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L1B visa holder outside of US
Hi folks,

I got my L1B visa in February, but due to the pandemic and following travel ban I could not travel as I am residing in Schengen. Any similar experieces? Could the visa be cancelled when you see what is happening with immigration ban?


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L1 Induvidual Visa Stamping Dates
Hi Folks,

I got my L1 Individual Petition approved by USCIS and the dates mentioned in petition was from March 2020 till March 2023. My visa interview was cancelled due to the Covid issue. I have two questions,

1. Is there a date before which i should take my visa interview with the consulate based on the petition dates?
2. If approved, would my Visa be March 2020 till March 2023 or 3 years from the date i get my visa stamped

Any suggestions/ experience by experienced people would be much helpful.

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Need urgent advise - L1A extension

My L1A individual visa is expiring shortly.I am planning to go for a new blanket petition and to travel to Mexico for stamping for L1A visa.
I received a 221g - not clearly approvable response from Chennai consulate in November 2017 for L1A blanket visa, after which I re-applied in individual category and was approved after an RFE. Will this have an impact now if i am trying to apply in blanket category again for L1A? Anyone please advise asap and your help is appreciated.
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L1B questionnaire Help

I need some support\help in preparing the answers for L1B questionnaire.

Can anyone guide me, how it should be.

Vijay R
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L1A extension
Anyone waiting for USCIS decision on L1 A individual extension from CA service center ? Any idea how much is the average time they are taking ? Any information will be useful.
Thanks !
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Is there anyone here who recently petitioned for L1 visa for an employee? I'm in the process of petitioning for an employee and I need a recommendation for an L visa attorney. Thank you
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L1A Extension + L2 EAD Extension of spouse
Hello – We’ve been in US for ~ 2.5 years now. I’m on L1A visa with a petition end date of 09/19. My wife is on L2 and working with het L2 EAD too valid until 09/19. We were supposed to go to Mexico for our L1A Blanket stamping on 03/31 however due to COVID we couldn’t. I have now taken dates of 05/26. This too is contingent to the fact that US-Mexico borders open by then and the consulate in Mexico becomes fully functional. If that happens, both of us should have a valid visa and I can apply for my wife’s EAD extension and she can possibly hope to get it by September [ 3 months to be very optimistic].
However, If Mexico is not an option, my Organization would apply for an extension of EAD, L1 and L2 visas concurrently from US. With premium not being an option these days, the extension could come thru in ~ 4-5 months and so would EAD.
The benefit of going to Mexico is that the rejection rates of L1A there are possibly less. I wanted to seek help from this group as to what would be the best option for me in this situation. Has there been a decrease in rejections on L1A extensions that’s been observed lately? Also, with USCIS being close-down – could this potentially delay further the extension processes. Any guidance would be much appreciated.
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L2 EAD Renewal with i94 receipt number

I'm on L1B, I-94 is valid till October 2020 and L1B Petition (I-129) had expired recently.
And my spouse's L2 EAD, i94 had expired recently.

My company had applied for my spouse I-94 extension and I had received a letter from USCIS with the I-94 extension receipt number.

Is it possible to apply for L2 EAD with the I-94 extension receipt number ?

Any help is appreciated. Thank you.
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L1B visa appointment in Vancouver
Hi friends,
I have my L1B visa appointment scheduled on may 14 2020 in Vancouver embassy. My current status still says attend appointment. Due to the ongoing COVID situation is the embassy actually conducting non immigrant visa interviews ? If not , at what point does the embassy notify that visa appointment is cancelled ?
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Regarding current immigrant suspension

I have valid L1A starting Feb but thought to postpone travel due to pandemic, I saw recent announcement of temporary halt of immigration to USA.

Does that me, holding non immigrant visa - can not travel to USA?
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