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N400 interview who to take with you?
If someone applied for N400 application through marriage and recently had their interview done, I was wondering if you’re required to go alone because of COVID or take your spouse with you to the interview like your green card interview? I’ve my interview soon so I’m not sure. Please share your thoughts and experiences. Thank you!
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South Carolina N400
Anyone in South Carolina waiting to be re-scheduled. My estimated completion date states JULY 2020 but it disappeared after checking today.
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Name-changing N-400 applicants in NYC
I'm posting because I have seen quite a few other NYC applicants ask each other if they requested a name change/are waiting for the judicial oath ceremony.

*Please comment if you are in NYC and changing your name! Let's keep each other updated!*
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N400 Interview in NYC
Did anybody recieve N400 interview letter in NYC lately. I did my biometric in first week of November 2019, have no idea about interview. i might go out of states for few months but what if i get interview date while I am out of The States. I can wait or arrange it if i know My interview date for approximately. Does anybody has Any Idea ?
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NYC oath scedulled!!
So after one missing call from USCIS I finally got a second one just now. My oath was scheduled for July 13th🇺🇸
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N-400 Re-scheduled? Anyone recently?
Please share if your interview is re-scheduled,
Does the notice on app says, Interview re-schedule? Did you get paper first or app notice first?
What was your dates.
Did estimated case completion time disappeared for you before notice.

Mine disappeared from last 3 days, it used to say July 2020
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Sacramento field office
Hi everyone, here is my timeline so far:
6/19/2019 submitted my application
6/22/2019 received an email that my biometrics were scheduled
7/11/2019 completed biometrics
2/11/2020 received notification that my interview had been scheduled for 3/19/2020.
3/18/2020 I received a phone call that my interview was de-scheduled due to the Corona virus lockdowns and it would automatically be rescheduled. It was one day before my interview and when I heard they were opening up on June 4th I looked into my online account everyday to if they had already scheduled me.
6/22/2020 my interview got scheduled
7/6/2020 went in for my interview and passed.

Now I’m waiting for my oath ceremony to be scheduled. The officer said it would be in about 3 weeks that I can expect it.

The interview was around 2pm and there were about 6 other applicants there with. After you check in they have you stand on one of the yellow circles to keep 6ft distance from each other. The is nowhere to sit. I waited for 5-10 min before an officer came and called my name. She was very polite and too my finger prints and picture first before I could put on my mask again. The interview letter stated that I should bring a pen but I didn’t use it. The is a tablet that they have you read and write on. The first thing you do is take the test and after that you go through your application. I had failed to add a 2 week trip from 2015 and it was not problem added it to my application at that time. When I submitted my application back in June 2019, I had added the citation for speeding to it. When we got to that question all she said was that’s ok. You submitted your traffic school receipt and showed you paid for the ticket and that was it. At the end you sign and the let you know what there decision is. I was in and out of the building in an hour.
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N400 Interview in San Jose?
Hello, did anybody receive your N400 interview lately in San Jose? I have not heard anything from them yet.. i believe they are only doing oath now, so not sure if interviews are next in line to be worked on....I applied in Jan of 2020. My Uscis account indicated my wait time is another two months, case completion time is Oct, this accurate in most cases? If you recently receive interview from San Jose, would you please share your timeline? all the best
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Social Security Update Versus Passport Application
All social security offices are closed. Spoke to an agent, she said only option is to mail the original Certificate along with SS-5 form. Additional
Caveat is also that you have to mail in another original ID proof like DL or US Passport. Catch-22 here is that most of us don’t have a US passport and cannot drive without a DL. I am going with applying for US passport instead and wait for the SS office to open for in-person services. Let me know your thoughts..
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Good morning America
Here I am after almost 10 years last time wake up the day be a permanent resident, after 3 hours I will say I am Proud to be an American. Guys finally almost done, today the date I will be coming a US citizen. I am hoping everyone in this forum will having same feeling soon how I feel now. God bless you all.
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