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sasoue     02/23/2020 18:11 PM

I had my interview 5 months ago it was smooth except the officer didn't appove me because of a mistake i make in a visa application 10 years ago.
Now he sent me to file i 601
Which i sent it 3 months ago.
4 days ago my i130 got approved without the i485.i also have a pending asylum case.
Do you think they will ask me for another interview or send me the green card or send me to get it before jugde.
My master hearing date is March 10th
I don't want to spend money in vain since me and money don't get along

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Nyi Moe Htwe     02/23/2020 16:22 PM

Whoever have any experience according to i-485 processing at San Bernardeno field office?
It's been long process for me over five months nothing here than fingerprints were taken.
How long usually take that for?

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ChiLady     02/23/2020 14:56 PM

Hi, Here's my timeline. I'm married to a US citizen. We've been married for 7 years and we have a daughter.
I filed in Chicago.
Applications I-485, I-131 and I-765 mailed on 02/07. Received on 02/08.
Notice of action received on 02/14.
Biometric Appointment scheduled for 03/06

I'll keep you guys posted. Honestly I think is going fast.

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FreakyRaj     02/23/2020 13:34 PM

Does Uscis, update status to letter of interview sent after interview is updated or just the letter arrives in mail ?
Thank you guys

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hope24     02/23/2020 00:35 AM

Hello everyone,

My interview is coming up next month (NYC/Federal plaza).
My husband only makes $3000 more than what is required for a family of 3. We didn't add a sponsor while filing, do you recommend us to bring paperwork from a joint sponsor at the interview or do you think that it's not necessary?

Thank you so much.

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april2019filer B2     02/23/2020 11:16 AM

Hey guys thanks for all the precious help, can I get a quick checklist for what I need for my interview tomorrow

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emzay     02/23/2020 09:27 AM

I had my GC interview EB3 on Feb20: Officer told he couldn't approve my interview at the spot as he was not able to pull any new visa numbers for the month. Even in the Feb Visa bulletin it shows, CURRENT, there was no visa numbers available, because in the next month of March, there is extreme retrogression in EB3 , it went back to Jan1, 2017 from current which impacted this month also. Is there anyone who had interview on Feb 2020 and got approved? please share if any, thanks

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jlgsm     02/23/2020 05:23 AM

hi any los angeles filers? can you share your interview experiences please.
Thank you

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russpatel     02/23/2020 05:08 AM

I have a scheduled interview at my center and I and my spouse addresses are different cities. because I was engaged with one university hospital as a trainee, my medical residency result will out on 15 March and the most probable place to get a match is near my wife's place I will move there. we frequently travel together during my interview season in-plane in different cities almost every month and we have tickets and room reservations and photos.

should I reschedule my interview at her state when I move there or should we attend this interview which is in my city? an only red flag is we have different address!! I need your suggestion guys!

Thank you!

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Irubiru     02/23/2020 02:50 AM

Hi there! Just received response to my service request regarding my pending I485 after marriage based interview. It has been over 5 weeks after my interview. Several days ago I called customer service and rep told me that my case looks good but she can place service request directly to my field office, which she did right away. My online case reflected the request and it got assigned to the officer and response was sent same day. In couple of days I receive the letter in mail from my field office that my case is pending Supervisor review and they will send inquire to the supervisor.
Has anyone received same response? I am hearing that there are different type of responses but not heard of this one.
Thank you in advance for your help!

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