opportunity to keep working. I am EB applicant. Please share your experiences!! When did you apply? When did you get your receipt notices and EAD card? Thank you!!
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Which expiration date is linked to EAD?
I am L2 Visa holder. My spouse is L1. My spouse passport is expired on 8/1/2021. So he renewed his passport, but his I-94 expiration is still 8/1/2021. Considering USCIS processing time is too long, I have already submitted EAD renewal application including copy of passport(mine, spouse’s old and new one), I-94(mine and his), I-129s.
Which expiration date is linked to EAD?
If his I-94 is updated while I-765 is pending, what happens?

The details are as follows.
My status: L2(expiration 3/18/2022)
My i-94: (expiration 3/18/2022)

My spouse: L1 (expiration 3/18/2022)
My spouse’s i-94: (expiration 8/1/2021)
Additional information: I-129s expiration is on 3/18/2022 with precautionary statement (expire passport date 9/1/2021).
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Hello All,

I have sent my opt packet to wrong USCIS location instead of chicago lockbox. Do I need to re-file again to Chicago.
Can some one please help me out with my query.
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Daca ead card keeps getting sent back.
I have not had a daca ead card since November 2020. I applied in August and got approved already but I do not have posession of my card bc the postal service didnt deliver. They sent the card back twice. I spoke to a USCIS agent who told me they have not received the card yet either and that it may be destroyed when they do get it since it was failed delivery twice. Agent told me to call them next week by Wednesday to check if they have the card. I dont know what to do. I do not have any proper documentation of my status and I am unable to get proper identification without my ead card.
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