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kianblame     10/21/2019 04:27 AM

Hi...this might be rare but anybody here filed as same sex marriage? If yall had an interview already please share your experience:) thanks

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TriziaF.     10/21/2019 01:22 AM

What is the difference between SRC and WAC in the beginning of I-130??
How come mine starts with SRC? Then I saw some of you guys are WAC..

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Santosh1985     10/20/2019 23:10 PM

I got my employment based green card in hand 2 weeks ago and now employer is gonna layoff some employees including me. I am not a favorite one any more because i got in arguments with my boss on some strategies and he started disliking me. May be they will terminate me, if not for sure they gonna lay me off. I am very scared now as i heard i have work at least 6 months for the same employer after getting the green card otherwise uscis will give me a tough time at the time of naturalization.

In case they fire or lay me off, i can join another company with same job description of mine in same industry but pay is little bit less compare what i am currently taking but may be get better after 6 months of probatin.

Please help what should i do to be on safe side at time of naturalization.

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Flash101     10/20/2019 15:40 PM

Any Jacksonville interview on the 21?

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sarahbound1984     10/20/2019 15:34 PM

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Iulianog16     10/20/2019 15:23 PM

How can you properly submit a case inquiry, or call in and speak to a representative, if your EAD case 765 is past the 6.5 month mark. Receipt date of inquiry is before what they currently have now (April 9th)

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Abii     10/20/2019 14:03 PM

Hi everyone, hope you doing great,

My i485 interview is in next week, but I have a question about joint evidences.
So I didn’t have my passport with me. And I barely got my EAD Nd then SSN then I applied for California real ID the which I just received.
I didn’t have SSN before so we couldn’t do any joint documents. Although I have
1- pictures 150 plus
2- lease agreement
3- my wife pay check
4- rental receipts
5- text messages

Has anyone had experience like this before, please give my your suggestions. I will be very thankful to you,
Thank you,
Have a wonderful Sunday!

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Jfl     10/20/2019 00:30 AM

Hi on marriage based interview,
Interviewer asked question from i485 and i130 right? Or also i130A?

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smitha_a28     10/20/2019 10:47 AM

Hi everyone, I applied for I485 through F2B category.

PD: 26th August 2019
Biometrics: 23rd September 2019
RFE notification: 16th October 2019

I just received an RFE notification email but haven't yet got it in my mailbox. Has anyone in the same situation received an RFE? I am freaking out here and thinks it has to do with my OPT status. I am pretty sure it has nothing to do with the application as it was very well prepared by our lawyers. Any advise would be appreciated!

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Ozil     10/20/2019 10:35 AM

Hello ,
I’m a Memphis Tennessee filer
I got my EAD yesterday,
My question is do I have to apply for a social security card or Uscis gonna send me one ?
And they didn’t say noting about a social security number

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