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Passport renewal_address change: does Aadhar card copy still trigger police verification?

My passport is at the NY embassy under process now. There is an address change on the passport, and I have submitted a self-attested copy of the Aadhar Card as proof for the revised address. Do you think a police verification will still get triggered? My understanding is that the government could verify Aadhar Card address from anywhere in the world since the address was already verified in the first place during making the card and all this info is in the government's database. So I am curious whether anyone here had to undergo police verification even after submitting Aadhar card as the proof of address change in their passport. Thanks!
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Indian Passport renewal (Washington DC) documentation help needed
Hi folks, I’m trying to renew my Indian passport in July 2020. I’m in less than 2months validity now. But there is no helpline number which is working for CKGS. I tried reaching them multiple times on phone and wrote couple of email queries as well but no response. As mentioned on their website, they have stopped accepting online payment & only cheque / money order options are there. Has anyone have used these cheque options recently? If yes then can u pls tell me
-What name to fill on cheque?
-Do I need to put the cheque in the same envelope along with other documents?

It would be a great help, if you can provide answer. Thanking you all in advance.
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CKGS SFO / Police Verification Email / Address Change
I applied for re-issue (normal) at CKGS SFO with address change (hostel to previously verified permanent address, Aadhaar attached).
I mailed on 17th June, they received on 18th June.
June 22, 'Received' notification by CKGS, Not verified
June 29, 'Verification' complete
June 30, 'Under process' at CKGS and 'In Transit' to CGISF
July 01, 'Under process' at Embassy

July 10, (Friday evening) 'Police Verification Initiated' email for address verification.
I got very worried. Could not contact anyone due to weekend. Many people shared that they got similar emails with no verification. Some got verified.
For all above mentioned steps, did not get email/text even though I paid for text alerts

July 13 (Monday), passport got issued, sent to CKGS, sorted and dispatched. I got email and text notifications for all of these steps.
July 14, received new and old passport.

Have not heard anything from police back in Kolkata yet. Many people never did after receiving email. Most people don't get such emails.
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Passport renewal in NY with address change
Folks, I applied for my passport renewal in NY with change in address. Below is my timeline and current status "Under Process" at consulate. On July 13th I got an email saying police verification triggered but some of the folks in SFO got their passport issues inspite of police vertification triggered. Anyone in NY who had similar experience or did you have to go thru police verification? How does that even work in Covid times?

Jun 22, 2020 - Monday09:15 amApplication is 'Under Process' at Consulate for decision making.

Jun 22, 2020 - Monday08:53 amApplication is 'In Transit' to the Consulate.

Jun 19, 2020 - Friday03:51 pmApplication is ‘Under Process’ at CKGS.

Jun 19, 2020 - Friday01:04 pmApplication Verification is ‘Complete’. Processing of your application will continue.

Jun 18, 2020 - Thursday09:55 amApplication ‘Received’ by CKGS and 'Not Verified'.
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Passport Renewal - CKGS SF - Sent June 9th and Received July 13th
Sent my paperwork on 9th - CKGS received on 10th and it showed as 'Received' in their system on 12th. All was well until it was sent to the Consulate on the 17th. There were no additional updates until the 4th of July when I received an email notifying about the initiation of police verification in India. I was surprised as I was of the understanding that if there is no address change, then there is no police verification.

I reached out to my contacts immediately at the local police station and they wanted a copy of my Aadhaar, two passport-sized photos, and their usual 'Rs. 500/-'. Once they signed off on it, in less than 24 hours, the status was updated and my passport was dispatched. As it was dispatched on a Friday, I had to wait until this morning to get it - there is explicit instruction for the package to be delivered only on a weekday and it also does not allow for pickup from their facility.

Overall, it took a month - wish there was better communication during the three week period when it was in the Embassy but considering everything going on, I'm glad I was able to get it in a month.
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Experience Sharing - CKGS HOU
All - Just sharing my very recent experience with CKGS Houston.

Application - For spouse, reissue : validity <1 Year

Category - Regular

Original Dispatch - Thru FEDEX : 26th June
Delivered by FEDEX : 29th June

Status 1 : Received by CKGS : on Jul 01, 2020 - Application ‘Received’ by CKGS and 'Not Verified'.
Status 2 : Your Application is 'On Hold' due to the 'Incomplete Documents'. Jul 01, 2020
Valid US residence proof. Asked to provide Self Attested copy of SPOUSE LEGAL STATUS WITH NOTARY. Just to be sure i sent my DL notorized copy as well as there was no response on any queries raised.

Status 3 : Received by CKGS - Jul 06, 2020 - Not Verified

Status 4 : Verification - Jul 08, 2020 - Application Verification is ‘Complete’.

Status 5 : "Under Process at CKGS" - Jul 08, 2020 - Application is ‘Under Process’ at CKGS.

Status 4 : "In transit to Consulate" - Jul 08, 2020 - Application is 'In Transit' to the Consulate.

Status 5 : "Under Process at Consulate" - Jul 08, 2020 - Application is 'Under Process' at Consulate for decision making.

Status 6 : "Completed review by Consulate" - Jul 10, 2020 - Application 'Reviewed' by Consulate and ‘In Transit’ to CKGS Application Centre.
Status 7 : "Received at CKGS" - Jul 10, 2020 - Passport ‘Received’ at the CKGS application centre and is at the ‘Sorting Facility’ where it is being processed for delivery.

Status 8 : "Dispatch" - Jul 10, 2020 - Passport picked up by FedEx.
To track the ‘Progress of Your Shipment’, log onto the site of FedEx and enter your AWB Number.

Status 9 : "Delivered" - July 13, 2020

Observation - There is a delay and there is no way to contact CKGS regarding any queries.I also tried contact them through twitter with out luck .If its really urgent contact through consulate twitter handle. Best bet is to follow online forums like i did and hope for the best.
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Passport renewal submitted to NYC CKGS with new cashier's check on July 9th 2020
Hi All
CKGS NYC has acknowledged receiving my passport renewal application on 9th July. They still haven't shared the verification status of the application in 2 days. From almost every post on this site, it seems that they share verification status within 1-2 days. I am worried about my passport application delays as I urgently need it for extension of my i-94 application. While compiling the documents, I noticed that the cashier's check had CKGS instead of the Cox and Global Kings LLC in the recipient name. By then I had already submitted my CKGS application and NRI passport application; I was afraid of complications if I withdrew my CKGS application as I already submitted NRI passport application. I did write two emails to CKGS asking for guidance but my queries were not responded to in more than a week. So I simply got a new cashier's check with the correct recipient name and sent it along with my application. The number on the new cashier check will not match the number mentioned in the order form. I am worried that it will cause delays in the process or worse rejection. Has anybody experienced this type of problem before and how long did it take CKGS to internally sort out this issue. Everything else with my application is in order except the check number being different. I will very much appreciate any insight into how much delay this could cause and whether I could do anything from my side to make things move faster.
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Unique situation
I applied for my Indian Passport Renewal on 06/24. This week my status has been updated to On hold for missing documents (never received any text messages or emails from them for status update). I did NOT request for my Spouse's name to be added to my new passport however interestingly am being asked to submit Spouse's passport copies and Marriage certificate I am legally married in TX, however am separated from my Spouse. Technically my Marital Status is still "Married" since am neither legally divorced or separated. Unfortunately I can only provide self attested copy of Marriage Certificate and am unable to provide Spouse's passport copy.
Anyone in this situation? I feel hopeless. Neither my Indian citizenship or US green card is through marriage and it's unfortunate if I can't get my Indian passport renewed because of my Marital status. The only option I have is to apply for my US citizenship and renounce my Indian citizenship which I do not want to go through yet.
Any advices?
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Question related to address verification
I applied for passport renewal at CKGS San Francisco. My address is to be change from my institute to permanent Indian address, which was previously verified. However, I received email today stating "Police verification initiated....." Anyone experienced this before? Will the passport be issued only after long wait period for police verification?
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Cancelling CKGS passport renewal application

I was trying to understand the passport renewal application and I did a mistake by using my real passport number. In my trial I gave some random information and made up a money order number and submitted it. Now when I am trying to submit the real application, it says an application is already in progress for my passport number.
I want to find out how to cancel my current application.
CKGS is not responding to my email(online enquiry)

Can anyone help me if faced a similar issue

Thanks in advance
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