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Indian Passport

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Indian Passport Renewal DC
I have send my application for passport renewal and CKGS received it on July 6th and the application was put on Hold due to missing documents. They wanted me to send the photographs again.

"All the Photographs provided need to be the same. Please provide PHOTO PROVIDED IS NOT ACCEPTABLE. APPLICANT IS TOO FAR FROM THE AMERA copies of the same photograph.You can get the complete photo specifications from the required number of photographs as per your document checklist to the Passport Application Center."

Apparently I have not received any email notification regarding this and I am not sure whether I am supposed to send the photographs just to the CKGS DC address or do I need to pay somewhere in CKGS site to get a shipping label.

Tried reaching out CKGS, send multiple emails no response till date.

Any thoughts about this?
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CKGS Account Inaccessible
Hello All, i know this may be down to Site Maintenance but i'm not able to access CKGS my account from Friday. It says please enter a valid ID when i enter my details .

I actually verified my details a couple of times and they are correct. My application when i last checked showed Verification complete on Friday, but no update after that. anyone in the same boat ?
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Address check when renewal from US address to US Address
This is my Third passport renewal application . My Previous(second passport) had a US address and the current one too has a new US address. Application was checked by CKGS and sent to SFO Consulate general on 07/14 and I have not heard back from them since.

1. If the old and new addresses are both from the US , I am assuming this should not trigger an address verification in India ?

2. How many days does the consulate take to process the passport ? It has been 4 working days.
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CKGS-SF Online payment for shipping address
Hi all,

I need to renew my Indian passport. I have opted for CKGS shipping service [ from You to CKGS]. After I submit it displays a message "Online Payment mode is currently unavailable. Kindly proceed by selecting your preferred offline mode of payment". So I'm worried to which ckgs-sf address , I need to submit all my documents.
Is anyone faced similar situation?
How did you resolve ?
Where have you shipped your documents?

Appreciate your help.
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Unable to login to CKGS website
I am unable to login to CKGS after providing Web Reference Number, DOB & Passport (till yesterday it was not mandatory, now it is shown as mandatory). Any one else able to login to their account?

Till yesterday evening i was able to login and my status was with embassy. Can someone check and confirm please?
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Timeline for passport renewal at New York - July 2020
1. FedEx delivered Passport on June 29th to CKGS
2. CKGS website update to received state on July 6th
3. In Progress at Embassy/Consulate on July 7th
4. Approved/ Mailed back via FedEx on July 17th
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CKGS Office not reachable
My H4 dependent son's H4 RFE has to be responded by July 27 and I have applied for his passport renewal (expiring in Aug 6 2020) to CKGS. cKGS NY received the documents on July 15 but the site has not yet been updated. I did create a tatkal request but still there are no updates on CKGS site nor the customer care number says that the offices are closed right now.

Any suggestions?
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Applying for a passport renewal
I will be applying for my passport renewal in the Chicago consulate. I have a few questions pertaining to the application and sending the application:
1. The application has changed as in the "Applicant Details" section it no longer asks for occupation/address in India etc. Is that accurate? The application straight took me to payment and then will take me to the online NRI application?
2. I need to add my spouse's name - what documents are required for that?
3. I do not need to change my address (as I still have the old address in India) but wish to have the US address on the passport - do I need to select the "Change of address" in the services requested? I suspect selecting this option may trigger a police verification ? Do I still need to send my Indian address proof?
4. I used walk-in for my wife's passport renewal 2 years back. Can some one guide me through the shipping process? What all to include i the shipment? What is the address, are the labels printed by CKGS do I need to paste the label on the return envelope etc.?

Just seeing so many changes . So i am a little confused. I have seen people successfully work through this. In case you can answer any question or would like to share your experience - please reply to this thread or email me @ [email protected]
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Passport Renewal - Incomplete documents
CKGS received my application on 15th July and I got an email saying my application is on hold due to incomplete documents. But under document name - it says No action required. I am not sure what is missing. Also, it is little stressful since if I don't send the documents within 7 days, my application will be invalid. Unless I know what is missing, what do I send? I wrote multiple emails to CKGS and no response! Any suggestions on how to get through this?
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Passport renewal -police verification in India?
I submitted my passport for renewal mid-June as CKGS opened again for business. I keep checking the status and it seemed to move smoothly until I got an email today stating that a Police Verification has been triggered in Chennai and I need to wait for three weeks to hear back from them. I have been here in the USA for almost 18 years and traveled to India in 2018 last time. Obviously couldn't travel now due to flight restrictions.
Is there a reason for Police verification when I reside in USA? Can anyone share the experiences what to do if police visit my home?
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