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petedaussie     10/18/2017 01:20 AM

Just received a text message tonight after being approved yesterday at our interview saying my case has been updated, I checked and it’s updated to new card is being produced! We’re so excited, just want to reassure anyone who is nervous that everything will be okay in the end, if you’re truthful about everything you have nothing to worry about! :) thanks guys and if you have any questions about my experience, timeline or interview feel free to ask! I’d love to help out :)

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nanalove17     10/18/2017 00:42 AM

Friends don't forget last week I came here and told you guys I got SR and the informations was a letter is coming for request of more evidence/Intent to deny. Do you remembered? Now on Monday me and my wife called them the man that spoke to us said such and that SR was not mine. He further said it was for another person they fix my name and mail to me that he is sorry I should disregard. He told me that my case is out of immigration timeline and just pend. I ask him it still on reviews he said is on Pending. So friend is the different of pending and review in this. And now is out of immigration timeline what is my faith now? I need your advice.

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marthacastle1     10/17/2017 22:51 PM

I'm a queens filler with pd august 25, 2016 interview was on july 20, 2017 haven't heard anything any one with a similar timeline?

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melb17     10/17/2017 22:09 PM

PD: 01/05/17
EAD: 04/20/17
Interview: 10/10/17. Approved on spot.
10/17/17: Got notification saying card was mailed today so I should be getting my card soon.

Our immigration officer was very nice and helpful. The question that he asked was how my husband and I met and he looked at our documents (joint accounts, pictures, etc). Overall the interview was fast (no more than 20 mins) but my husband and I waited for more than 2 hours at the waiting room before they called us for the interview. We were happy and felt so relieved after the interview. I literally had a good night sleep that day.

My question is can my husband and I travel as soon as I get my greencard? I have a family reunion next month that I really want to go. My trip will take about 9 days. I'm worried that traveling immediately after getting my greencard will get me in trouble. Any advice?

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Arizonaaos     10/17/2017 19:48 PM

Hi guys our interview is this Friday in Phoenix AZ
I was wondering how it's best to organize our documents .
Is it ok in a binder in plastic foils with tabs what's what? Do they look at it ?

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Ecj     10/17/2017 18:07 PM

Have my interview scheduled next month apparently they need every traffic deposition well my husband has was pulled over for no license over the years ago in a diff state when we called they said they no longer have the depositions and will call us back if they are able to retrieve them. What will happen if I can't get them is there anything. Else to do? We have all of our ducks in a row and ofcourse this last thing will be the one thing to give us trouble

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guayaco007     10/17/2017 17:44 PM

Am I allowed to bring our son to the interview? Interview is early in the morning and have no one to watch him..
Also, is it necessary to have an album of pictures? we have a collage and individual pictures but not in an album. any advice is appreciated.


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Ryansam     10/17/2017 17:06 PM

Hey guys,

Anyone got interview with PD in late September or October 2016? Houston TX

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oranak     10/17/2017 17:05 PM

Tomorrow is our interview and I had forgotten to make copies of all the forms I originally sent to USCIS, like I-130, I-485, G-325, I-765, I-864 as well as all the evidence I had sent.

HELP! What should I do?

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SK_RT     10/17/2017 14:09 PM

Hi All,

This forum has been an amazing help to calm the nerves and it is great to see all the help gotten here. We have our interview scheduled for next week and I wanted to ask about joint documents. Me and my wife (I am green card holder and applying for her spouse-sponsored GC) have been married and living together for 3 years now in New Jersey. We have joint bank accounts, credit cards, rental lease agreement, and have been filing tax returns jointly for the last 3 years. However, all our utility bills are in my name since I moved to New Jersey first (she moved from CA). Would this be bothering for the officer? We obviously have the same address on both of our Driver's license. We also have car insurance together. We have also listed each other as beneficiaries in our 401(k) and I have life insurance from my company which lists her as 50% beneficiary (the remainder 50% being my mother). We have tons of evidence in terms of photos, marriage certificate etc. She also has some magazines she has subscribed to which comes to our house. She also listed me as her husband on her Passport biographic page (since she recently renewed her passport).

Should I be worried about no joint utility bills? Any other joint documents we can present? Any suggestions etc would really help. Again, I appreciate all the collective effort on this forum and I wish everyone good luck in their journey for residency/citizenship. Thanks!

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