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Guru1982     08/01/2019 04:40 AM

today i had a interview in chennai but b1 visa got refused again.

vo: which company your currently working for?
me : xyz company

vo : what is your designation?
me : i told vo about my current role with the organisation(parent company)

vo: what is the role?
me: i told about my role with the client. Business meeting with the new leaders my client xyz companx has been acquired by xyy company. my visit is to understand the suppot structure and application landscape which is supported in the xyy. once i am back to india we start supporting thr new client.

vo:what is your salary per annum?
me : 10 lakhs 70 thousand.

vo : how many weeks?
me :2 weeks

vo : sorry 214(b) has been issued better luck next time
me : thank you sir.

i dont know what is the issue for the refusal.

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Wangmo     07/31/2019 13:08 PM

Dear friends,
I have been rejected twice for US visa this year 1- for a conference (Feb)and another as a tourist(June),I am again applying for tourist visa this December , will it be a problem trying thrice in a year ?
I have done my earlier interviews in different places and again upcoming will be in Thailand , this is because I make appointments coinciding with my meetings.
I owns a travel agent and my yearly turnover is 8M. Is it less or ?
I believe my last rejection was based on my yearly turn over . As soon as I told my company turn over the VO directly said sorry .what could be the reason . I have only mother and 2 years old daughter whom I have to look after back home so there is no point staying in US and also a very good running company where I earn good enough .

Your support is highly appreciated

Best Wishes πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™

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sskvppy     07/29/2019 13:46 PM

I got my application rejected: Can any one suggest what went wrong here?

VO: Asked for the passport
VO: Purpose of the visit
Me: Business meeting, I will be meeting my manager and colleagues in US. I also do have an internal project User Acceptance Testing happening during the week and peoples from different locations will be join this session. Would you like to see the agenda?
VO: no its fine
VO: Duration of the visit
Me: Two weeks
VO: Salary
Me: 12 L
VO: Desigantion
Me: I said Manager and have a team reporting to me
VO: Can you explain the purpose again?
Me: Explained
VO: Sorry .......

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Krizty     07/27/2019 00:16 AM

I applied for a B1B2 in Dubai US consulate and the officer gave me a 6 month valid B1 vis instead of ten year multiple entry . I want to know what should I do to get a ten year multiple entry ,should I reapply in India or go back to Dubai and apply for an Interview waiver program.(please note that I used the the B1 visa, and never overstayed).
Please help me l

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psyching     07/25/2019 05:40 AM

I would like to get any opinion i have already submitted ds160 form but haven't paid yet. I want to know my chances before the money goes to waste. i am married with a us citizen he is in the military and would want to see him before he gets deployed. i wish to visit for at least 2 weeks before he gets deployed currently working with an american based company. no plans of overstaying as i am supporting the family., and no point staying in the us without my husband. what are the chances of me getting my visa approved? help pls anyone.

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AshishSharma723     07/25/2019 03:14 AM

Please let me know what went wrong. Any suggestions would be much appreciated.

VO: Why you are going to the US?
-> We just completed phase 1 of the project and we are going to start phase 2 of the project. So to discuss upcoming features, estimation, and roadmap of phase 2. And also I am going to demonstrate the phase 1 features.

VO: Name of the client?
-> Mentioned client name along with the location.

How many days?
-> 15 working days, to be precise 19 days including weekends.

Why they are sending you?
-> Since I am a Specialist in the mobile app, leading a team of 8 members and also working on this project from last 2 and half years. So, I know pretty well in and out of the project.

Are you traveling alone from your company?
-> Yes.

Are you going for deployment since you mentioned Demonstration?
-> No, I am going to install the app on a mobile device and demonstrate the features.

Did not ask any document.

1. I am 30 years old, Married
2. Total experience: 7.6 years, Current organization: 4.7 years
3. No travel history
4. Interview location: Delhi.
5. I was a bit nervous but answered all the questions.

Got rejected though my application was genuine.


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naveenbabu.nandula     07/23/2019 06:24 AM

Could any one let me know why my B1 US visa got rejected with your valuable suggestions .

Below are the Interview details:


VO: Passport please
ME: Fine. hand it over

VO: What is the business purpose of US visit?
ME: I will have global finance business meetings in US, These meetings are related to the my company finance and business meetings.

VO: What is your salary per annum?
ME: 6 Lakhs

VO: How long have you been working with this company ?
ME: I have been working with xyz company for 2 years

VO: Sorry, this time you not get "Vissa"

I am not really understand what went wrong and how did they judge in 3 initial questions.

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Rajathi     07/22/2019 11:47 AM

I attended my first B1 visa interview on May 1st week and it got rejected. I am an experience designer in a US based product company. I believe it’s because I didn’t explain the purpose of the visit very well.

I have applied for it again and my interview is in 3 days. I got a promotion as a senior associate after completing the DS-160 and scheduling appointments. So, there’s no change in the details I have entered in the new DS-160 except that I’ve made it as an one week trip (It was 2 weeks in the previous application). I am well prepared right now for the interview.

However, I am concerned if they are going to reject right away because the situation hasn’t changed this time as per my DS-160. Should I produce the proof of my promotion and pay hike in the beginning itself to clarify? Or, will it be considered inappropriate and impact the chances of the visa approval negatively?

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firstb1     07/20/2019 15:19 PM

Hello Sir and Friends,

I need your advice, the monthly salary I mentioned in the DS-160 is different than the actual salary I got in bank account (salar slip). What answer will I give to US consolor if he asked about monthly Salary

Thank you in advance.


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vineet0208     07/19/2019 07:27 AM

Hi folks,
I appeared today for my B1 visa interview and it was rejected. Will someone be able to point out what might have gone wrong from my end. Here is how it went.

VO: GM sir
Me: GM

VO: Passport please
Me: Sure.

VO: What is the purpose of your visit?
Me: I am visiting to attend the business meetings and discussions to gather requirements from various partners.

VO: How long is your stay?
Me: 14 days including the travel.

VO: Have you visitied before?
Me: No sir.

VO: What is your monthly salary?
Me: XXX sir(More than Enough)

VO: Tell me more about that requirement gathering.
Me: We have an application on which various partners have to be on boarded. I am going there to collect these requirements from them which will be implemented once I come back to India.

VO: Sorry sir. You are not eligible under this category.
Handed me the green slip.

What could have gone wrong? Can anybody tell me?

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