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H1B VO approved but no status updates in 11 days
Hi all,

I attended my Visa interview at the Delhi Embassy on the 21st of May. OFC on 20th May.

The interview went fine and the Vo said that the Visa is approved at the end of it and that I would receive the passport in one week.

It's been 11 days since the interviwe and my status shows up as administrative processing on CEAC with the last update date being the same day as the interview ie 21st May.

Anybody else having the same issue?
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H1B Stamping Experience Chennai May 30th, 2019
Hello All,

Sharing my Visa stamping experience in US Consulate Chennai.

VO: How are you?

Me: Fine mam!

VO: Is your employer XXXXXX?

Me: Thats right.

VO: What is your annual pay?


VO: What is your company doing?

Me: Financial processing

VO: What is your highest education level?

Me: Masters in Computer Science

VO : How long you have been married ?

Me: XX years.

VO : Is your young one is a US Citizen?

Me: yes

VO: Alright your visa is approved. Can collect the passport in three business days.

Me: Thank you !!

Note: Passport is ready on next day itself and got the email confirmation to collect the passport.
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H1B dropbox 221g(Mumbai)
Hi, This forum has helped me to prepare mentally for H1B visa interview. So here is my story to help others.
 4 days after dropbox, i got a mail that passport is ready to collect and the online status was still "Admin Processing". So as expected, when collected, i got 221g slip along with my passport. I went to interview next day. Here are the questions and answers

Q: which company you work for

A: Name of company

Q: How long you have been with this company?

A: More than One and half years

Q: Do you work for client ?

A: No, I work on company’s In-house project

Q: what project you work on ?

A: I work on company product called XXXX.

It provides consolidated access to oracle, Salesforce and other ERP systems.

I work as System Analysts. My work includes: Analyzing system designs and key software programs. Evaluate new business needs and develop processing systems that would meet those business needs and are compatible with technical capabilities

 Q: where is the office you work from ? Is it main office ?

A : the office is in XXXX. Yes it is main office

Q: what is the address?

A : Address of the company (complete postal address..she waited till i complete the address)

Q: How many people work in your project

A: 10

Q: How many work from office?

A: I work from office. Some work remotely as we work on cloud.

Q: Generally how many work from office.

A: any thing between 10 to 25.

Q: do you have pay slip? Any one will do

A : I provided bunch of payslips and W2

Q: so you get XXX per month?

A: yes that’s right?

Q: looks like you got promotion (with smile)

A: Yes, my company appreciates and acknowledges good work

Q: when did you get it ?

A: It was offered in September 2018?

Q: she checked some papers and Said “I see it is reflecting in dec”.

Next...I did not get what exactly she was saying, but by her tone and facial expression, it looks like she was just making statement and not asking me any questions. So I just nodded and said yes..ok

Q: Do you have I129 and LCA

A: I promptly gave both docs to her. She went through them ( 2/3 mins)

Q: What is your priority date?

A: it just got approved, don’t know exact date

Q: who filled?

A: my company

Q: where your wife?

A: she is at xxx (place in USA)

Q: ok

Q: Why she did not travel with you?

A : I had to travel alone in rush

VO: OK ..
..She started looking at papers for almost 4-5 mins (at least i felt like that!!)

VO : congratulations! your visa is approved

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Time Out Test
Please disregard this post if seen. /experience/view-21-h1bvisa_h4visa.html
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Please Advise for first H1B stamping
I got my H1B extension approved last week for 3 years and I am planning to get my visa stamped from F1-H1.
I do have following questions below, please advise
1. Which consulate is best right now to get my visa stamped, is it India/Canada or any other suggestions would help?
2. My company asked me to convert to full time am not sure how long it will take but please advise me whether it is good to wait until I convert full time to end client or should I go in the EVC model where am now for my H1B visa stamping?
3. I have changed two employers during my opt and I got my H1 with current one which is my third employer will it be a problem during my H1 visa interview

I have each and every detailed documentation from my employer, client and vendor which are necessary for the visa interview
All your suggestions will help me a lot

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Petitioner Start and End date Incorrect
Hi All,

I have visa interview scheduled in next couple weeks for H1B petition.

By Mistake i have given incorrect details on US travel Doc's Profile in Petitioner section, after date confirmation am unable to see that Petitioner section to edit, approached customer care they mentioned not an issue.

did any faced similar issue? please share your experiences.

Also i have read in some blog , petitioner info can be edited on OFC day.
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221G at hyd Consulate
My timeline
May 9 - dropbox submitted in Hyd consulate
May 22 - interview at consulate. Officer asked me about role, salary, education in US and location.
Officer mentioned they need to do some more administrative processing on my case and gave me a white slip which said "admin processing can take several weeks...."

Case last update on May 29. Any idea how long my case can take? My flight back US is on Tuesday 6/4, nervous about my chances.
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H1b queries

I have attended interview in March 3 rd week for h1b .I have been given 221g blue slip asking for Sow document,status of project,deadline of project, employees count of that project etc;

I have got the query on the day of interview and they asked employer to send the documents .

My employer is about to submit the document for that query mentioned above.

However I have got another query on my email recently ,asking for tax documents from end client .They have attached the 221g document and asked me to submit it.

However when checked with employer , employer said tax documents for endclient may not be given and confidential. Employer said they will provide document explaining that they can't provide tax documents for end client on behalf of me.

My concern here is,can they reply for tax documents from endclient query on behalf of me .

Can some one please suggest me here.


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L2 EAD to H1B CAP Exempt
Hi Everyone, I have a question.
I have a valid L2 EAD and I am working for a non profit profit oragnization. They can file my cap exempt H1B .
Is it advisable to switch status from L2 EAD to cap exempt H1B, Please suggest the Pros and Cons.
Thank you in advance!

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Well friends this is an update to my earlier posts about 221g in HYD and timeline that my wife faced.
Finally after 60 days (on th 61st day) she received the email from Consulate to submit Passport.
she dropped it off the next day on received the stamped passport in 4 days.
For more detailed timelines you can look into my earlier posts / experiences.

I hope this helps people who are waiting after getting 221g.

All the best!
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