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Lafleur     11/21/2019 05:45 AM

Hey guys, has anyone ever contacted congressman about their case? Or do you know anyone who did? Please share your experiences with that. Did congress help or not? Did they actually speed up things if case is outside processing time?

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Nkyellow     11/21/2019 04:45 AM

Hey everyone,
My case was received April 2019, ever since, I received 2 RFEs. The second one came days ago about my sponsors finances. Mind you the first time it was my wife sponsoring me and she makes about $33k a year at her job. Since they say she does not qualify, I had my mother-in-law sponsor me and she makes a little bit over $65k/y. And they still sent an rfe talking about she does not qualify 🤷🏾‍♂️. She said it must be a mistake and that’s what I thought too. My problem is now my drivers license expired about 2 months ago but I need to be able to drive to take my little son to the library from time to time while my wife is at work and I can’t work. I still haven’t received my EAD even though I applied for it with my i485 in April this year. I read on here that I one can get an interim EAD not to last over 240 days. I want to know if anyone here have had to do it and what was the experience.
Thank you very much

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ironman987     11/21/2019 01:54 AM

my interview for AOS through my parent was in Syracuse,NY . It has been 6 months and still haven't heard anything. When I check online it says"Interview Was Completed And My Case Must Be Reviewed" . Is anyone else in the same position ? I though they have to reply back with an answer within 120 days?

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Xdr     11/21/2019 01:25 AM

Anyone who did the green card interview in newark? I want to have an idea of what PD they are processing now. Any info is appreciated

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Hopebest     11/21/2019 01:21 AM

After 1 year of interview
Today online status changed to new card is being produced
Question is how long it will take to get physical green card ?

Thank you in advance

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Hopeful2019     11/21/2019 00:29 AM

Good Night :)
I just wanted to wish you all guys a speedy process. I know how hard the wait can be sometimes but it is all worth it in the end. So hang in there, be patient, pray and and have faith and sooner rather than later this will all be over. Also, this site is very helpful, it makes us feel that we're not alone and there's a lot of other people going through what we're going and feeling how we're feeling.

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Kianblame     11/20/2019 23:04 PM


I got approved on spot witn the approval letter after my interview and my I-485 status changed right away to “New Card is being Produced” and I had my interview yesterday too. So i checked my I130 just out of curiosity anf it said “Interview completed but case must be reviewed” what the hell?? I thought i was approved on spot so what? Will that delay fhe prpduction of my card? Because my I485 status is still Card beinf produced though. I hope nothing is wrong.

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Maria22     11/20/2019 22:06 PM

Guys, I’ve seen a lot of people suffering because the DMV in won’t renew or give Real IDs with the expired EAD and Notice of action I-797C. I’m not sure the reason why, or if they’re just trying to force people to get the AB60.

Anyhow, it’s stated on their website that an expired EAD + notice of action I-797C is a valid proof of identity: https://realid.dmv.ca.gov/your-real-id-checklist/

Those having issues, please complete the website’s checklist, print the page and bring it to the DMV with you. It’s more than enough proof.

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Nyc06110     11/20/2019 21:37 PM

Good Evening Everyone,

I received an email on November 8th 2019 from Uscis regarding my EAD expedite request, I sent the fax with evidences the exact same day and now on the 20th I don't even know if they received the fax. My status never changed to evidences received.
I really don't know what to do anymore, their process is way too slow at NBC.
How much longer will it take before I have an update?

Good evening guys and good luck

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mandy1227     11/20/2019 20:58 PM

PD 02-20-2019 ready to schedule interview july 24 notting till now I so stress out how long more can some one tell me something its been 9 months my local office DC 4 months waiting every day on mail for my interview letter when every mail man comes an gone I get sad I told my husband we will beat up the mail man lol we just kidding making me some jokes

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