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EAD approval without biometrics?
Is usually receiver the EAD card without biometrics appoimente?

My timeline: EB3 Texas Service Center

09- 20-2016: i140 Filed
01-06-2017: i140 approved
01-25-2017: filed i485- i765
05-05-2017: combo card recived EAD

Is normal received EAD card without biometrics?

Thank you everyone !
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TSC EB2 timeline
Finally we came to an end!

Texas Service Center EB2

July 07, 2015 - priority date
06/27/2014 - PERM initiation
03/31/2016- PERM certified ( it took longer as we had audit)
07/07/2016- filed I140, I485
08/18/2016- Biometrics
10/05/2016- received EAD cards
10/31/2016- Approved I 140
02/28/2017 - filed service request # 1
03/02/2017- received SR response. Background check is not complete. You need to wait.
05/19/2017- filed SR #2
05/26/2017- I 485 approved
06/03/2017- received cards in mail

I hope this will help you! Keep hoping! It's coming for everyone!

Good luck!!!
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My Timeline for EB3 with TSC
I have learnt a lot from reading this forum in the past few months and want to thank you all for the sharing which has helped me tremendously in understanding and going through the process. I am very thankful my process has finally completed and would like to share my timeline here in case this may be useful to anyone.

06/14/2016 PERM Certified
09/02/2016 I-140 Filed
12/28/2016 I-140 Approved (premium processed)
02/08/2017 I-485 Filed
02/13/2017 I-485 Received by USCIS
03/06/2017 Original Biometrics appointment - I had to reschedule since I had to travel overseas for family emergency (which I traveled and returned on my H1B visa)
03/30/2017 Biometrics completed
04/24/2017 EAD/AP Combo Card mailed to me
05/15/2017 Green Card being produced
05/15/2017 I-485 Approved
05/17/2017 Green Card was mailed
05/22/2017 Green Card received in mail

Best wishes to you all, and I hope the process will be smooth for everyone.
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Tsc EB3
I've been visitng this site regularly for last few months. Would like to say thank you for all the helpful post. I'm still waiting on my green card however today my wife got her EAD which is such a relief!! Since my wife has come here to states she couldn't work even tho she has a masters degree in psyc and very passionate about her carrier. Her EAD finally came after 15 months of waiting and sitting at home and not able to pursue her carrier.

Here's our time line.

Dec 2015: hired a lawyer
Jan 2016 to nov 2016: filed wage determination and job advertisements
Nov 11: filed PERM
19 jan 2017: PERM approved.
13 April: i140/ i485/i765/i135 received by uscis. (Me and my wife) . lawyer applied late saying they were busy with the H1 season.
23 April: I40 approved (premium)
5 May: biometrics done
May 25: my wife's EAD/AP approved.
May 31: card mailed
Jun 2: card received

As you see mines nothing approved yet but my wife's is. I already have a job obviously so it doesn't matter to me. I'm still happy and relieved cause you know happy wife happy life!
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Timeline for ny case in TSC
Same as others I have been a silent reader of this site and a lot of others trying to find hope in this so long almost looking like never ending journey we have all been going through. However for me the end of the road was finally achieved when my case has been finally approved and my GC should hopefully be received tomorrow.
I am posting my timeline to give others the same hope I received from other postings.

11/03/2015 Prevailing wage determination posted
6/15/2016 .- Perm Filled
10/17/2016 PERM Certified
11/29/2016 i140 filled
12/8/2016 i140 RFE Received (Work Experience)
12/12/2016 RFE response sent
12/27/2016 i140 approved
1/31/3017 i485 filled
2/08/2017 i485 received by USCIS
3/29/2017 EAD and AP mailed to me
4/10/2017 RFE received for i485 (Supplement J and Legal Presence in the US)
5/5/2017 RFE response mailed
5/11/2017 RFE received by USCIS
5/27/2017 Green Card being Produced
5/30/2017 I485 Case approved
5/31/2017 Card was mailed
6/3/2017 Card should be delivered
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Timeline for my case with NSC
Your timeline sharing helps me to calm down with my green card process and give me lots of hope. Finally, we (family of three) received the approval of I485 and waiting to receive welcome package.

So, just like others, wanted to share my timeline so others can sense some trend.

FYI, when I applied I140 & I485 back in Aug, 2016, there was unexpected delay in EB-2. So, my lawyer suggested me to apply EB-3 instead. So, I am not sure whether this EB-2 or EB-3 could affect my timeline.

Anyway, here is my time line:

Service Center: Nebraska Service Center
PR : Dec 10, 2015
RD : Aug 23, 2016
I140 approval: Aug 29
Biometrics: Sept 27, 2016
AP received: Oct 24, 2016
RFE request : Feb 20, 2017
RFE received : Feb 22, 2017
I-485 Approved & card will be mailed: June 1, 2017

It was long wait... Don't give up.. it will happen soon!

Hope this help.
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My spouse and child are planning to apply for adjustment of status based on my approved EB1 I-140. Which A-number should be used on the derivative application? Is it the A# from my I140 approval? My spouse already have an A# from the EB2 I140 approval. Could someone help me with this?

Thanks in advance,

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L2 EAD to Green Card
My husband is on L1A and I am on L2 with EAD and working for US hospital in IT dept. My husband's office is not applying for his GC with the recent developments or atleast not sure in EB1. Can my employer apply for Green card while I am on L2 EAD? Anybody here who has recently got their L2 EAD to GC completed/in process? Appreciate your help.
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I140 rfe
Any idea how long uscis takes to respond to rfe . They have received our rfe response on may 18 but there s no status change or approval so far .
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RFE on I-485
I have received an RFE on I-485 for test for gonorrhea. I checked with the doctor and she said she got the notification for this test after one week I did the test last year in August. She is ready to do the test again but my concern is medical examinations will soon be expiring (the medical examinations have a validity period of one year). And given visa retrogression, my medical examinations will be expired by the time that visas become available, and my application will be ultimately ready for adjudication. Even though my PD is Dec08th 2016, will the retrogression impact me?

Even if I respond to the current RFE, will I receive future RFEs for complete, new medical exams. Should I continue with this single test and send the response to USCIS or should I do complete medical test again?
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