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Wrong Category of Visa (L1) in I94
I appeared for consulate interview in the month of Aug 2019 for L1 - A category visa for the role of Project Manager, but the VO approved L1-B and my I 129 S was stamped with L1 - B. However when I entered US, my I 94 was recorded as L1 A. When I visit website, it still shows L1 A.

When I go for next visa renewal, should I apply for L1A renewal or L1B renewal?
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Visa approved L1A blanket
I was interviewed on 12th March for L1A visa based on my companies blanket petition. VO confirmed that my visa is approved and gave me two stamped copies of I-129s and took my passport.
However, when I check the status even today it shows that the application is under administrative processing. Does anyone who was interviewed in Chennai around the end of last week received their passport with visa?
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Clarification on VAC fingerprinting received from UStraveldocs
I had written to UStravel docs regarding the status of biometrics as it was not cancelled in the portal. Below is their reply.

"We understand that you would like to know about your biometrics appointment status.

In response to your question, please note that as long as your appointment for biometrics is remains scheduled you may proceed for biometrics. for further information regarding consular appointments kindly check the red banner and follow the link given below:"

I understand it raises more questions than answers, but this is the current situation.
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Petition approved and 221G
Hi All,

I had my L1 B Individual visa interview on 11th Feb in Chennai VAC,

After the interview, officer has retained my passport with them and handed over pink slip for more information which i shared on same day through email. I haven't received any proof for passport submission.

It's been 5 weeks and it's appearing same update in ceac website as AP.

My I-797 petition is already approved.

I am just checking the status on daily basis. If any one of you had any experience, please share. It will be big help.

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Query regarding applying for L1 while on H4. Possible?
Experts here kindly suggest me for below query.

 My company for which i used to work in India is offering me a job here in USA. Currently, I am on H4 VISA. Can i ask my company file for my L1B VISA while i am here at USA for this job offer as it is only 5 months since i moved here before quitting in India?

Is there any legal requirement that i should be currently working for filing L1B visa or any other thing? I have over five years of experience with the company in India that i am offered role for in USA.

Kindly suggest on this!

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L1B (Family) approved Chennai 12th MAR
L1B (Family) approved Chennai 12th MAR

First of all thanks a million to this portal. This is very helpful and thanks to everyone contributing.
I faced a L1B visa rejection before getting a L1 individual. This interview again for a L1B was very scary for me. I went through all the questions in the portal and prepared for any possible scenarios.

But reality was such a pleasant experience.

Me (family): Good morning Sir, my name is -----, my wife and daughter we are here for L1B and L2 visas today.
VO: Give me your passports
Me: Gave it to him
VO: who is your petitioner?
Me: answered
VO: You have a L1 before which was from a different petitioner.
Me: Yes Sir. Xx company was fully owned subsidiary for my company. But now all the companies are merged to my bank. We now have only one brand name.
VO: why did you not get a H4 for your kid.
Me: Sir that was back in 2007-2009. She was not born at that time.
VO: Please wait for few mins. I have to attend to a old person and she needs my assistance
Me: Sure Sir, please take your time.
After 10 mins of waiting
VO: sorry abt that. What will be you salary
Me: xxxx + bonus
VO: what will be your location
Me: NY sir
VO: with a smiley face your company has so many office in NY, which location in NY.
Me: gave the street address.

VO: which school you are studying
Kid : school and class

VO: What will you do in US. You will miss your friends.
Kid: smiled

After few minutes of typing, all your visa is approved.

All the very best to everyone applying.
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Hi all,

As per the latest update, all immigrant and non immigrant visa appointment's are cancelled.

Is it true?

My visa appointmemt scheduled on march 30 in Hyderabad location.

Please give me anyone update about this?

Thabk you
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Blanket L1-A
Hi Guys,

I would like to share my experience here,

my interview date is Feb 25 2020 at Vancouver ,canada.

I went for L1-A blanket and it approved. The below questions asked

Questions are

1) Where are you working
2)are you doing managerial role
3)how many reportees
4)annual salary
5)what is your current designation

I wanted to share my trip details here. it will help who will be going for canada to get visa.

I am living East USA. i am trying to get visa location as ottawa which is near for me. but unfortunately i got vancouver which is west canada.
I choose to go to seattle ,WA and from there by car/train. my friends were advice me to go via amtrak which is save some cost instead of rental car. I booked flight from JFK to Seattle (109$/ticket, pricline website) on saturday. Even though my interview date was Feb 25 2020(Tuesday). avoid very close travel. I have friend in seattle i stayed their home two days and Monday morning i started from seattle and go to amtrak railway station but unfortunately i booked bus service in amtrak (135$/4 tickets). Some ocnfusion(train/bus) happened but not an issue. the bus travel also very good.

I booked Airbnb house Feb 25 to Feb 29 (40$ for five nights) other than cleaning charge +tax total per night 70$ came. Very nice home and Hasting area from here US Counslate (10 mins) travel, Frequent bus service available. but first two days i booked yellow cab only. only T-Mobile USA number will be working in canada. Please before fly get some T-Mobile sim which was very useful for me but for me no data activiated. So i choose yellow taxi and booked for travel. after visa interview completed, we were using public transport only which very affordable.

Interview process explained by others in this site already so i dont want mention here.

For my case:

VO officer was good and one advantage for me, I was already under L1-A individual working in USA. When he saw my L1-A, he asked oh you were already in L1-A individual ,i replied yes, working as project manager. then he saw my dependent passport and asking same question they are all L2 individual ok. Then i had some confident and started asking the above questions while discussing he tick approval box in the form. stamp there. but he got all the I-129s(two copies) and passport. He replied email will come for pick up. I left with thank him.

Be confident and talk bold with smile and cool.
I got the passport ready for pick up on Feb 28 2020. totally three days took and i booked the flight on same day 10PM . i landed US.
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L1B blanket chennai
Hello All.

Thanks for sharing the details of your experiences and process here. It has been immensely helpful for me over the past few months. I am putting up my experience from the past week.

My company (mid sized product company) had initially planned on an L1A blanket for me. I have direct reports (very small number) only in India and no direct reports currently planned in the US. In a conversation with the lawyer it emerged that L1A without direct reports in the US may be a problem. We then decided to go with L1B. It is a bit unusual case, because my future US job title is mentioned as engineering manager, but the visa category we chose was L1B. Current designation in India is engineer, but I have people reporting to me.

I was a bit worried about this odd combination of a manager title in US but L1B, and engineer title in India with direct reports. Hence, spent a lot of time going over various combination of questions/answers that may come up. Had a good set of answers ready to provide details on my specialization, including talking about my patent for the product.

The actual visa experience was quite simple though. It is very interesting to see that the company support letter does not even go to the VO. This along with any addendum pages (anything apart from first 8 pages of I129S) is removed by the first guy who helps you arrange the documents after you enter the visa office.

Questions were as follows --
1. What does your company do -- answered in a single sentence
2. Follow up question on an acronym I used -- answered in 3 words
3. How long have you worked with the company -- 4 y
4. Where will you be going -- answered with city name
5. What is your US salary -- 1xx,000 per yr
6. Another follow up question on the exact nature of work company does and the product I work on. VO was looking for a simple non-technical answer, but I may have gone too technical in choosing the initial terms. VO suggested a simple line and I smiled with VO and said it sounds good.

VO at this point said, please wait few few minutes while I approve your Visa. No questions/conversation with wife and kid.

Completed typing and handed over 2 copies of I129S and kept our passports.

Thank you all once again and wish you best in your endeavors.
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Applying L1A blanket for Canadian PR holder
Hi All,

I am currently holding Canadian PR that I had applied personally where I was the dependent and my spouse was primary applicant. I am currently in India and working for the same Indian employer.

My Indian company is now filing L1A blanket for me and I would like to know your views/experiences if holding a Canadian PR is going to have any positive/negative impact on my L1A application where I am the main applicant.

Any help is greatly appreciated. :)

Thank you.
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