NVC Case Number for Consular Processing or Immigrant Visa
When NVC receives the approved immigrant petition from USCIS, it generates the NVC case number, which is different than USCIS receipt number.

The NVC case number is in the format of - EEEYYYYOOOSSS. That is three letters followed by ten digits.

e.g., BMB2010534003
  • EEE - The U.S. Embassy or the Consulate that will process the immigrant visa. E.g., BMB for Bombay (Mumbai), MDR for Madras (Chennai) and NWD for New Delhi.

  • YYYY - The year in which the case was received by NVC from the USCIS. This year is the calendar year which runs from January to December. It is not the USCIS fiscal year that runs from October to September.

    e.g., 2010

  • OOO - Julian Date which is Ordinal Date plus 500.

    Example 1 - 534 means the case was created on 34th day of the year, that is February 3.

    Example 2 - The case was created on March 4, 2010. This digits would show 563 (500 + 63rd day)

  • SSS - Sequence number for the day

    e.g., 002 means this case was the second approved petition scanned on that day for that particular U.S. Embassy/Consulate.