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y268     10/20/2018 20:52 PM

I read this in the forum :
Data Set: All USCIS Family‐Based Adjustments I-485:
Forms Received: 365,716
Denied: 37,047 ~10.13%
Approved: 275,931 ~75.45%
2018 (1st and 2nd Quarter):
Forms Received: 163,956
Denied: 18,207 ~11.10%
Approved: 132,741 ~80.96%
 So my question is , what is the reason of denial ?

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maia717     10/20/2018 01:51 AM

Hi Guys,

Another help... any information on how to process filing for joint tax return? I mean my husband is the petitioner (US citizen) and is working and I do not have any work yet (still on job hunting). Any requirements from me to get my husband include me in his tax return such as social number or ITIN? or can he add me even though I don't have my social or ITIN yet? We are still waiting for our AOS interview for a year now.

Your advise is highly appreciated. Thanks!

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maia717     10/20/2018 01:45 AM

HI Guys,

The USCIS website used to have the specific timelines per processing center on what dates they are currently working on. Seems like now they have updated the site and only shows how many months the processing times are.

Can anyone still access the old site where you can see the specific dates that each service centers are currently working on? Kindly share if you can still find that site.

Thanks in advance for the help!

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MarilynMD     10/20/2018 01:30 AM

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Kkimm     10/19/2018 20:37 PM

Any Orlando filers? My pd is March 2018 receive my EAD AUGUST 2018
I’m just patiently waiting for my interview

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zayragiselle     10/19/2018 20:22 PM

Hey guysl....


this is my husband's status which according to our lawyer is a bit weird at the moment. he got approved for the i-485 on his interview


Approval: august 28th

got his package: sept 3rd

immigration fee: sept 3rd

poe: sept: 13th

status on uscis: approved os155A form, card is being produced as of october 2nd when it was ordered.

today, october 19th: received a letter that was dispatched on oct 12th saying he needs to go back to do a code 2 biometrics. like i said our lawyer thinks it's weird but has told me not to worry about it. i've been doing some digging online and it seems like it's not uncommon.

but my real question is does anyone know how long will it take for the card to actually be sent out after the biometrics appointment?


thank you!

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lizparedones     10/19/2018 17:21 PM

So my husband and I got married in February of 2017. Petitioning for my husband. Here is what our timeline looks like:

2/17/17- Married
06/27/17- I-485 & I-765 Filed
7/18/17- Request for Initial Evidence(RFE)
08/2/17- Evidence docs received and working on case again
9/27/17- Application for Employment Authorization approved
9/28/17- New Card is being produced (Employment authorization)
9/29/17- Card was mailed to us

Sometime in January we received a " Case is ready to be scheduled for interview"
but later changed to " At this time USCIS cannot provide you with information for your case"

Looked on the my.uscis.gov website and found this

03/14/18- Case is ready to be scheduled for interview(again).
08/8/18- Sent a request to renew work visa.

No news yet but word on the street is that the process has been taking longer than usual.

Anyone facing a similar situation?

Apparently I got the worst processing center ( Nebraska) -_-

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Buckeye_Man     10/19/2018 17:16 PM

Dear Friends,

Could you please share your experiences who had interview in Columbus, OH field office for NIW based I-485 petition? My interview is coming soon. I like to hear some interview questions about NIW based application. Here is my timeline-

PD: Mid-October 2017
06/25/2018-Applied for I-485, I-765 and I-131 (NBC)
07/16/2018-Biometric is done
09/15/2018-EAD and AP combo card received
10/09/2018-Interview date was scheduled
Best of luck for all upcoming events and looking forward to sharing my experiences.

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lexus     10/19/2018 15:34 PM

Hello Everybody

Married to US Citizen

My wife filed I-130 for me but we did not send any evidence bc we tought that we supposed to take them with us on interview.

We got NOID for I-130 becouse of lock of evidences.
We hired lawyer and he send all evidences with cover later and USCIS received on 10/06/2018.

Still no update on both uscis.gov and http://myaccount.uscis.dhs.gov/

Is there anyone with the same issue, when do you thing they will update their system.

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GGTT     10/19/2018 00:33 AM

PD Feb 2018

Married to US citizen

Fingerprints April 2018
July RFE I-864
End of July ready to schedule for interview 2018
September 2018 interview scheduled
Oct17th 2018 interview done,from 1-45pm to 3.20pm
Open interview no structured questions,we were told to narrate our relationship journey.
She asked us to give her any additional evidence ,we have affidavit of residence,affidavit of advance healthcare,affidavit from our mum and best friend confirming ourthat relationship is genuine,photos.
We don't have anything joint together as peryou now.
Oct 17th at 4pm got a notification that my interview is complete and must bebe rreviewed
Oct 17th at 4.30pm a notification my card is in production.
Feel free to ask any questions

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