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N400 Approved Phoenix
Hey guys, just wanted to share that the N400 was approved... At the end of my interview I asked the officer to cancel my request for name change, so that I could naturalize the same day, otherwise I'd have to go home and wait for an oath ceremony date. I just didn't want the process to get delayed even more. As you know, everything takes forever with USCIS. Anyway, so if you don't have a name change going on, you can naturalize the same day as the interview. Good luck to all of you, Everyone was friendly at the field office and I was in, then out 2 hours later.
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Any San Francisco fillers got interviews scheduled recently?
Any San Francisco fillers got interviews scheduled recently? Please share your experiences.
Applied Dec 2019
Bio Jan 2020
Waiting for interview notice now. Cheers.
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Dallas N400 Approved
Today I have attended my interview and the officer approved my case.
Officer was very nice and interview is completed in 15 min.

After oath, he asked me 6 civics questions and I have answered all correctly.

Then he started reviewing my application.
First basic personal information like full legal name, height, address, birth country and current employer.
Next asked all Yes/No questions in section 12 of the application.

Last, he asked me read and write a very simple English statement on the tablet.
He said he is approving and asked couple of signatures in tablet to confirm my name change, employment and address.

Since I have asked my name change, the oath will be scheduled as soon as they get appointment from a Judge from Texas Eastern District Federal Court.

I have asked him how long I need to wait as my wife who was approved on 18-Nov with name change is still waiting for oath date.
He said due to holidays and elections, they could not schedule name change oaths since last 2-3 months. He is estimating both myself and my wife probably will get our oath letter by end of January or Early February. He is not sure about this as it all depends on the court.
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Oath Ceremony - San Jose
Hi folks,

Does anyone have any scheduled/upcoming oath ceremony in San Jose field office?

Thanks for any update!
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Can I cancel my name change during oath ceremony?
I had my naturalization interview and passed and my oath ceremony is scheduled. However, I do not wish to have my name changed anymore because of travel issues however, I would feel more assured if I did not change my name. Is it possible that during my oath ceremony to cancel my request for changing my name? even though during the interview I said I want to change it and signed on iPad?

*Not sure if my name changing was a changing name since I didn't change my name, it was more like from "RED BLUE YELLOW GREEN to RED GREEN" so basically I made shortened and removed my dad and grandfather's name, and only left my first and last name.

Why I'm thinking to cancel my changing name at the ceremony?? it's because I heard when you apply for the U.S passport you will need also to update your State ID and SSN and this will take time. I'm in hurry ti travel to visit my family. Do you guys think in my situation that do I have to update my ID and SSN? or its going to be normal in my case since it's just a shortened of name?

Thank you so much
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I applied 15 months ago and still waiting for an interview (October 2019)..... Hopefully receiving good news soon.
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Security check not cleared yet
Hi All, been waiting for my approval for N400 since January 14th,2020, and each time I submit outside process time by my attorney or myself I got the same answer over and over: "USCIS makes every effort to process cases within the projected time frames and in the order in which they were received; however, your case has not cleared all required security checks at this time. Until we receive the results of these security checks, we cannot move forward on your case." I am not sure why not cleared yet. I work with a semi-government organization I got my two green cards before and they did a background check for both of them also for my work as well. my N400 based on a 5-year Greencard. I submitted my application In June 2019. Biometric was in July 2020. Interview in January 2020. pass both tests civil and english. Does anyone have a similar situation? my Office was VA Fairfax and I Moved to Charlotte NC last July 2020.
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biometric appointment
HI did anyone from Fairfax Va got they biometric appointment( applied end of April 2020) done or has an interview scheduled?

Thank you in advance
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Los Angeles N400 Interview
I attended my N400 Interview and my Oath Ceremony recently so I thought I would share my time line and briefly my interview experience.

Applied via snail mail - November, 2019
Biometrics Appointment - 12-12-2019
Interview Appointment letter - 12-6-2020
Interview Appointment - 1-6-2021

I got to the federal building about 40 minutes early, it took 10 minutes to go through security and to the counter on the 8th floor.

Best place I found to park around there was Lot 2, enter on Temple street between Alameda and San Pedro street, $9 flat fee for the day.

I got up to the window and a photo was taken (Make sure you fix your hair, clothing etc before walking up to the window for the photo because that will be the photo on your Naturalization Certificate, found out the hard way, don't ask....) then I was instructed to wait in a waiting room for my number to be called.

My name was called about 45 minutes later and a lady officer greeted and walked me into the interview room. The interview was pretty much routine, sworned in then civics test, gone through information on the N400 application and that was it.

My interview officer was so very nice and patient with me. She took the time to explain the process every step of the way and I did not feel rushed or pressured at any point.

The whole interview took maybe 15 minutes (felt like 10) and she told me that she was approving my N400 application.

She explained that during the COVID pandemic they do not want to bring people back in for the Oath Ceremony but instead will perform the Oath Ceremony the same day and sent me to RM 1001 for my Oath Ceremony and to collect my Naturalization Certificate.

Due to technical issues they were having that morning, I did not leave with my Naturalization Certificate till 3:15pm so set aside the entire day for the interview and the Oath Ceremony just in case.

Everyone I interacted with that day were all very nice and helpful so don't stress too much, just relax and as long as you are telling the truth ( they already knew the answers to the questions they were about to ask you before you walk into the interview room ) you will be fine.

Being able to read fellow N400 applicants' experiences was very helpful during my year long wait for my interview appointment, I hope the above summery of my interview will be helpful especially to those in the Los Angeles area.

Good luck with your N400 journey and take care.

Happy New Year everyone!
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I need help
I recently received my interview letter but to my greatest surprise it says my interview will be conducted in Montgomery AL, but my local field office is ATL? I'm I missing something??
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