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Robert 88     07/18/2019 00:42 AM

Hey all, just wanted to share my timeline so far for anyone interested. Application from Seattle, WA:

November 2018 - Application submitted (I-485, I-765, I-131)
November 2018 - I-765 returned because I filled in the wrong version of the form. Swiftly resubmitted.
Jan 2019 - Two separate rounds of fingerprinting (not sure why, probably because I-765 submitted out of sync).
April 2019 - I-485 'ready to be scheduled for interview'
June 2019 - Submit request for information for my I-131 because it's outside of normal processing. At the same time contact my congresswoman. Schedule myself an Infopass meeting.
Early July 2019 - Receive advance parole document (I-131). Also attend infopass meeting about my I-765. The officer calls up the National Benefits center and asks them to fastrack my application.
Mid July 2019 - EAD received.

So in all roughly 9 months from application to receiving my work permit. No interview yet scheduled for the greencard.

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tomatojo     07/17/2019 23:55 PM

After 1 year and 1/2, finally status changed to "Interview Scheduled". My PD 3/21/18. haven't received my notice yet.

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jmpuluciop     07/17/2019 21:31 PM


Today (07-17) my case was updated to "Interview Was Scheduled. We will mail you an interview notice".

Do you know approximately how soon is the interview going to take place (Boston office)?

My case was submitted on June 14, 2018.

I highly appreciate any info. I am very excited and nervous since it has been so long waiting for this. Thanks in advance.

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alleny866     07/17/2019 19:57 PM

Hello, recently had my interview and wanted to share my experience.

It was generally very positive. My appointment was in the afternoon and I arrived 30 mins early. I checked in and waited for another 45 minutes before my number was called. I went in with my spouse and lawyer and was asked to sit alone while my spouse and lawyer sits in the back. The interviewer only asked the qualifying questions (have you ever done xyz) and one question on when we met. Nothing out of the ordinary. Interview must be shorter than 20 mins and the interviewer said we'll hear back via mail. When I got home, I got an email from my lawyer saying the online status has been updated to "card in production". Good luck to everyone else in the process!

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interview2019     07/17/2019 19:31 PM

Any Seattle filers in 2018 has an interview? Any updated from Seattle?

Thank you

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Kae Tampa     07/17/2019 19:01 PM

Howdy good people. Any Tampa Filers want to share their experiences?

My PD May 9, 2019
Bio June 6

Fingerprint review June 10th. No further updates

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Waiting_     07/17/2019 18:31 PM

New card being produced after 580 days.
Lord u know how much I needed this u know my struggle was real.
I still can’t believe it I’m speechless.
Your blessings rain on me twice after I hang up the phone with a job offer I got a message to check my case. And u came thru after all.
People ik your pain, it’s not easy I’ve been there.
Just gwaan hold the faith and trust God.
Him a work b.
Him just nuh get to u yet him nuh figet yuh.
Thank you Jesus

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Assem     07/17/2019 18:11 PM

Hello dear readers of this forum. I wanted to share my experience with you. married USC all process time 9 months
PD is 11.17.18 Los Angeles CA.
bio.apoit. 12.18.18
get my EAD combo card 03.20.19
 online case status change “was scheduled “ 05.30.19
got my interview notice letter after 4 days after status change on mail .
interview day 07.17.19 10.30am.
nterview was very short about 20min.she only ask my Husband;
1)where we meet each other ?2)how long we was chatting to each other before meet in life ;thats it.
then she ask me ; 1)my name and date of birth;
2) give to her a copy of our join documents.
I gave her :
join bank statment for the last 6 month;
 join verizon join accaount;
my blood test results for 2 pregnansy thats ;
appartment insurers for both of us;
Geico car insurance for both of us.
That’s it .
finally IO tell me congrats I’m going to approve your case and you will get you 10 years GC (we married more then 3 years) she don’t give me white paper,she just tell me that I will get my i 130 and I 485 approve letters in 5 days and then I will get my GC in 30 b.days.
I wish good luck for everyone who is still waiting!
be calm you don’t have to worry if you’re marrieg is real.(I wasn’t expecting easy interview Like mine)
and our IO was really nice women.(when our daughter woke up she let my husband go to the playground with the baby and tell me don’t worry you will be with them soon.)☺️hope you guys will get your GC ASAP.🙏🏼(sorry for the mistakes 😅English is not my first language) god bless America 🙏🏼👏🏼

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Ty1992     07/17/2019 17:50 PM


Just want to share my experience on my 1485 interview, andI hope someone can shed more light:

I had my I 485 interview last on Thursday 07/11/2019. The interview went pretty quick. I wasn’t asked any personal questions about our marriage like how did we meet, where etc. I was only asked my wife’s name and date of birth and my wife was asked my name and date of birth.and then the IO asked us for any joint documents we can provide, which we provided enough.

I was giving a white paper stating that the USCIS will get back to us in 120 days. I am just worried that it’s been almost a week now and online status hasn’t changed from “interview was scheduled”. My concern is that why has my interview status changed online and is there anything I should be worried about.

I will be glad if anyone who has this experience or has been throughout this can shed some light.


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samyblessed     07/17/2019 17:43 PM

Hello guys!
I'm back again to tell you all about my situation.
I filled an asylum in 2015 it still pending until now
I met my wife in 2015 that time i had already filed for asylum.she told me that she wanted to fill for my green card . Now i have two cases.
She sent a complete package for me , we don't have a lawyer we do it our self.
After two years,in January 2019 we had an interview at Miami Uscis local service center.
 After that interview ,The officer said because i got married 4 months period after i got divorced he could not approved the case.
After 7 months which is yesterday,i had a second interview.
They been asking a lot of questions.
About my previous marriage why i divorced all that.
And the asked my wife why she decided to marry me because i have kids,she said this a her choice, and i love him with his kids.

And then the offer didn't approve the case she just told me the condition how to live in the country,she also said that i don't have right on government help if i do so they will pursue my sponsor.
What do you guys think? Does it mean I'm ok or ,what can I expect?

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