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Employment Based Greencard

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EB3 Row Approved
Guys, I think finally my day has arrived. I just chatted with Emma this morning and they confirmed my case was approved yesterday. None of the 2 websites shows that information. I originally applied to Texas. They transferred my case to NBC back on March. They never scheduled an interview and I submitted medicals with application. Agent mentioned up to 60 days to get card on the mail. Hopefully I get it very soon.

PD is May 1 2019
RD July 30 2019

If any questions feel free to ask.
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EB3 ROW- One year after interview and after 22 months of submission of I-485
Hello all,

We had our adjustment of status interview on oct 24th 2019. At the end of the interview, officer stated we will hear the decision in mail within two weeks. Unfortunately that did not happen and here I am. After 5 SR's and multiple phone calls all I got was the default response of pending review.

However, when my lawyer submitted SR this time, they responded to the SR very next day with response as "Your case is currently under review.
You should receive a decision or notice of other action within 60 days of the date of this letter"

Has anyone here heard this response before or has experienced this response? Is it the light at the end of the tunnel?

I am really frustrated at this point..

Thank you!
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No receipt number after 3 weeks and no news on I-140
Hello everyone! My I-485 application package was delivered to USCIS on Oct 1. It’s been 3 weeks and I still don’t have any receipt notice. Does it usually take this long before receipt notices are issued? Is anyone experiencing the same thing?

Also, my I-140 (EB3) was filed since March 2020, with a priority date of March 31, 2020. October is almost ending and it still hasn’t been approved. Any ideas what might be the cause?

I appreciate your feedback and responses!
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Hi all!

Today I got the approval update on my.uscis account for I485 (no update on

I have been reading this forum regularly to get a sense of how the applications are moving, so I want to share my experience as well. It seems like the number of approvals are picking up, and I hope everyone will get the approvals soon.

Here's my timeline:

FO Detroit
PD: June 2019

1. When I-485 Package sent to USCIS: 15 Nov 2019
2. When Package received by USCIS: 18 Nov 2019
4. Which Service Center reviewing: NBC
7. When Fingerprint notice sent: 10/25/2019
10. When Fingerprint Done: 18 Dec 2019
11. When Interview is ready to be scheduled: 6 Mar 2020
12. When Interview was scheduled: 1/30/2020
13. Interview Date: 6 Apr 2019 (CANCELLED)
14. When i485 J Approved: 6 Aug 2019
15. Case transferred to NBC : 19 Aug 2019
16. When "New Card is Being Produced": 20 Oct 2019 (only on my.uscis account)
15. When I-485 approved: 20 Oct 2019 (only on my.uscis account - no physical notice yet)
16. When GC card mailed: ?

I will post once I receive the card, too. Good luck everyone!
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EB-2 GC journey, huge wave of hope!😍
So guys ive been a silent reader to all of your experiences that helped me so much!
So i wanted to give back

EB2 adjustment of status ( my husband and I as adependent)

4/21/2020:- i-485, i-765 (EAD) and i-131 all were filed together along with the medicals.

23/5:- RFE for other stuff in medicals
 We resent everything within 2 weeks ,

6/1st :- case was recieved .

8/1st we had the biometric notice
8/13 our biometric appointment (went super smooth)
9/25 on the tracker the status of the EAD and the AP became approved and card is being processed
9/26 card is mailed to you
Oct/1 card was delivered to us (red combo)
No any change on the tracker

Oct/18 Suddenly we found an approval notice of the Green card in the mail !! Yaaaaay
Oct/21 TODAY we got the green card in hand in the mail!!!!
That feel so good guys

Interview was waived, no updates since oct/1 on the tracker
Our PD is feb/2019
hang in guys things are getting smoother finally
And btw we did the biometric appointment in san jose which happens to be the slowest! If that help all the san josians haha
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Our Greencard experience
Thank you to this website for all the experiences. I am adding ours below
We moved from India to USA in Jan2017: landed in USA with L1A visa for family. My wife was primary and I along with our two daughter were L2. After landing, I applied for EAD for myself being a dependent and it was issued within 45 days.
Jan:2018 lawyer starts process of the green card
March 2018: papers filed for application for Employment based Greencard
April2019: Interview with USCIS as a family. Officer mentions that’s since priority date is not current, case under review.

Case shows regression and priority date was showing Jan 2015.

August 2019: we go back to Chennai as a family to get L1A family visa extended. We get visa extended till August 2022.

Jan 2020: case has still not moved much and now priority date becomes March 2015.

October 2020: priority date becomes current as per bulletin. On 14th October we get green card for entire family for 10 years

Priority date definitely moved ahead during COVID.

Hang in there to all applicants and hopefully you can get your soon.
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EB3 To Greencard my Timeline.
PD: Late April 2019
Biometrics: July 2019
EAD approved: Oct 2020. Expired this october2020 and still pending renewal, renewal submitted on sept 2020.
Interview scheduled notice: Feb 2020, for interview on April 2020
Interview cancel notice: March 2020
RFE for medical: May 2020
-No updates from the website egov uscis .gov website-
Approval notice received on mail: Today, card will be delivered in 3 weeks.

Im from H1b to Eb3. Interview was waived. No notice since RFE then suddenly approval came in the mail. Some commenters say there's a different website to check it since the old one was not updating.
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New website to check status
Hi all , just a little information to share about case updates. Uscis website is going through some technical issues so is not able to update the cases that's why we are not getting updates online 😑. I have an account on dhs website which is updating the information timely. So I would suggest making an account on that website if you want to be updated online and timely.
Here's the link
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Uscis website
Hi all just a little information to share about case updates. Uscis website is not updating timely 😑 but the dhs website is updating timely so you can check Your case there by making an account on that website.
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EB1 India - PD: Dec 2017. Still waiting for GC
Hi All,

PD is Dec 2017
Bio-metrics - Apr 2018
EAD/AP - May 2018
Interview - Feb 2019

Interview officer said every thing looks good and we have to wait for the visas to be available (PD to be current). My priority date became Current in Aug-2020 USCIS bulletin.

However so far have not heard any thing from USCIS. Enquiry opened 10 days back, no response yet.

Any one waiting for GC with PD in the above date ranges ?

Thanks in advance.
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