Renunciation of Indian Citizenship Certification Application

Note: Effective Nov 2, 2020, Indian government has given the contract to VFS Global. Previous contract with CKGS has ended. We are updating the instructions as they become available.

For the applicants in the US, the application for a renunciation certificate to get the surrender certificate must be made through VFS Global.

Application Process

  1. Visit VFS Global Online Application.

    You can apply for a renunciation certificate alone, or along with an Indian Visa or OCI. If you would like to receive your renunciation certificate once it is ready for collection, but before OCI is processed, you will need to arrange for two return shipping envelopes.

    Go through the online questionnaire and complete all fields. This will generate one or more forms along with the document checklist. You must print them out on paper.

  2. You need to keep the following details handy regarding your US or foreign passport and most recent Indian passport:
    • Passport Number
    • Date of Issue
    • Date of Expiry
    • Place of Issue
      You will also need the details of current acquired citizenship.

  3. You will get the Document Checklist, one or more forms, information about fees, processing times and Web Reference Number. Make sure to write down this number as you will need that number in case you want to resume the application later or get disconnected.

  4. Information about documents

Preparing Application Package

  • You must make sure that your application is complete in all aspects. Incomplete applications will be returned with no refund for the fees.

  • Make sure to print all the documents on a single side of the paper as double-sided printed documents are not accepted.

  • Follow the instructions in the document checklist properly as it lists the documents, forms, letters, whether originals or copies are necessary, and whether they have to be self-attested or notarized and the number of documents required. Arrange the documents in the same order as listed in the document checklist.

  • Make sure that the number of documents, original and / or copies have been collated and are correct as per the document checklist.

  • As you put the documents into the envelope for submission, tick off the boxes on the checklist.

  • Enclose one copy of the document checklist in the envelope and keep another one (or its copy) for your reference.

Mode of Submission

You can either submit the application through courier service on both ways or in person. It is highly recommended to go through courier service to avoid the hassles of visiting in person, standing in line, parking charges and wasted times.

  • Through Courier:
    Follow shipping instructions.

    The address should include
    Attn To: New Renunciation of Indian Citizenship Application
    ICAC Name (Such as ICAC Houston)
    Renunciation of Indian Citizenship Department
    ICAC Address (Street, City, State, Zipcode)

  • In-Person:

    Currently unavailable due to COVID-19.

    • When completing the application process online, you will choose ‘Walk-in’ as the submission option.

    • Select from the available appointment date and timeslot and receive the appointment letter from VFS Global.

    • Visit in person at the designated appointment date and time to submit your application along with all documents at the ICAC.

      Visit ICAC to cancel, reschedule, or follow up on the appointment or to reprint appointment letter.

In either case, the VFS Global will start processing your application only after they physically receive it. Until then, they will not do any processing only based on your online process completion.

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