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221 G for FTE Employees
Hi All ,

I have read lot of experiences here , but still have a query on in what conditions are 221 G given to employees with full time employment .

Any suggestions will help here .

thanks .
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H1 B Visa

I have read a lot of interview experiences in this forum so I wanted to share mine too, hoping it might be useful to someone.

I had my fingerprints on 26th May and H1 b visa interview today (May 28th).

For the fingerrpints, they just check your passport and ask you your date of birth and take scans of all your finger prints. It is simple and easy.

H1 B visa interview :

For the H1 B visa interview, first they check our passport at the main gate, then all our documents and security check is done. After entering inside again they verify our fingerprints.
Later we are made to sit in a row and then shifted to another place and finally in the visa interview line.
The waiting process is almost for an hour.
Finally we go into the room where the visa interview will take place. It is similar to the place the fingerprints are taken so you can imagine how it looks.

The person who interviewed me was a man in his late 30s and looked friendly.

VO: Good morning
Me : Goodmorning Sir, How are you doing?

There is a slot in which you can place the documents they need and i placed my i-797 in that but he didnt even take it.

VO: I am doing good. How about you?
Me: I am doing good too. Thankyou for asking.

VO : Who do you work for?
Me: Told.

VO: He pronounced it again. (with a smile)
Me: Yes.

VO: Who is your client?
Me: I told him.

VO: He repeated that too.
Me: Yes

VO: What is your salary?
Me: Mentioned as per LCA, i specifically told him i will be having that salary in US)

VO: Is this your first H1 B Visa
Me: Yes

VO: How long have you been working for this employer?
Me: I told him

VO: How did you get this job?
Me: My ex colleague recommended me for the position.

VO: What was the interview process?
Me: I explained it.

Then he was checking something on his computer.

VO: Your visa is approved. Have a safe flight.

I was a bit surprised that it was over so soon.
I told him thankyou and walked out.
I was literally jumping with joy inside but was also surprised he did not ask me for even a single document and the only thing he has access to according to my knowledge is my DS 160.

A few tips regarding the interview:
->Dress in formal wear and go atleast 20-30 mins prior to your appointment time, they will allow you in.
-> Be ready to wait for an hour and do not over stress yourself.
-> Make sure you carry all the mandatory documents, it is better to be over prepared with the documents than not take some. Also buy a folder with tabs on it so whatever documents the VO asks you can pull it out immediately and give him instead of searching for him/her and keep them waiting.
->Even if the VO does not greet you, put a smile on your face and wish them.
-> Answer confidently all the questions they ask you to the point, do not give lengthy explanations unless needed.
-> If at any point you feel their question is not clear please ask them to repeat it instead of assuming what the question is, but be sure to pay attention to what they are saying well.
-> It will neither be too quiet nor too loud where you have the interview so be mentally prepared for a slightly loud environment.
-> You will be able to hear the questions and answers of the people before but do not get effected by their approval or rejection.

Best of luck to all who are prepping for their interview!!!!

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H1B visa approvals in Hyd
What is the current trend gong in Hyderabad Consulate for H1B visa?

Is it safe to go to Hyderabad for visa stampings?
I am planning to go in July 2019.
Any one please suggest?
This is my 2 Nd time stamping in Hyd.
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Got an appointment for H4 visa transfer in Albany, NY while I am in India
Hi All, I am currently on H4 Visa living in NY, USA. My husband got an another job offer and hence his visa (H1B) got transferred and approved. The new employer mailed us that his visa was filed in premium on 15th April 2019 (which was not true).While the employer has asked us to fill certain forms for the visa filing process, we had mentioned that I (wife) am in US with him(husband, which was true at that time) We were waiting for the transfer to happen but got no update for a long time.
    Meanwhile, I had to travel suddenly due to a family emergency to India. I landed in India on 6th May and later got to know that the employer had filed the visa on 13th May on which my husband got an approval.
     Now the USCIS has mailed us a form-1-797C,Notice of action, for an appointment for biometrics and stamping at Albany center on 3rd June 2019. But, I am still in India and my return is on 19th June.

My question is-1) What should be our further course of action, as the appointment clearly mentions that non presence for the biometrics and stamping will be considered as "abandoned". Cannot travel to US as my husband's visa is on the name of New employer and my H4 visa is still according to the old employer
2) Why have they mentioned for Biometrics as the H4 visa transfer usually includes dropbox for the stamping of Visa?

Hope to get help through this prestigious forum. Thank you
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I got my 221g approval after 8 months when I had explicitly asked for my status
Hello All,

My new employer had filled for h1b which got approved (2 days after my extension got denied so I had to leave the country for the visa interview) while I was in the US. My interview was in July and the embassy issued me 221g and collected my client letter (vendor informed me that the client has responded the questions asked by the embassy). I had contacted the customer care and was checking my status everyday but no luck. After 3 months I had again contacted the customer care and they had told me that there's no timeline for 221g.

Cut to 8 months after my interview, I had lost hopes and had almost forgotten about my visa but suddenly one day I had called the customer care (the status online was still showing "Administrative Processing") that's when they suggested me to email to [email protected] for more info since it had been so long. After following their suggestion, I get a reply saying "Please submit your passport".I got the visa but now there's a problem.

My client letter and vendor letter has been expired (also the client office has been moved to a different city than the one mentioned in the client letter), and the client no longer wants to support since the position has already been filled. My question to you people is -

Is it safe to travel to the US in this situation?
Would it be a problem at the port of entry?
Would they dig deep and check my client letter or with the directly client?
If they send me back, will I no longer be allowed to enter the US in the future?

Thank you for your replies.

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H1B stamping Hyd Approved
My Experience is as follows,

VO was very strict.

VO: Good Morning
ME: Good Morning

VO: can I see your petition
ME: gave I797

VO: what is AAA (referring my employer)
ME: They are my employer

VO: what do they do?
ME: told what exactly their business was. (they are so and so and provide IT services for blah blah)

VO: where do you work at?
ME at client location

VO: where are they located?
ME: AAA,AA(City,State)

VO: what is your client business
ME: explained what my company is and my project

VO: can i see LCA
ME: given

VO: client letter?
ME: given and she is not happy with the document I provided.

VO: i cant see your duties in here. give me your client letter in serious tone
ME: gave the same showing where those are mentioned in the doc. and she is still not happy

VO: she is still looking at doc
ME: i gave some more supporting doc (employee copy while filing for USCIS) which has my roles and responsibilities.

VO: what is your salary per year
ME: told /year

VO: do you know your rights working in USA
ME: yes

VO: OK sir. your visa is approved
ME: thank you madam.

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I wantred to share my H1B stamping experience today. This website has helped me a lot throughpout my porcess of prepation for the interview. So, I would be glad if this could help anyone else too.
Please find my experience below:

After clearing the security checks and stuff I have waited for my turn and when I was next in the line to fave the VO, the assistant over there has asked me for my passport and he has submitted it to the VO, so that he can pull out my info by the time I step in front of him.
The conversation went out like this:

VO (He was sipping in some water)
Me: Good morning officer, how are you doing?

VO: Good, you?
Me: Im doing great. Thank you.

VO: XYZ company eh?
Me: Yes.

VO: This is your first H1B stamping isn't it?
Me: Yes

VO: How long since have you been with this company?
Me: Answered

VO: Do you work in-house to your company?
Me: No, I work for XYZ client. And I work at the client location.

VO: What is your job title?
Me: Answered

VO: What is your highest degree?
Me: Masters in Computer Science in so&so Univ.

VO: Did you go to any school in the US?
Me: Yes, so&so Univ.

VO: When did your OPT start?
Me: Answered

VO: When did your H1B status begin?
Me: Answered

VO: We ared one sir, we need 3-5 business days to process your case firther?
Me: Will I be given any recipet number from whioch I can track my case?

VO: No, you wont be given anything like that, but trust me, you are fine, this is all normal.
Me: Sure, thanks and have a nice day.

1. I do see, people saying that the status has been changes after a couple of days, where can I track my case?
2. My H1b has started from Oct 1st 2016, I have answered it as Nov 1st 2016 by mistake. Will that be a problem?
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H4 - 221G
Hi All,

Writing this on my behalf of my wife who is currently on H4.

Timeline of Events:
April 26th - Myself and my wife Reached India
April 29th - My wife has dropped off documents at consulate (she was eligible for dropbox)
May 3rd – She received a 221g email saying to attend for a visa interview. We scheduled for a visa interview on May 14th
May 14th – My wife attended the visa interview and the VO asked the following questions.
How long have you been married?
Where does your husband stay?
Were you ever out of status?
Do you have previous H4 visa?

And the VO took the passport and told my wife that there is some further administrative processing needs to be done and we will get back to you in 3-5 business days. And the VO also gave her a small white slip which says the following:

"Your visa application has been refused under 221(g) of the U.S. Immigration and Nationality Act (INA) because your application requires additional administrative processing before a final decision can be made. No visa shall be issued unless an application is complete.

Please be advised that you should only receive information from the U.S. Consulate or U.S Embassy about your case. Additionally, the fees that you paid at the time you applied for your visa are the only fees that you should be paying. If any other organization, consultancy, or person contacts you regarding your visa, or requests any additional fees, please inform the consulate at [email protected]

For any inquires, please call the call center numbers mentioned at"

It's been almost 8 business days and we have not heard from the consulate yet. My husband has a full time job and I'm also working full time. Not sure of the reason for this 221g for a H4. Really frustrated with this wait.

Is anyone in the same boat???

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Hyderabad consulate - H1B experience
Reached 30 min before appointment.
This was my first time to be interviewed at Hyd consulate, i was impressed with Prior day experience related to finger print process and today's interview process.

Stamping experience:

Arrived 30 min before interview, straightaway been asked to get into the line. The next 45 min security check, document check, finger print verification all these formalities were completed. Quick suggestion here is when you come to interview make sure whatever supporting documents you are bringing are not in envelops, no wrist watches, leave phones and wallets at home/hotel. Just bring adequate cash which is sufficient for your cab charges for returning home/hotel. I noticed so many people spending lot of time during security check.

After spending nearly 45min in completing these formalities, my turn came in to face the interviewer.

Officer: Are you Mr.....
Me: Yes

Officer: When did you join this company
Me: Just 15 days back.

Officer: Oh, so earlier where you used to work.
Me: I worked as a contractor for the same company for last x years.

Officer: Do you have your payslip
Me: Yes, shown the payslip

Officer: So this company is in XX State.
Me: Yes

Officer: What is your designation in this company
ME: Mentioned my designation

Officer: What is your highest degree
Me: Master and specified the university (India)

Officer: What is your annual income
Me: Mentioned my income, she was quite impressed with my package, so i mentioned yes that was one of the reason i joined this company also said that it's a very good company with good benefits.

Officer: Thanks for the information, your visa is approved.
Me: Thank you and have a nice day.

Hope my above experience helps you guys in your preparation. Thanks immihelp for capturing all the experiences, i too read those experiences before appearing for my interview. All the best.

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Incorrect Information on DS160
Hi All,

I am planning to go for stamping(dropbox) in India in August. While filling the DS-160 I noticed that I had discrepancy in the dates of my masters in the last DS-160 for preevious stamping. Updated the right information in the latest DS-160. Also for people who studied in engineering Tamilnadu, I had mentioned the college name last time, but this time updated it to Anna University since the degree certificate says anna university.

Would this be an issue in my stamping ?

Please share your experiences in similar issues
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