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reschedule B2 visa appointment?
Hi All,

My brother has an appointment on 17th March for B2 visa to visit US in May for my graduation ceremony. We are wondering if we should reschedule it because of possible denial due to Corona outbreak? Please advise.
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B2 Visa experience of my sister
My sister and bother in law had their interview today at Chennai.

VO: Good Morning
SIS : Good Morning

VO: Were r u travelling too
Sis : Florida

VO: Who is there
Sis: Brother

VO: What is your brother doing there
Sis: Rehab Manger , hospital name XYZ

VO: What is your and husbands profession
Sis: we both are doctors

VO: Do you have a house
Sis : yes

Sis: Thank you.

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B2 visa experience of parents
My parents had their visa interview today at New Delhi consulate and it was approved.
Interview was in hindi but they did not have a translator, Visa Officer itself was speaking Hindi.

My father is the one who answered all the questions.

VO: Why do you want to visit the US?
Father: Our daughter invited us for her graduation ceremony which is on May 16th.

VO: What does your daughter do in the US?
Father: She is a Master's student at xyz university.

VO: How many children do you have?
Father: I have two daughters. Older daughter is married and lives in Delhi and younger one is in US.

VO: Have you travelled to any other country before?
Father: No

In the meantime my mother starter opening her folder to show my documents to the VO. He noticed it and said I do not need to see your documents and with a smile he said I've approved your visa.

My parents thanked him and left.
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B1 b2 non immigrant visa
So guys my interview was today and I got rejected
Inter. Hi I can't read your name actually
Me . It's ok just say
Inter. So what is the purpose of ur visit actually
Me .for tourism during my summer vacation
Inter. So who is this ....
Me.he is my friend's uncle actually I wrote his name because he is going to accommodate us in his Airbnb instead of my friend's house because it's small and she can let me go there what does ur friend do
Me. She is a pharma technician and she lives in the us how did you know each other
Me .from egypt when I was looking for a university we meet and we kept talking online
Inter.what does your father and mother works
Me .my father is a construction engineer and my mother is a housewife
Inter. And how old is ur friend
Me .she is 27
Inter. You..
Me.22 but I will be 23 in July
Inter.have you been to any other countries
Me.i have been to saudi 3 times and I go to egypt once or twice a year to meet my family before returning back to ukraine what do you do in Ukraine
Me.i am a full time student in medical university fourth year and I am expected to graduate in 2022
And two more years of residency when did u come to Ukraine
Me .2015 I started with a Russian school for one year then I entered medical school
He kept typing and typing you want to work in Ukraine afterwards
Yes I would like to I really like kiev so much
Inter.yes !
So I said
Me.i have my transcript and my result from krok which is ukraine license exam and a certificate from my university saying that I am their student
Inter. AHA
then kept writing and writing
Sorry we can not accept your visa
 So guys I am really so sad and depressed I was putting so much expectations for this and i really wants to do another interview so any advices or u see any false
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How to apply DS 117
May I know how can I apply DS 117. Either we have to fill online or offline?
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Parents B2 visa rejected

Recently my parents had applied for B2 visa and got rejected under section 214B.

VO: Whats purpose of your visit
Parents: convocation of our daughter

VO: who is funding her
Parents: me (my dad)

VO: What is your profession
Parents: Dad- Retired as a bank manager, Mom-Housewife

VO:Apart from your home do you have any other property
Parents: No

VO:Do you have club membership

VO: Do you have children apart from your daughter
Parents: No

VO: Do you have parents
Parents: Parents are not alive

VO: Can't approve it

My husband lives in US and he funded my education. He is on H1b Visa. I was married to him 2 months prior to my visa interview and was not having marriage certificate. So while giving visa interview(F1) I had mentioned that my dad is going to fund me and I don't know anyone in US.
That's how my dad got confused while giving an interview and said he funded it.
(Note: My dad has enough fund in his bank account to sponsor)

From my perspective, this case seems as potential immigrant to VO.

1.Could you please give suggestion about how they can overcome this denial and show sufficient ties to the home country to show that they intend to return.
2. Also, what will be good time to re-apply to increases chances of approving visa.

Thanks in advance !!!

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Applying B2 visa again ( renewal )
I went to USA last time in 2015 I got visa for 3months at that time I was a college student ,

Now I am working with a firm as a general manager having an income of 70k per month,
I want to say what are my chances , I have been to USA once ,
Can I get a renewal easily ?
I have 30 days anual leave from my company
What's the chance , I am from Pakistan

Does a previous us visit help me getting a visa again ?
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Need input in B2 tourism visa approval in Chennai

I'm are planning to bring my in laws for the first time to USA from Chennai , they are 64 and 59 years old. We have scheduled visa interview for them in Chennai on March 07,2020 . Due to Corona virus outbreak will there be any possibility for rejecting their visa...any updates please..tq
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US visitor Visa
I have applied my US Visa on 17th September 2018 at New Delhi. Got Rejected.

I traveled (Thailand - twice, Singapore, Malaysia, Vietnam, South Africa and Russia)

Age - 29 Years
Working with Accenture Solutions Pvt LTD from January 2019.

Total work experience 6 Years. Salary annual 5,80,000/- annual.

What is the chances to get US visa. When should I re-apply for it.

What is the chances to get visa.

Any suggestions.
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Visitors VISA to USA from UK on Indian Passport
Hello Friends,
First of all thanks for helping people with their VISA queries. I am working in UK on ICT Tier 2 and planning to visit US in first/second week of july for a Holiday on self sponsoring. Could you please let me know which all docs I should be carrying for the consulate appointment..If any one recently has faced the interview kindly share your experience. also if my VISA Gets refused, within how much time I can exoect my passport to be delivered please since its not that wise being without the passport here. Are there two appointments one for VISA Interview and the other for Biometrics? Kindly let me know.
Thanks in advance
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