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pajarito     04/08/2020 08:49 AM

Hi all,
So I just called USCIS to ask whether I can send my medical form that was signed by doctor on march 10th to my field office. It is obvious that by the time they reopen offices and reschedule my interview, my medical will expire. She said not to send it and bring it to the interview. So I asked if they will accept expired form since there were no way for me to submit it earlier. She didn't answer and hang up the call. Lol I guess I'm doing my medical again at some point.

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Dan5     04/08/2020 08:49 AM

Hey guys do u know if uscis is granting any extension from the 60 days with medical?

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Bannu     04/08/2020 07:56 AM


Hai . My i485 is pending and I came to USA on F1 student visa.

Biometrics cancelled on March 24..
According to the above link, does this mean they will re-use my finger prints/retina I gave back in 2014 when I applied for F1?

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btexasunited     04/08/2020 02:42 AM

I send my passport to IRS before this pandemic and I am about to get my biometric appointment. I do have only a texas driving license which is expiring in July.
-will that work?

please guide me
Dallas filer
share you experience if you ever file from Dallas.
Thank you

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Faithann     04/08/2020 01:33 AM

Hey there , I hope everyone is staying safe throughout this crisis

Married to USC
PD Oct 14
Filed ( i485, i765, i130)
Bio Dec 03
Jan filed (i131 separately)
Feb 04 case ready to be scheduled for an interview
March 27 Ead in hand

My ead says re entry not approved, it was kinda expected because I filed for advance parole after but I want to travel to my home country as soon as this is over and I haven’t received AD. Will they send another card or do I just need to call them?

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iCh     04/07/2020 23:43 PM

I hope everyone is ok & safe.
I had my i485 interview on Mar6/2020. Everything was normal and went well, but since then no change whatsoever in online status neither i got any letter from USCIS. But one thing i had my medical with me but she didn’t ask for that i realize this a day after.
I appreciate it if someone can tell what should i do or proceed further.
Thanking you

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Ethan04     04/07/2020 22:51 PM

I got a NOID last week. I was asked to send some documents to help my case. They listed about 10 documents I can send. I have been able to compile about 13 documents ranging from phone logs, shared gift receipt and photos, 3 affidavits of support, bills in both names, insurance in both names, bank statements (6months plus for all the bills)...
Also, I have a cover letter explaining each of the evidence.

Before I send the documents, is there anything I need to know or do aside from this.

NB: like I said, they were not specific about any particular documents, they just sent a long list of possible things I can send.

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Stella smith     04/07/2020 20:59 PM

Quick question you all. I started a fresh application. I submitted everything and missed the new form called I-944. I got all my documents back, saying application was incomplete, hence the reason for rejected. The letter stated that one or more of the following forms were missing.

Based on selection on the type fling category, form I-944 and/ or form I-864/I-864EZ are required. I understand that I didn't file the form I-944, but we submitted the I-864 which is the sponsor, who has to be my husband.

Don't tell me hire an attorney because we can't afford it now. Thank you.

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yda744     04/07/2020 20:48 PM

Had my I-485 interview July 2018 in Newark NJ
Interview went great and he told us we will get the GC in 2 weeks
Since then nothing :-(
we had about 15 inquiries with them and each time they claim it is being processed

We fee really helpless :-(

Any suggestions?

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Papouche2013     04/07/2020 19:35 PM

I-485 Case Was Reopened For Reconsideration status notification a week after receiving 10 year green card. My lawyer never requested my I-485 to be reopened. I am confused and scared. Has anyone ever heard anything like this.?

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