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EB1 Green Card
My journey is over finally. This site was given me a hope for last few years. Here is timeline.

EB1C - India
PD Dec-17 for concurrent application
I140 - Sep -18
Interview Mar-19
RFE on Medical - Aug-20
RFE responded - Sep-20
Card Approved - Sep-20
Card Received - Sep-20

Good luck to everyone who are still waiting for GC...
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Medical RFE on my h1b to eb3. No updates after 90 days
EB3 Philippiens
PD April 2019

My interview was ready on feb 2020 for april2020 but was cancelled due to covid. I received a medical RFE on early May 2020 and got a notice that they received it on May 11 2020.

SInce the priority date is current, will my pending RFE affect my i485 from being current? Should i call uscis since its been more than 90 days since my RFE?
Thank you for your input.
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EB1/ India I-485 - Interview was completed and My Case must be Reviewed / No Updates
EB1 India,
PD Date : Nov 30 2017
I-485 Interview was Completed on March 20, 2019.

PD is become current as per August 2020 Visa Bulletin.

Still no updates on my case status. I submitted SR and spoke with L2 Officer, but no luck. They said that, they will start working on my case in order which it was received. But actually people are getting approval notices those PD dates who have filed after me. I'm not sure the USCIS logic and don't know their processes.

Kindly Suggest.
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Greencard Finally Received
i'm an L1-A dependent and this is my family's journey

08.26.2019 spouse i-140 received by USCIS

01.17.2020 spouse i-140 approved by USCIS
01.31.2020 i-131, i-765 and i-485 received by USCIS

02.18.2020 scheduled interview was cancelled
02.21.2020 spouse i-485j confirmed by USCIS
02.25.2020 our biometrics taken at USCIS ASC

05.01.2020 current visa bulletin

06.05.2020 we got an RFE for medical and passport photo
06.17.2020 our combo cards were produced
06.18.2020 i-765 and i-131 were approved
06.26.2020 we received our i-756 and i-131 approval notice

07.06.2020 USCIS received our RFEs
07.08.2020 our combo cards were mailed
07.10.2020 our combo cards were delivered
07.16.2020 submitted a change of address online

08.17.2020 spouse GREENCARD was ordered
08.18.2020 spouse i-485 and i-485j was approved
08.22.2020 spouse received his i-485 and i-485j approval notice
08.31.2020 i got another RFE for my marriage certificate and my son for his birth certificate

09.02.2020 spouse GREENCARD was mailed
09.04.2020 spouse GREENCARD was delivered
09.16.2020 submitted an inquiry online why my case and my sons case is taking longer than the processing time
09.22.2020 my son and my GREENCARD were ordered
09.24.2020 my son and my GREENCARD were mailed and our i-485 were approved
09.26.2020 our GREENCARD were delivered

to those who are still on their journey . . . GOOD LUCK !

Thank you LORD and Thank you USCIS :)
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No interview
This forum has given me hope and I feel the need to share with all of you now. I have heard of USCIS waiving the interview for work related green cards and it's TRUE! I decided to check my case yesterday thinking I was going to get a date for my interview and instead it said "case approved". I immediately called my lawyer to confirm and she said yes! I applied for the AOS in February with an EB3 which included my husband. We both got approved. I hope my case give you hope and energy to hang in there.
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EB3 Row. What happens after PD becomes current if filed concurrently?

PD- Jan 2020 (I-140, I-485, EAD and AP filed together)
Received EAD and AP cards in May 2020
I-140 approved in late Aug/Early Sept 2020
PD became current Oct 2020.

My question is what happens after PD becomes current if my I-485 was already filed? Should I wait on RFE for medical next ? Or interview?

For those with similar experiences, how long after your PD became current did you receive your GC?

Good luck to all of you and be blessed. How we all get good news soon!
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Service Request Response not clear
I recently submitted a service request for case outside normal processing time and my category is EB3, I got a very stupid response back, Does anyone know what this means.

The status of this service request is:

Recently, you notified USCIS that your priority date is current. When your priority date becomes current, your case automatically returns to active processing and will be worked in the order in which it was received. Once further action is taken, a notice will be sent to the address of record.

My petition is EB2 and the priority date has always been current since the day i filed my petition.
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Hey our journey is almost over!!! Many thanks for you guys, this forum helps me a lot!

Classification: E11
PD: 09/27/2019
File 140: 09/27/2019
Approved 140: 10/10/2019
Filed I 485 and 1765 and 131: 12/20/2020
Finger Print: 01/31/2020
Approved EAD combo card: 06/17/2020
Card Produce EAD: 06/18/2020
Delivery EAD: 07/09/2020
GC in Production: 09/21/2020
Case Approved: 09/23/2020

Waiting for my GC on the mail, I think 5 more days!?
Thank you everyone.
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GC in production
I got GC in production message yesterday

PD - 5/23/17
RD - 10/13/17
Interview - 4/26/18
Medical RFE - 8/18/20
RFE response - 9/14/20 (too 11 days for USCIS to acknowledge)
GC in production - 9/22/20
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Thanks all the Forum Members
EB1B - INDIA center -Nebraska and after interview to national benefits center
140 application Aug 2017 approved Sept 2017
I485 Submitted Oct 2017
Biometrics Dec 2017
EAD card received Jan2018
Category retrogressed
Interview - Feb2019 went well for me and wife. Officer told everything is fine need to wait for PD to be current.
New EAD March 2019
Nothing after that till my PD became current in July 2020
Submitted SR request 25 August 2020
Case changed to Card mailed 28 August 2020
Got approval letter 3 Sept 2020
Got card produced on 4 Sept 2020
Card in mail Sept 6
both Cards in hand Sept 10.
Me and wife both were on our valid H1B the whole time.
I really want to thank everyone for your suggestions and comments.
Hope everyone get a good new soon.
please feel free to ask any questions.
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