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Dropbox Documents
Hi ,

I have my appointment for dropbox in first week of June , when i am in hyderabad ,

Could you pls advise if we can also leave
1 - Employment letter
2 - Bank statements
3 - Pay slips
4 - W2's showing your tax returns

apart from mandatory documents like below
1 - I797
2 - Photos
3 - DS160 confirmations
4 - Drop box confirmation
5 - I797 Original .
6 - Passport

I think providing all documents makes it easy for decision to visa officer , but many comments here dont confirm if they even take those documents .

Thanks ,
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F1 to H1 Journey
Hi everyone,

1st H1B. My first passport got tear which had the F1 visa. and canceled by Hyderabad airport and got a new one. The new passport did not have any Visa in it. My employer applied H1 petition in 2018 April until Feb 2nd there was no update on my h1 case. H1 premium process opened on FEB 2nd and I immediately opted for premium. After that I received RFE and we replied pretty soon. On April 9th I received my h1 copy from employers. Was expecting administrative processing because this is my second masters on CPT. Once I got to know that my i94 was not approved I immediately left the USA and landed in India. In-between I rescheduled my visa interview three times.

Here is my journey towards my H1

First master: XXX Univerisity
was in OPT for a year later university lost accreditation.

applied for the second master
XXX university (CPT)

Applied H1 April 3rd, 2018
Picked on April 12th, 2018
no update until the premium is opened this year in FEB
Feb 2nd applied for premium
Feb 20th Received RFE about my 2nd masters CPT
March 5th we replied to USCIS
March 29th Approved
April 9th received the document (221G) H1 Approved but i94 not approved
April 12th Scheduled OFC April 29th, Hyderabad and interview on June 14th, Chennai
April 14th Re-scheduled OFC May 1st, Hyderabad and interview on May 1st, Chennai
April 15th Landed in India
April 17th Re-Scheduled OFC April 26th, Hyderabad and interview on April 26, Chennai
April 19th Re-Scheduled OFC May 1st, Hyderabad and interview on May 14th, Hyderabad

US consulate - Hyderabad
OFC - 1st May 2019
Visa interview - 14th May 2019
Case last updated - 22nd May 2019
Model: EVC

Attended interview,

VO: Hi Good Morning, can I have your i797 and passport.
ME: Good Morning (Searching in the folder)
VO: Have you completed your Master
ME: Yes

VO: Name of the Couse

VO: From when are you working to your petitioner
ME: XXX month XXX year

VO: From when are you working to your Client
ME: XXX month XXX year

VO: Same Question (From when are you working to your Client)
ME: Yeah XXX month XXX year (Because i started working with both in same month and year she got confused)

VO: Ok, (Returned my Documents and kept passport)
ME: waiting for the golden words

VO: it's in admin process please check back in 3 to 4 days gave me white slip
ME: do I need to submit any additional documents.

VO: no need we will inform you if needed.
ME: Thank you have a nice day.

April 14th: interview
April 14th: Visa in Admin process
April 15th to April 21st no update (still shows admin process)
April 22nd in between 11 am to 1 pm status moved to Issued

waiting for message or mail to pick my passport.

Thank you everyone just thought of sharing my complete journey.


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H1B Interview at Hyd
I had my H1B visa interview on May 22 at the Hyderabad consulate. This is my first H1B.

The VO asked me to submit my I-797A and passport. My employer had only given me the bottom portion of the I-797A and she retained the top portion. This was as per the instructions on the I-797A. I wasn't aware that I had to bring the entire document with me.

The VO then asked me if I had a copy of the full I-797A. I gave that to her. She noticed that the validity dates were different in the top and bottom portions.
Top portion: Valid from 11/23/2018 to 07/30/2021
Bottom portion: Valid from 11/23/2018 to 08/09/2021

She asked me if this was my recent I-797A. I said yes.

Other questions:
Where do you work?
How long have you been working with your current company?
How long have you been in the United States?
What is your current designation?

She returned my passport along with a 221(g) white slip. I've been asked to email them a copy of my most recent I-797.

Has anyone here gone through something similar? I didn't realize the dates were different until she pointed it out today.
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F1 to H1B
Hi everyone

US consulate - Chennai
Visa interview - 8th April 2019
Case last updated - 22 April 2019
Administrative processing

EVC model

Attended interview, vo asked general question like
 client letter , salary, end client name, roles and responsibilities
Vo said visa approved and gave me paper which had details to collect passport

5/22/2019 - status is administrative processing

45 calendar days and 32 working days has passed.
Visited India for marriage and got stuck here.
Cancelled my return flight ticket and end client not allowing to do wfh

1) my h1b got approved in nov 2018 and since then my payslip doesn't have social security tax deduction

Wondering is this the reason for delay

Please advise! Thanks
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H1B Visa Interview Experience Mumbai
H1B Visa interview on 5/20

1st H1B. I lost my first passport as it was stolen which had the F1 visa. The new passport did not have any Visa in it. Was expecting administrative processing for that as my wife (whose passport was stolen too) previously had her H1B visa interview in Bangalore and it went through admin processing after she got the 221G slip. It took around three weeks for her.

VO : Hi, can I have your passport, (then she realized that it is for H1B then asked for my i797)

VO : Where did you graduate from?
Me : Answered

VO : What was your degree in?
Me : Answered

VO : Who do you work for?
Me : Answered

VO : What is your salary?
Me : Answered

VO : I see that you lost your previous passport?
Me : yes, it was stolen

Started typing and scrolling etc

VO : You will get your passport in 2 to 3 days.
Me : Thanks

I should have asked if that meant it was approved, she did not give me any 221g slip or something. But just a regular sheet of paper which explains how to track the passport.

I assumed that meant it was approved.

Online Status :
Cased opened : 5/20
Case updated : 5/21 (Day of interview) Admin Processing
Currently showing Admin processing too. Hope everything goes well.

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Delay in receiving the Passport
Hi all recently i came to india for vacation as well as for my visa stamping.i submitted my documents via DropBox in chennai and I checked my visa status which shows issued but I haven’t reciprocate my passport yet has anyone faced difficulties or delays in receiving your passport what should i do now please help or share your thoughts thanks
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H1B stamping chances in India

I have a question that needs your suggestion or expertise.

> I came to US in 2014 through company A
> I went to India in 2015 and got stamping till Aug 2017 using company A
> End of 2015 I changed my job and did a contracting job in Company B -- EVVC model
> I never travelled to India after moving to company B
> In 2018 I again changed my job to FTE to an American Direct client in Company C

Now I am planning for a India vacation.

My Questions are

> Will there be any difficulty now if I am going for a stamping through company C? I do have all the documents including the client letter
> Chances of getting 221G?
> Will the Consulate ask about my Company B details and end client etc?
> Will Consular ask about my I140 details?
> If yes how do I need to answer them if they ask about my GC process?

I might be overthinking but please guide me with your expertise. Thanks.

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H1B stamping bad experience
Any one from farmington university who have been successfull in getting h1b visa stamped and travelled back to USA.
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2nd time h1b approved after 221g in 1 week
Hope this helps!!

This is 2nd h1 interview

Interview on May 09
Issued may 16

How long working with xxx?

Who were you before that ?

How did you find this job ?

How many interviews did you have?

Team size?

What to they do?

Do you like working with them?

What is highest degree?

In what?

Have you had any issues with visa when you were in college ?

VO: we need to do some admin processing and it will take 1 week.

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Applying H4 and H4EAD using husbands extension receipt's number?
My Husband applied for amendment and extension on March 2019. I am working on H1. But currently, my extension is pending with USCIS more than 240 days and my I 94 got expired. I am planning to apply for h4 and h4EAD using my husband's extension receipt number.

1) Is it possible to apply h4 and h4EAD using my husband's receipt number?
2) Also, my husband's company moved his extension to premium processing yesterday. If I apply now for H4 and H4EAD will my application will also be considered for premium? Please advise.
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