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Business Visa - B1

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B1 Visa Rejected
I went to chennai for visa interview but unfortunately my visa was rejected. As usually i went to interview counter She asked the following questions.

me: Good Morning
vo: no reply.
vo: Can i see your passport?
me: sure. i handover my passport.
vo: Why are you going to US?
me: i am going to attend conference and my research paper has been selected so i am going to give a presentation there.
vo: How many days do you stay there?
me: 1 week
vo: what is your role in current organisation?
me Tech Lead
vo: what is your ctc per annam?
me xx.xx LPA.
vo: sorry sir we can't approve your visa at this time. can you please re-apply.

They did not ask any document and they have not ask any questions about my office or marital status or my conference or location where i am going to give my presentation. simply rejected, i am still not able to figured out what went wrong. can anybody please let me know what i did mistake here so that i would be more cautious next time. 3 people in front of me were rejected. will it impact on my future visa application.
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B1 interview - Previously was in the US on F-1
Hi everyone,

I have my B1 visa interview in Kolkata in 2 weeks. I was in the US until this January on a F-1 Visa for 4 years (Studies + OPT). During that time a startup applied for my O-1 visa but it got rejected. I came back to India before my OPT expired.

I just recently started a startup in India( 2 months) in a speciality field and so I have been in touch with two major companies(Over $200M funds raised by them) in the US with whom we would like to a sign a partnership agreement and technology share agreement for local deployment in India. I have been invited by the company's CEOs to meet them and their team in California for the purpose. I am also planning to attend a once a year conference for industry experts during that time (Got ticket for it).

Duration of visit: 6 days
Trip sponsor: Me (Later reimbursed by my company)
Status: Unmarried, Have a local property in my name.
Income tax or other recent filings: None since I was in the US.
Current Salary: 1Lakh / month (Starting this month)
Current personal bank balance: ~5 Lakhs

Other docs I have: New company incorporation docs, 10 months office lease docs, Invitation letters, Conference tickets, My business card, Complete Itinerary for 6 days.

Areas I am worried about:
1. Rejected O-1
2. Only been back in India for 4 months.
3. Lack of IT returns.
4. Unmarried status etc.

I would like to get the community's guidance on how to convincingly convey my reasoning for the B1 during the interview and that my visit is for genuine reasons after which I'll return back to India for my startup.

Thanks a lot!

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Administrative Process Status after Visa Officer said "Its approved"
I would iike to know your views on this status that I see online that shows "Administrative Processing". I attended the visa interview for B/B2 visa on 16th May, through my company. All the questions were answered satisfactorily and then the VO said "Your visa is approved" and handed over a pamphlet that mentions your visa is approved and how you can check the status etc.
When I check the status today, it shows "Administrative Processing". Anyone with similar experiences can please let me know whether the visa gets approved , or do they seek additional information or do they reject ( even though the VO said its approved) the visa under some section ?
I would like to know how much time does it take for the status to change.
I've been to US about 5 times earlier and had an earlier 10 year B1/B2 visa that expired in 2017.

Any inputs will be highly appreciated.
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Chennai- B1 Business - Status Approved next day
I got my business visa approved and courier dispatched next day of interview ! Here is the process.

About me

I am into sport product distribution in TN and my Indian supplier based in Mumbai make few of our products from US company. So unlike the regular IT related case, mine was different. I am a sole proprietor and so is my importer ( supplier). Usually we go abroad together on business visas.

2019 March 9th online application filed. First available appointment date was around March 17th.
Fee paid to axis bank counter March 11th. It take aprx 2 days for payment receipt generation.

**** * 2 issues in application which I was worried about. ****

a. Intended date of entry into US, I mentioned April 5 but later while scheduling appointment the date available was beyond date mentioned.
b. Monthly Salary in Local Currency (if employed): I mentioned "does not Apply" as being proprietor legally we are not entitled to salary and the question reiterated in braces "if employed" for which I assumed I am not eligible to answer this question but on the other hand can prove my income with ITR and others. Later googled some forums and most advised to mention ITR annual value / 12 month and mention that figure. To which I was a side not convinced since they were so clear in their question (If employed) else if they would have mentions monthly income instead of salary.

By this time the First available appointment was moved to March 28th and interview to may 15th !!!
Hence Scheduled bio metric on April 3rd and consular interview on May 15th.

Documents arranged:

Invite from US vendor
Sponsor cum invite from my supplier
Bank statement
My company's GST certificate, 3years balance sheet
ITR return 3 years
Land Document and NSDL Acc Statement as additional proof for asset ( supporting reason that I will return to India for sure)
Marriage and birth certificate of kid

Interview day

VO : GN Passport Please.
Me : V Gn, handed over the same

VO : typing... Purpose of visit
Me : I am distributor for XX sport product , I am national level player in the same game ( her eyebrows raised like wow ) Me and my supplier are visiting our US vendor based in California for our on-going orders cum new product development for the upcoming season.

VO :No of days travelling?
Me: 10 days. (same mentioned in application)

VO : invitation letter?
Me : Handed over both, Us and Indian supplier company's. She too a glance.

VO : typing....Whom are u going to meet in US and do you have any agenda?
Me : Mentioned the person name and informed NO, we dont have any specific agenda for our visit.

VO : So what exactly you do in us. ( repeated the same " she purpose of visit Q in another format)
Me : As I informed you earlier, I am a dealer for said sport product for 10 year with my supplier for TN based in Madurai. I am the proprietor and my boss who is the supplier is also a proprietor having his business at Mumbai. Since me being a player and knew extensive knowledge about this sport and current market information of the products, I will be accompanying with my boss for most of the international vendor meetings. We may have a need to test the product physically before they go into production just in case. This US Company is the top-notch mfgr for our sport.

Vo: typing.... Whats your annual earnings?
ME: Shall I tell my ITR Figure or .. ? Vo : No, I need to know your earning from business. Me. ok its 897350Rs as per previous fin year (same as per IT ).

VO : Have you traveled abroad recently? If yes, duration of the trip.
Me : yes, twice. 6 days china in July 2018. 5 days Germany in May 2018.

VO : Do you have kids ?
Me : Yes 1.

Vo. Do you have some assets by your name? Like she was hesitant to ask this Q.
Me. Yes, I was like...shall I show some doc. and was about to slide of the paper from my file... ? she was like never bothered to peep into and said that's ok no need.

Vo. Typing.....You visa is approved and handed over a slip (info about passport dispatch).your passport will be sent as per your choice of pick up.
Me. Thank you so much, have a nice day!

overall time taken was about 5-6 minutes
Bingo! lets fly to US boss! :-D

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B1/B2 Approved Chennai
May 2019, Chennai.

VO# Hello, Good morning sir
Me# (I was surprised!) Very good morning.

VO# Passport please.
Me# handed over the passport.

VO# <She must have seen my ID Card I was wearing.> You are working in XYZ company? How long you are working there? <her voice was a little bit demotivated. Don't know why!!!>
Me# <Quite confidently> Currently I am working there for xx months (less than a year), but I had been associated with the same company in the past for X years y months.

VO# what is your total experience?
Me# x years y months. <between 8 to 10 years>

VO# what is your designation?
Me# I am the technical lead, but also handling a team of 5 people. I am responsible for project deliverable from the offshore team here in Chennai. <She looked impressed with my role!>

VO# What is your salary?
Me# XX lakhs per annum Indian National Rupee <well above 10 lakhs>

VO# Where are you going in US?
Me# <qwerty> in California to my client <XYZ ABC> office.

VO# duration?
Me# I will be visiting for 2 weeks. Actually, my client has launched a new version of h/w product and they want new features to be integrated with software application also. So I am going to visit to participate in business meetings and discussions in order to understand business requirements.

VO# <she was typing, once completed...> So what I got from your statement is, <she read from the screen what she has typed> your client has launched a new version product and you are going for understanding requirements for the software application.

Me# Yes, exactly.

VO# <Stopped typing and face to face discussion started>When is your project going to start?
Me# We are already in requirement gathering and specification phase, and execution will start from <Specific date>.

<VO started thinking something>

Me# <then I added more> that's why the client has scheduled this meeting from <this date> to <that date>, so that I can return back and share my understanding with architect to start designing solutions and same I will share to my team so that they can start execution of project from <specific date as above>.

<Now she was quite sure about something which she was in doubt earlier and she was highly impressed.>

VO# thank you sir! your visa application has been approved. <she handed over me the green color slip, which says the same in printed format.>

Me# thank you, thank you very much.

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Want Suggestion Regarding B1/B2 Category
Dear Members,

I am 22-year old and wish to attend an annual function cum conference in New York. I have applied for my visa in B1/B2 Catagory and my biometrics & Interview are scheduled on 30, 31 of May 2019 Respectively. Earlier, I am UAE travelled.

May I have any suggestions from your side for my interview.

Kindly Response,

Thanks & Regards
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B1 Visa rejected under section 214b
Dear Friends,

I was attended B1 Visa Interview before one week in New Delhi. Below is the conversation and then suddenly I got rejected under 214b. Not sure how I was rejected even though answered for all questions. Note that VO didn't ask single document but I went there with my complete documents.

Me # Good morning mam!
VO # Give me your passport.

VO # What is the purpose of visit?
Me # Going to meet our client and attend business meetings.

VO # Have you ever visited US or any other country?
Me # No

VO # What is your designation?
Me # Network Lead

VO # How long you're working with current employer?
Me # 1 year and 4 months

VO # How long you're going to stay in US?
Me # 3 weeks

Suddenly she gave my passport back and said sorry your visa is not approved, please take this 214b with you. Good luck for next time.

I would like to reapply ASAP. Note that I am genuine and I had all documents in hand, but mine was rejected. Some inputs would be appreciated.
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Suggestions Regarding B1/ B2 visa
I am 22 years old. I have applied for my USA visa in B1/B2 category & my interview is scheduled on 31 of May 2019. I am looking forward to participating in an annual conference. I am a UAE travelled.
May I have some appropriate suggestions for interview.

Kindly Response.
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I am going for KT how to expalin to them
I am going to KT for the new project, please tell me how to explain to them. If they asked the purpose of visit.
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Interview appointment letter having old DS-160
My interview appointment letter having old DS-160. Please advise me how to change that DS-160. Due to my invitation letter date changes i was created a new form. But while scheduling my interview travel desk team is chosen old DS-160. Please advise me how to change that?
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