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India passport re-issue , stuck at embassy (Washington DC)
I applied for passport renewal on 20 Nov 2020 , passport reached Washington, DC embassy on 10th Dec. After Police verification completed and submitted on 21st Dec, there are no updates on case after 2 weeks . Status is still Passport application is under review at Indian Embassy, when Police sent verification completion 12 days before.

Has anyone faced this delay ? Do we get any replies from embassy on email / phone , i tried phone but its not working.

Please share if you get any help from Indian Embassy.
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Passport Reissue pending for 3 months
I applied for my passport reissue at NY embassy in first week of Oct, 2020. This was for DOB correction. Before applying, I went to NY embassy and got the application and all supporting documentation verified. According to them, it was was all in order and I should proceed with applying. I proceeded ahead but status of my passport application is still - "Under review at embassy/consulate". I raised Pramit queries but no response. I sent email multiple times to "[email protected]" but no response. I raised grievance at but no help even there. I am in dark at this time on my application status.

Is anyone else facing such delays? What do you suggest? Should I plan to visit NY embassy in person?

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Got My Passport ReIssued in 1.5 Months
Sharing my Experience of Passport ReIssue from SanFransisco Jurisdiction. It took me 1.5 months to receive my passport.

Below are the Status Timelines:

--------------------------Status on VFS Site-----------------
14 NOV- Shipped my Application via FedEx
16 NOV- Application delivered to VFS via FedEx
23 NOV- Your Application is under process at VFS Center
23 NOV- Your application has been forwarded to the Embassy
28 NOV- Your application has reached the Embassy

-------------------------Status on the Indian Govt Site----------------------------

27 NOV- Passport application along with fee details have been received. The same is under processing at the Embassy/Consulate.
2 DEC- Passport application is under review at Indian Embassy/Consulate.
9 DEC- This is to inform you that Police Verification Request has been sent to the Police department
13 DEC- My Parents received the call for Police Verification in India
21 DEC- Print has been initiated for the passport.
23 DEC- Passport has been printed.
23 DEC- Passport is printed and will be delivered shortly.

--------------------------Status on VFS Site-----------------
28 DEC- Your application has been dispatched via courier
29 DEC- Received Old & New Passport via FedEx
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Passport Renewal Application Status
Hey Guys,
My application reached to Embassy on 16th Dec.
From 17th the status on govt. website is "Passport application is under review at Indian Embassy/Consulate".
I haven't gotten any police verification email yet. At what point do you usually get the email?
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My tatkal passport renewal application
There was no progress in my case from Nov 17-Dec 14. I did so many calls to VFS customer service.

Dec 15- Finally I got a call from VFS NY that you have a hard time because of us so send your scanned application through email to his official email ID. I sent my application immediately. Few hours later status updated 'Ready to Dispatch to Embassy'.
Dec 16- On gov site status updated to 'Application received, in process'
Dec 17- Passport printed.
Dec 18, 19 was weekend
Dec 20 - Dispatched to VFS
Dec 21/22 - no status update after Received from Embassy update
Dec 23- Did an email to the same guy. He didn't respond but status updated to couriered.
Xmas holidays
Dec 28-Received my passport.
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Missing return label
I opted for VFS package delivery through FedEx but unfortunately forgot to put the return label print out in the application package. Can they pull it up from their side or can a soft copy emailed to them would work? Or would they tag it as a missing document to be sent through FedEx again?
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Indian Passport Renewal via VFS December Applicant
Hello All,

I have submitted the Indian passport renewal application. My timeline so far:

December 15, 2020: Application package delivered by FedEx.

December 22, 2020: We have received your application and your application is now under process at ICAC in the Embassy of India, DC

December 23, 2020: Your application has been Processed at the ICAC and In-Transit to the Embassy for decision making.

On the Government website tracking portal:

December 23, 2020: Passport application along with fee details have been received. The same is under processing at the Embassy/Consulate.

I will post more details under the same thread once my application status will move forward.

My question is (according to more threads under the experiences here on immihelp) Once the application has been reviewed by the Consulate/Embassy and is ready for collection at ICAC or will be dispatched within 24 hours,

Can I go in person to pick up my passport?
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Indian Passport Renewal in NYC
Hi All, I submitted my passport and relevant documents for renewal (regular processing) via FedEx which was signed for and received on Dec 1st 2020. I had renewed my last passport in New York as well and even after 21 days I have not received a single notification from VFS.
I have since been calling and emailing the VFS helpline with absolutely no update. VFS has not provided me with any status on my passport. I have zero knowledge on the whereabouts of my passport after 3 weeks. The VFS tracking still comes up as invalid. This is very concerning. Anyone seeing such delays in acknowledgement having applied to New York? Any idea what I can do or whom I should escalate to? Thanks in advance.
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Status Not changing at Indian Embassy
Hi Everyone,
I applied for Passport Renewal and my package reached SFO Jurisdiction on 16th NOV. I go below status on 1st DEC from Indan Govt SIte:
The passport application is under review at the Indian Embassy/Consulate.

But since then, There has been no change in status. My parent even got call for Police verification and got it done 10 days back but still, I am not able to see any change.
Any idea whom and where I can reach out to?
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VFS Passport Renew Question
We are applying for my wife's passport renewal. Not getting much help from VFS regarding our questions, so posting here with the hope that we will get some answers. Her current passport has Indian address (her parent's home) which is no longer valid. Her parents still live in the same house, but the address of that house has changed as the area is now under a newly formed district. So my understanding is we need to put our USA address. Is this correct?

My wife doesnt have a driver's license. We have our gas bill, but it has both of our names on it. Will this be acceptable as address proof if we have to put USA address to print of passport?

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