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NOID- VISA stamped while amendment in process in home country
Hi Experts,

I had approved petition for Houston location till sept 2021 but I never travel there. I file for amendment for Michigan location while I was in my home country. I went visa stamping with reference to the new location and file DS160 with the amendment petition number. all question I replyed based on new petition and new client and new location. I got VISA approved but in my VISA petition number shows the old one (for Houston). with that VISA I travel and started working in new location. Recently I filed for extension due to i94 is getting expired which is till Aug-02, 2020. I received NOID saying that I did not fulfill employment terms and condition as my amendment went through consular processing and I do not have approved VISA for that.

Could you please help me understanding if my case is violated employment condition and what action I need now? Do I need to rectify petition number in my VISA? what could be chance for approval of the NOID?

Thanks for replying
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I130 application submitted for wife
I am permanent resident and had submitted I 130 application to Texas service center for my wife who is in India. I received notice of action from California service center as receipt notice having receipt no. started with IOE.........I also received another notice of action same day with online access code. Online status is showing "In Process
Your benefit request has been accepted and is under review".
Time line is below
!130 Application sent to TSC on 07132020
Received date 07162020
Receipt notice and online access code received on 07232020
Online account is showing with date 07302020 as "In Process
Your benefit request has been accepted and is under review"

 I am requesting to share your experience what does this mean "In Process
Your benefit request has been accepted and is under review"

Thank you for your time and suggestion
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Same sex couple IR1 immigration visa
Hi there,

We are a same sex couple waiting for the immigration visa interview at the embassy overseas. Would wonder if there are any same sex couples our there have gone through immigration and interview process.

Any helpful tips or recommendations or dos and donts that you can share?

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immigrant visa
on the ds-260 they ask for all previous addresses for my wife from the time she was 16. I start entering all that but they say there's a gap of over a month. Also I get an application error page and told to try later. Who can remember addresses from decades ago?
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Affidavit of Support- form I-864. Petitioning Sponsor is homeless
I’m the applicant for IR5 visa. The petition was approved in 2015. At the time, the petitioning sponsor, my American daughter, provided her tax forms and signed form I-864. We had to find a joint sponsor as the petitioner did not have sufficient income. We submitted form I-864 for the joint sponsor. Later, I was called for an interview at the Consulate and was told to submit the joint sponsor’s wife’s approval as they file taxes jointly. At that point I gave up and never sent what they requested. But in December 2019 the consulate sent me a request to appear for an interview at the end of which I was told that the case will go to administrative processing. To sum up, currently, they’re processing an immigrant visa for me and have requested new documents. I have a new financial sponsor ready. But my daughter, the petitioner has been jobless and homeless for a while. She can’t sign or provide any documents. My question is: Can I submit the petitioner’s I-864 which she signed in 2015, with a letter of explanation?
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I-94 expired, I-797 valid, H1B - COVID-19 times
Hi, I have read some of the experiences here but none of them relate to Covid-19 times.

My situation is as follows :
- Today is July 16, 2020
- My I-94 expired on April 12, 202
- My old passport expired on April 13, 2020 (which is the reason my I-94 was only valid until April 12, 2020)
- My I-797 and My H1B Visa on my old passport dont expire until Sept 13, 2021
- My new passport got re-issued to me on Feb-18-2020, and expires on Feb-18-2030

At POE, when the latest I-94 was stamped, it was Sept 13, 2019. And my plan was: when I get a new passport, I will leave the country for a vacation sometime in 2020 and come back and get the new passport stamped and a new I-94. But Due to Covid-19 closures starting March 7 (CA), I had to abandon this plan.

As I understand I may be in violation of some sort, this is new to me, what are my options without leaving the country? I understand going to CBP may be risky??
Any advice will be very much appreciated.
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H1b visa holders staying more than 180 days outside of usa due to covid-19
I am staying outside of usa for around 150 days. Have valid stamped h1b visa. Employers says that I will not be able to work after 180 days and will put me into unpaid loa. Due to covid 19 is there any relaxation passed by usa govt regarding this 180 days rule?
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I-130 petitioner please respond
Dear Friends,

I am a US citizen and i applied for my wife for her I-130
And its accepted which is in processing now.
I sent all the required documents but my concerns is that I sent NIKAH NAMA which is also marriage certificate and written by religious person saying that we are married and both myself and my wife photos are in NIKAH NAMA (marriage certificate) I already translated in English too and signed. But due to COVID 19 my family couldn’t register it but I still sent it to USCIS what you guys think will it be accepted hopefully by USCIS please provide me information in this regard.
Waiting for your respond.
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I-130 for stepchildren
Hi I’m a US citizen and my husband a green card holder. We want to file an I-130 for his kids back home. What documents from the children biological mother do we need to start the process. She agreed for us to start the petition. Tia. Stay safe.
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Interview Wait time

Can anyone tell me how long it will take to get an interview at Mumbai embassy? My wife application was accepted on 10 Jan 2020,I think it takes atleast 60 days to get things going. Does anyone have interview in line who got accepted around Jan 2020?
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