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EB1-c timelines
Filed concurrently on 03/08/17

update from my side -

Thankfully, I received USCIS notice yesterday - after 27 calendar days.
Now waiting for Bio-metrics appointment notice.

Received date shows 03/08 but notice date is 03/30.
Will they consider Received date henceforth?

How much time does it take usually for bio-metrics appointment from notice date?
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Case is EB2, country is Taiwan
Hi Eveyone,
I just want sharing my experience and encourage everyone to keep positive and stronger!
I think no one has bad or worst case than me.
My case details are below:
Start my green card application in Aug.2012.
• PD time: Jan19th.2015
• I-140, I485 was filed at the same time on Mar28th.2016
• USCIS received it on Mar28th.2016
• Got my EAD card too on Apr14th.2017.
• Biometric was done on Apr28th.2016
• 1st inquiry by attorney on Nov21st.2016
• Got the email from USCIS on Dec07th.2016
• Asked my constituency congressman to help on Jan26th.2017
• The Congressman office send an inquiry to USCIS in Jan28th.2017
• USCIS replied "need 30-45 days background check from FBI".

• 2nd inquiry by attorney in Feb07th.2017, USCIS does not reply so far!!
• Congressman office sent an inquiry on Mar09th.2017
• Got the email reply from USCIS on Mar10th.2017. (need 30-60 days background check and backed up)

I have no ideas and run out of whole process just because I have tried all different kind of methods.
Even I checked with my attorney, and he said he does not have any idea to help me this time!!

So sad!!
The only way that I think just keep my fingers crossed and positive.

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I-485 Approved
Me and my family got approved today! ( 4 in total )

Received Date 12/13/2016
Priority Date 01/13/2016

EB2 Texas Service Center

Hoping the best for those who are waiting
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I-485 approved
I had a long wait for my I-485 but it was finally approved after almost 10 months. Here is my timeline

June 8: USCIS NSC Received my application (I-485 only, because I already got my I-140 approved)
June 21: Finger print fee received
Aug 1: Biometric appointment
March 30: I-485 approval

Ive been reading this forum since last year, and to be honest I was a bit disappointed with my status because I thought that it was very slow. But it got approved eventually. Thanks so much for all your information.
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EBX - I-485 pending TSC - Service Request Response
  I received the below response from USCIS for my Service Request.

"We had to perform additional review and this caused delay in processing time. Your case is currently in line for processing and adjudication. Cases are processing in the order received. If you do not receive a notice or decision within 6 months, you need to give us a call."

Did anyone encounter the same response? How long did it take to hear the decision after the response as above?

This is so disheartening after sincere effort and wait.

Please share your thoughts/experience.


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Eb1a NSC Green Card approved
Good day to all.

Pleased to share my experience as follows.

Employment based Eb1a ROW application including spouse and two dependents.

09/06/16: I­485, I­765 and I­131 received at Nebraska Service Center for all four applicants.
09/13/16: Fingerprint fee accepted for I­485.
10/17/2016: EAD (I­765)/AP (I­131) combo card ordered.
10/31/2016: Combo card mailed.
03/06/2017: RFE issued for I­485 (updated medical form required per new guidelines).
03/17/2017: Response to RFE received by NSC.
03/22/2017: I­485s approved and cards ordered.
03/27/2017: Cards mailed out.

Thanks for sharing your experiences.

Best wishes and good luck.
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I485 Approved EB2 NSC ROW
Hi All,

Just to share my experience. My I485 application was for me and spouse. We are living in different states. I live in NSC region, my spouse lives in TSC region.

Priority date: Jul 2015
PERM approval: Jan 2016
I140 application: Mar 2016 (not filing concurrent with I485)
I140 approval: Sep 2016

2016/10/11 (Day -2): Sent I485, I130, I785 (me and spouse)
2016/10/13 (Day 0): Applications received by USCIS
2016/10/24 (Day 11): Receipt notice (me)
2016/11/19 (Day 37): Biometrics notice (me)
2016/11/21 (Day 39): Receipt notice (spouse) it took ~6 weeks
2016/12/07 (Day 55): Biometrics done (me)
2016/12/24 (Day 72): Biometrics notice (spouse)
2016/12/30 (Day 78): EAD/AP (spouse)
2017/01/10 (Day 89): Biometrics done (spouse)
2017/01/17 (Day 96): EAD/AP (me)
2017/03/31 (Day 169): I485 approval (me) ~5.5 months processing time
Spouse's I485 is still pending.

Although me and spouse filed together, it seems that our application is treated as two separate cases. Probably because we are newly weds and living separately.

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GC experience
i140 filed 11/12/2016
i485 filed 12/22/2016
EAD received 2/12/2017 (surprisingly got it before biometrics)
Biometrics done 3/20/2017

still waiting for the rest to be approved.
similar experience anyone?
is this a good sign ;)?

thank you!
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EB1 - India - Timeline

Here is my timeline. I filed under EB 1 and from India.
Texas Service Center

6 Sep 2016 - I-140 filed (no premium processing)
29 Nov 2016 - I-485, I-131, I-765 - filed

28 Dec 2016 - Fingerprint given

17 Feb 2017 - Received approval for I-765/I-131 for me and my spouse
Received EAD and AP combo card

29 March 2017 - I-131 approved for my 4 yr old daughter got approved

31 March 2017 - I-485 case status for all of us changed to "New card is being produced"

I hope this is the end of the process and would receive the card.

Wish everyone a good luck
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Waiting for I-1485 and I-140 approval, EB1 India
Priority date : Oct-24-2016
Finger print : Nov-24-2016
EAD received : DEC-15-2016

No status on I-1485 and I-140 approval yet ?

How long it would take to get the final GC. My nationality is india and I filed under EB1 category

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