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Suresh- ()     08/03/2007 15:23 PM

Hi Everyone,

I have a doubt. My company is having some issues with DOL. Investigation is going on from Dept of Labour. In the mean time, my employer is asking me to start the GC process. I would like to know is there any problem?. I heard that if company is having any issues, it will be difficult to get I-140 cleared. Is it true?. According to my employer, GC process is different and DOL issues are different. I dont have to worry. I donot want to start my GC and stuck with the company.

Please advice.

Thanks and regards

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reddy- ()     04/11/2007 18:24 PM

Hi,I highly appreciate if anybody give me a suggestion on the below issue.

My employer had a approved labor.I planning to substitute that labor for me,The profile exactly matches my profile.My employer filed that labor from State A in 2004.But currently he moved his company to State B. He has closed his operations completely in State A.My lawyer told we might get a query while substituting the labor.Does it really be problem


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Binnz001- ()     02/24/2007 15:27 PM

SO FAR SO GOOD, till now they have followed up well with me regarding my Australian immigration file ... cant really say that services r bad.

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Ashish- ()     12/16/2006 00:14 AM

I sincerely want to thank ORION Consultancy and Coaching Services who have helped to migrate to Australia. They are a very genuine Company and I wish them all the best in their future.

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nileshdesh- ()     10/19/2006 14:41 PM

WWICS is a big fraud. There service is horrible and is run by bunch or desis with no global knowledge.
Be aware they have been known for bad sevice.

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nileshdesh- ()     10/19/2006 14:40 PM

WWICS is a big fraud. There service is horrible and is run by bunch or desis with no global knowledge.
Be aware they have been know for frauds.

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Shane Kelly- ()     09/21/2006 13:29 PM

I have just been approved for a H1-B with my new company. I had a H1-B from my old company and got it transferred to this company. I would like to apply for a green card with this new company.

Is it true i have to wait aand work a year at this new company before being permitted to apply for the GC?

What forms should i submit considering I am legal for the next 3 years anyways.

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Mani- ()     05/04/2005 21:07 PM

Applied in June 2004 and still waiting. Many of my other collegues who applied along with me even got their GC. No RFE and wondering what is happening in my case. I believe I am a bit out of luck :-(

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raj- ()     03/03/2005 14:15 PM

Application received by UCIS on August 2004, still awaiting reply. Its an L-1 case, does anyone know how much more time to get approval..pls e mail me .

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Gopi- ()     01/20/2005 15:59 PM

Life sucks as its almost 4 years I applied labour it just got cleared 4 months back. Then when I applied for 140 there is a query for simple question which again is delaying process.
My company is stupid they want to delay the process
Overall life sucks in USA. Wife cant work even though she is qualified.
I think UK is the best where spouse can work & not feel bored & wasting there life

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