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Indian Passport

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Tatkal passport applied
Does anyone know what does this status mean.

“Passport has been handed over by the Embassy/Consulate to the OSP executive for further dispatch to the applicant.”

My file number has been generated but since then there is no update. I have applied at Washington Indian Embassy.
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Passport on hold due to document missing
I received email from Vfs stating affidavit is missing. I have send by package through FedEx and received by VFs on 1/20.
Will I get any email confirmation? I haven’t received any response from them.futher.
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Minor Passport Renewal in Washington DC
I applied for a passport renewal for my minor child in early December 2020. The application reached VFS on 15 December and was processed by ICAC on 28 December. It reached the Embassy on the same day and on 29 December, the status changed to "Passport application is under review at Indian Embassy/Consulate." It has been 23 days and the status has remained unchanged. I tried emailing VFS several times but received a standard response to the effect that the processing time for Passport Reissuance under Normal Services is 3 weeks. Well those 3 weeks have expired and there is still no response. This is so frustrating.

Anyone else in the same boat?

On a separate note, isn't it ridiculous that VFS charges us money to answer basic questions on a service they have been engaged by the Government to provide to Indian citizens. I find this practice highly unethical and unprecedented. Even prisons are trying to abolished the outdated practice of collect calls.
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VFS SFO Passport renewal

I submitted my passport for renewal at SFO VFS on 1/7 and it was received by VFS on 1/8. I received the email and text notification that passport received but since then I have not received any notification from VFS. it's been ~2 weeks and I am not sure the status of my passport. I sent an email to them via contact us link and they mentioned that they have escalated but no proper result. They ask to wait

Any suggestion what can be done?
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VFS - Indian Minor Passport Renewal at NYC
Jan 8 2021 - Fedex packet sent
Jan 13 2021 - Fedex Delivered to VFS - Signed for by: A.MATTEW

After that there is no communication from VFS.

I called VFS helpline number and got to know that my packet is not yet picked up, agent on phone escalated the issue and asked to wait for 24 hours.
Guys they charge for calling helpline number, before speaking to agent on phone, you have to provide your credit cards details, otherwise you will never be connected with agent. First 5 mins are free in 7 days, if you call next day again if you already used your free 5 mins then you will be charged.

But there is no option to know the status or to escalate your case.
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Indian Passport Renewal - VFS Global San Francisco - No Update for 2 weeks
I got an email on 6th Jan 2021 saying that my passport has reached the Embassy (that is what I see on the tracking website as well) but I have not received any update since then. I have called 7 times but they don't know when the Embassy will start operation / what the exact status of my application is.
Has it taken this long for anyone? Can I escalate in anyway or at least find out if there is anything wrong with my application?
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NYC - VFS - Minor Passport Renewel

Applied passport in VFS and documents has been shipped to VFS on 11th'Jan and reached on 12th'Jan but so far haven't received any update from VFS by saying documents have been received.

When I check the status in FedEx it was signed by D.Deepa. Has anyone received the documents from the same person on the VFS side?

January 11th, 2021 - Application sent through FedEx to VFS NYC
January 12th, 2021 - FedEx delivered to VFS NewYork.

No update from them yet.
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Indian Passport Renewal through Houston Consulate -VFS
December 28th, 2020- Application sent through FedEx to VFS Houston.
December 29th, 2020- FedEx delivered to VFS Houston.
December 30th, 2020- VFS sent a message to me we are processing.
January 4th, 2021-VFS processed the application and sent it to Houston Embassy.
January 4th, 2021- Houston Embassy- we received your application along with the fee and we are processing it.
January 5th, 2021-Houston Embassy- Application is under review.
January 6th, 2021- Passport Printing Initiated.
January 7th, 2021-Passport Printed.
January 8th, 2021- Passport handed over to VFS executive.
January 11th, 2021- VFS dispatched New Passport and Old (Cancelled) passport through FedEx to me.
January 12th, 2021- New and Old (canceled) Passports Received.

Total two weeks to get it Passport renewed through Houston Consulate.
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Indain passport NY through VFS Global
Passport reissue application NY | 43 Days process time

JAN 4 - FedEx delivered the package to VFS


JAN 9 - Your package has been received at the VFS application Centre(No tracking just acknowledgement)
JAN 13 - We have ‘Received’ your Application and your application is now ‘Under Process’ at New York VFS
JAN 15 - Your Application has been ‘Processed’ at the VFS India Consular application Centre and currently is ‘In-Transit‘ to the Embassy of India/Consulate General of India for decision making.
JAN 18 - Your application has been forwarded to the Embassy


JAN 18 - Passport application along with fee details have been received. The same is under processing at the Embassy/Consulate.
JAN 19 - Passport application is under review at Indian Embassy/Consulate.
FEB 11 - Print has been initiated.
FEB 11 - Passport has been printed.
FEB 12 - Passport has been printed and will be delivered shortly
FEB 12 - Passport has been handed over by the Embassy/Consulate to the OSP executive for further dispatch to the applicant.


FEB 15 - Your application has been received at VFS Centre from Embassy
FEB 15 - Your application has been reviewed by the Embassy of India/ Consulate General of India & will be dispatched within 24 – 48 business (Email from VFS)
FEB 15 - Packet handed over to FEDEX
FEB 16 - Passport delivered

I hope my Experience helps, Cheers!!
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Passport renewal
I have applied for passport renewal.

1/14: application sent thru Fedex.
1/15:Application received by ICAC.

But i haven’t received any acknowledgment email yet. How many days does it takes?
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