Schedule USA Visa Appointment in India - Step by Step Instructions
The following procedure is specific to India. Click here for China specific information.

If you would like your spouse/child(ren) to travel to the U.S. with you, apply for your visas at the same time. Book your visa interview appointments for the same day and attend your visa interview together. If you are applying as a family, you can schedule your appointment together using the "Add Dependent" option while scheduling the appointment.

The U.S. Embassy/Consulates control the number and allocation of interview appointments, not any outsourced agency. Appointments are not transferable. It is strongly recommended that you don't fall prey to people who try to hawk appointments. Such cases are reported to Consular office as misuse.

Overall Application Process

Appointments for nonimmigrant visas for the U.S. can be made either online or calling the call center.

Appointment by Phone
To schedule U.S. visa appointment by phone, please call the call center.

Online Procedure
Note: If you are scheduling a group appointment, follow group appointment procedure.

For individual or family appointment, please follow the step-by-step instructions as follows.

Please note that steps 1 through 10 are considered 'Create Profile' steps which are required BEFORE you can pay the visa application fee.
  1. Visit the  CGI Web site.

  2. If you are a first time visitor to their web site, click on 'New User?' towards the bottom of the screen to register yourself.

    Complete details

  3. Once you have registered, visit their web site again to schedule an appointment.

    Complete details

  4. Before proceeding, make sure to review the general instructions and collect the required documents.

    Click on 'Schedule Appointment'.

  5. Select Visa Type and hit 'Continue'. Select your state of residence and hit 'Continue'. Select Language of Interview and hit 'Continue'.

    Complete details

  6. Select Visa Category and hit 'Continue'. Select Visa Class and hit 'Continue'.

    Complete details

  7. Make sure that all the information you have entered or selected so far is accurate. If there is anything incorrect, please hit 'Back' button. Otherwise, hit 'Continue'.

  8. Enter your personal details such as passport details, contact information and mailing address and hit 'Continue'.

    Complete details

  9. If you have any dependents who will be attending the interview along with you, enter their details and hit 'Continue'. If you would like to make an appointment for other family members in the same appointment slot at the same date and time, enter their details by clicking 'Add Dependent'. If you are scheduling a one-person appointment, skip this step and click 'Continue'.

    Complete details

  10. Answer a couple of questions related to prior visa refusal and whether you are applying for U.S. visa renewal and hit 'Continue'.

    Specify 'Document Delivery' and hit 'Continue'.

    Complete details

  11. Make the visa fee payment.

    U.S. visa fee payment options

  12. Enter visa fee receipt information (BANK REFERENCE NUMBER) and hit 'Continue'.

    Alternatiavely, if your activated fee receipt number is already displayed, you don't need to enter that any more. Just hit 'Continue'.

  13. Schedule Consular Appointment and hit 'Continue'.

  14. Schedule VAC Appointment and hit 'Schedule VAC Appointment' which is actually a 'Continue' button.

  15. You will see the appointment confirmation screen.

    You can print the appointment confirmation screen as the appointment letter.

    Alternatively, you can also enter your email address (the one you registered with is already shown by default) and click on 'Email Appointment Confirmation'. You can enter any email address you like or several email addresses one by one.

    Or, you can click on 'Printable Version' and it will let you download the PDF version of the appointment confirmation letter. This version is cleanest of all.

    Sample appointment confirmation letter

Third Country Nationals
Even though any person who is legally present in India can apply for U.S. visa at any of the U.S. consulates in India, non-Indian citizens are generally advised to apply in their country of citizenship or residence. It is generally much more difficult to demonstrate the strongest ties outside your home country. Therefore, you should not make any decision solely based on just inconvenience or delay in getting an appointment in your own area.
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