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Business Visa - B1

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B1 Visa Approved - Chennai
Got approved B1 Visa on 24th June 2019 at Chennai and my PP back with 10 Year Valid multi entry VISA.

Questions from VO:
Me: GM Sir,
VO: PP pls

VO: ok, You from YYYY XX company.
Me: Yes sir, I am from YYYY Company
VO: You are going to YYYY place
Me:Yes Sir
VO: Why are you going to YYYY .
Me: explained him my task during my visit (in 3 Lines)
VO: What's your Designation
Me: Technical Consultant
VO:What is your profile or T.Consultant means
Me: Explainrd my role and work I do
VO: What tool you use, Whats the name of the tool
Me: YYYY tool (was specified in DS-160 under Duties section)
VO:R U Going alone
Me: yes, Sir
VO:Your Salary
Me:XX lacs per annum
VO: RU married or Single
Me: Married Sir
VO: Your Previous trip to Argentina is for work purpose
Me: No Sir, Business Purpose.

VO looked at my passport entries and all the dates of travel and return in it.
Finally, I am keeping your passport, Your VISA is approved.

VO didn't ask me any of the document for verification.

Tips: Be sure what you enter in DS 160.
Write at least 5-6 lines about your duties, B sure u bring those info during Interview.

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Regarding Business Visa B1
Dera Experts please share your views....

I have traveled before gulf countries several times including Iraq for inspection purpose. Is it impact to get my B1 Visa?

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Business Visa - Approved
hi guys this morning i got my B1 visa approved under B1/B2

Me: Goodmorning Sir
Vo: Goodmorning
Vo: What Are You going to do in USA
Me: I have registered for a IP Routing Practical Lab Exams Scheduled By xyz company
Vo: Starts Types something on his system....then He asked .......Where do you Work
Me: I work With XYZ Company
Vo: How long have you been working with the company
Me: 15years 5months
Vo: Visa Approved
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Dear friends
You all have been so much helpful and I would like to thank you all for this.
I did my biometric today and came to know I have applied for B1 Visa but I have listed B2 in my DS160 and in confirmation letter it’s B1 , what shall I do
I can’t even reschedule it as I have already exceeded my limits.

Please please help me how and what to do in this situation, my interview is tomorrow.

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B1 visa approved@Toronto
Hi All,

Want to share my B1 visa interview experience in Toronto as I don't see any person who attended visa interview in Canada and shared their experiences here.

V: Hi. Good morning!!
Me: Good morning.
Vo: can I have your passport?
Me: Sure. hand over my passport.
Vo: what is the purpose of the visit?
Me: To attend the business meetings with my client.
VO: who is your client?
Me: Told.
VO: Have you been to U.s before?
Me: Yes
Vo: who is paying for your trip?
Me: My employer
Vo: who is your employer?
Me: Told
Vo: How long have you been in Canada?
Me: 5months
Vo: Okay we are approving your visa.
Me: Thanks!!
        It was a very short interview. I didn't expect that they ask only a few questions.

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My dear friends,
I am planning to apply visa as tourist , do I need a invitation letter ?, as I have booked my trip from one of the travel agent ?
Your support is highly appreciated,
Thank you in advance .
Good days ahead .
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Help Needed Urgently
Hello everyone,
First thing first - @Webpage Webpage creater :- Dear thank you very much for this amazing portal. DO YOU KNOW THIS PORTAL IS VERY SLOW NOWADAYS??

Issue - I got invitation from a conference in Atlanta. It was a quiz actually and I got selected. I am not working at this time. Please tell me all the possibilities for getting B1 visa.

I will be waiting for your value-able responses.
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B1 visa approved @Chennai 1st attempt
I want to thank this forum it helped a lot in the preparation of visa interview.

My visa was approved...and with my experience I don't think that year of experience matters much as I am having only 2.3 years of experience. Just your purpose of travel should be clear and you should be prepared with your travel agenda.

The counselor asked for only two documents invitation letter and agenda of the work.

I want to advise that just practice all the possible questions and be ready with all the documents.
All d best guys.
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US visa for attending research conference is approved in First try
Hi all,

My US visa approved just 1month before to attend the research conference in US

No travelling history, no previous experience, no relatives in US

Visa appointment at morning 10:15

Ater long queue finally reach to VO

me: Good morning Mam
VO : Good morning, Please give me your passport (Very smiling lady)

VO : What is purpose of visit to US?
me: My research paper has been accepted in a conference organized in xxx place.

VO: What is your research paper?
me: Explained in a very technical manner.

VO : I don't understand your research, can you explain to me in a simple way?
me: Explained

VO: Are you working on XYZ comapny?
me: yes.

VO: What is your responsibilities?
me: Explained )

VO: Who is going to fund your research?
me: Conference comittee.

Handed over me the 221(g) and ask to email the mentioned documents and returned my passport.

After 1 week of the document, submission called me for passport submission in the nearest location (Ahmedabad)

Finally got VISA after 4 days of passport submission for 10 years.


Be confident
Carry all the documents you thought you required ( even though she doesn't see my any documents)
Look at the eyes of the VO.
Give a clear and confident answer.
Don't panic while standing in a queue
Be relaxed.

Thank you imhelp to start this forum, it help me a lot to prepare answer and document.

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US-B1 Visa Common Interview Questions with Answers
Hi All,

I know most of you are here because you are going to face US B1 visa interview pretty soon so I have listed down B1 questions and sample answers for them.

If you get a chance to go through them and it may be useful for you guys. Feel free to ask any questions if feel so.

Don't Forget to COMMENT if you have got benefited from this even a single bit.

Link for questions and my experience:

Thanks and Regards,
Your Friendly Neighborhood BATMAN
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