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H1b Stamping(transistion from F1)
Hi Everyone,

I came for visa stamping of H1b and had my interview on 1st April and I was handed over yellow slip stating some SEVIS history checking and my status is Administrative processing since 1st April. I haven't heard anything back on it.
Is there anyone else who faced a similar situation. How long does it take and it there anything on my end i needed to do speed up the process.
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F1 interview - Rejected
Interview date: 04/22/2019 - Delhi

VO: can I have your I20?
Me: Here you go
Why this university?
I liked the course structure of this university.
Who is sponsoring you?
My husband.
What he does?
He is technical lead in a software company.
Is he here in India or US ?
He is in US on H1B.
Sorry your visa can't be approved, you can study on H4.
Can you please tell me the reason. I can study on H4 but in case my husband is coming back early, I will go out of status.
Sorry, I can't approve your visa.

Could you please tell me where I went wrong ? VO looked very chill, still can't figure out where I went wrong. Any suggestions?

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F2 visa experience..
Date : 17 January 2019

Place : Delhi

Time : 9:00

My husband is on F1 status and his cpt was expired on 23’rd December 2018. He already applied for opt. His graduation will be complete on May 2019. We got married on 15 November 2019. I have worked as an Assistant Professor in the university. I was pretty much confident but still had little nervous.

VO was a charming lady and responded well.

Me: Hello, Good Morning mam!! ( with a smile)

VO : ( smile) Good morning! Can I have your passport please?

Me: Yes, sure here it is
( She was looking at the monitor screen and continuously typing)

VO :Can I have yours and your husband’s I20?

Me: Handed the I20

VO: When did you guys first meet ?

Me : On a matrimonial site.It’s a kind of love to arrange marriage.

VO: What’s your marriage date ?

Me: 15 November 2018

VO: How many guest arrived to your marriage?

Me: Around 800

VO: Can I see your marriage certificate and some pictures?

Me: Gave her all the proofs
( She smiles and said you both looking so nice together) I was feeling confident.

VO: What do you do in India ?

Me: I work as an Assistant professor in xxx university.
After few seconds...she smiled at me ..

VO: Congratulations, I’m approving your visa and you have a great married life.

Me: ( so much happy to hear that) Thank you so much mam..and you have a nice day.

This is all about my experience. I had prepared a lot for interview every type of expected and unexpected questions but the interview went so smooth. She didn’t ask anything about my husband.

So the only key to get the visa is Confidence and have faith in your self that you can do it. Always say the truth develop your body language. Prepare for interview in front of the mirror or wth someone.

Good luck ...😊

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F-1 for minor
My wife and I are willing (offering) to host/sponsor a young niece (7yrs) of my wife
(dual filipina/american)

everything is arranged at THIS end, but I have a LOT of ? about what happens at the Manila end ?
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H4 to F1 conversion

Thanks in advance for reading through a very long email. :)

I got admitted into UCF for MS in Computer Science for Fall 2019 term. I'm currently on H4 visa. However, I plan to go to India in December 2019 i.e., after one semester to get my F1 student visa interview.

I have following questions in such regard.

1) Can I show the liquid amount equivalent to the i20 amount in my husband's account which is a checking account of a bank or should the amount be only in a savings account?
2) The bank account statement of how many months prior should be submitted to receive i20?
3) this is about F1 visa interview, can I show the exact funds in my husband's checking account which I have provided for I20 as financial support for funding my graduate studies? If yes in that case how many monthly statements of the account transactions i should provide ?

Thanks and Regards,
Aparna Siripurapu
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F2,F1 visa's denied
Hi all,

Here i am sharing my visa Experiences with you.Could you help me what is the better visa to apply in my case..

My husband is in USA with Day1 CPT..I applied to f2 visa for the first 2 times they rejected with 214(b)
Next I took a gap and applied for F1 2 times.again they rejected with the same section.
Is there any chance to get visa?please give me any suggestions..

Thank you in advance.

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F2 visa experience - approved
Here I'm sharing my F2 visa experience:

Date - 12/03/19
Consulate - Mumbai

VO: Morning !!
Me: Good morning !!
VO: Please hand me your passport and both(F1 & F2) I-20.
Me: Handed her both passports(previous one and recent one with the changed name after marriage) and I-20 of mine and my husband's.
Goes through it for some seconds.
VO: You got married in 2018?
Me: Yes !!
VO: So how did you both meet?
Me: Told her how we met and for how long we have known each other.
VO: Can I see your Marriage Certificate?
Me: Yes sure !! (Handed her marriage certificate)
VO: What is he studying?
Me: He has already completed his studies. Told her what and from where did my husband studied.
VO: Is your husband working? ( This is very tricky question, here sometimes saying yes to 'working' can be a reason for rejection)
Me: Currently he is on OPT.
VO: For?
Me: Told the company. Also told her my husband's role and position.
VO: Oh okay (and she looked highly satisfied and impressed with my answer)
VO: Can you pass me your husband's passport?
Me: Yes, here it is. (Handed over passport copy)
VO was continuously looking at her computer. After that she gave me all the documents I handed to her except passport.
After few seconds,
VO: Okay your visa has been approved. I am keeping your passport with me. And you will get it within 3-4 business days.
Me: Thank you very much :D

I was very very worried before going to the interview, but I was told to be only and only confident. Go through all the documents, that are with you. Know everything in-depth about you, your husband's education and occupation. Don't lie anything in the interview. Try and don't talk to anyone when in a queue before the interview, they notice everything. Wear a good smile and confidence on your face. And you are good to go and crack the interview. :)
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Doubt Regarding DS-160
Can an indiviual create two DS-160 and two appointment days in order to reduce the wait time?
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got 214(b) Rejection

This is regarding 214(b) rejection doubt. I had an interview today for F1 in US consulate in Chennai (India). Firstly I would like to give some details regarding myself, I got married in 2017 and moved to the US in an F2 visa. Recently my husband got his H1b approved and was reflected from Oct 1st, 2018, due to some miscommunication they didn't file an H4 visa for me. And meanwhile, I wanted to do my Masters here and got the admission(Acceptance Letter and I-20). Since the company didn't file for my H4, I decided to come to India for F1 visa interview. Following was the conversation between me and the consulate.

Me: Good Morning Maam
VO: Good Morning
VO: Can you please pass your passport? (Take a look at my passport and sees F2 visa)
Me: Yes Maam
VO: Can I have your I-20? (Doesn't look at it much)
Me: Sure, ma'am
VO: Is your husband studying or working?
Me: He is currently working
Vo: Does he travel often?
Me: Yes he does travel often, the last was on Nov 2017 for the wedding.
VO: (looks at the screen) Is your husband on H1b?
Me: Yes ma'am, he got is H1b in Oct 2018.
VO: Gives me the form 214(b)

I am not sure what was wrong here. I and my husband don't intend to stay in the US, as we are both the only child for our parents. just because I wanted to do my masters here and the duration of the course and my husband's visa end date are almost matching, we decided that I shall go for an F1 visa interview. But dint go well. Can you please give us your suggestion, will it be ok if I go for F1 again with valid documents (Property, bank balance) or should I get H4 Visa?
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Issue with I94

Hi All,

Thanks for your advice in advance.

I have a situation with my I94 which shows no records available when i try to download.
Recently i moved my SEVIS to University of the cumberlands with Day1 CPT.
I used my OPT 3 years and my F1 visa was expired on 27th Dec 2018.
Can i work here with active SEVIS or do i need to go back for stamping?
I contacted DHS regarding same, they send me document to correct my i94, can DHS resolve issue or is there any place I need to go?, will day 1 cpt cause issued with my i94 correction/update
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