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Got Visitor Visa At Chennai
My mother got her visitor visa in Chennai on 2/4/03. She used TTS drop box facility at Bangalore. The following documents were submitted:

1) Valid Passport,
1) completed DS-156 with photo attached ( no other photo wa submitted),
3) Fee drafts,
4) applicant's bank passbook (original passbook was sent),
5) Proof of property ownership only copies were sent),
6) copies of other investments.

Sponsor (me)
1) Letter addressed to consulate requesting that a visitor visa be granted,
2) Letter addressed to my mother inviting her to US,
3) Notarized I-134,
4) Letter verifying my employment and salary,
5) Copy of ALL pages of my passport,
6) Copy of me green card (front AND back sides)
7) My bank statements (copies) and latest pay stub.

My mother had previously visited me 4 years ago.

It took 8 days to receive the passsport with the visa. The visa is for 10 years, multiple entry.

I hope this helps othre applicants.
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Visitor visa experience in Mumbai
I work on EAD, and wanted to invite my parents to US for the first time.
First, I had sent the required docs (thanks to immihelp for comprehensive details), but did not send AP/485 receipt, that was a mistake.

Parents went to Pune office of the consulate. The office asked them to get 'notice of action' (presumably, 485 receipt.) Faxed AP & receipt to India.

Next day (thursday) they went again to the office. Papers accepted, and appointment given for Monday 9AM.

Monday, they went to Raj travels pavilion (Raj charges Rs. 100 per person fee for use of their facility. Fee includes breakfast). The travels' bus took them to consulate.

Both parents were called for interview, but only mom was asked to answer. Parents asked for a Marathi interpreter. Interpreter lady and visa officer, both were nice and courteous. Visa approved after a few questions:
1. Where are you going in US?
2. Why? (tourism, see Niagara etc, and see family)
3. What does your Son do in US? Same Q for daughter-in-law.
4. What is your profession. Same q for dad.

That's it. They asked to pay fees, and pick up visa same evening 6 PM.
Mom's visa was alright, but on dad's visa, passport number was printed wrong. He went back the next day, and the problem was corrected.

Visa issued for 6 months.

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All pages of passport required
While sponsoring my parents' visitor visa, I sent only those pages from the passport that had anything on it.

But the consulate asks for copies of all the pages, even the blank pages. Please make sure to send copies of all 36 pages when sponsoring your parents' visitor visa.
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Mother got visitor visa at second interview
im so happy to share this info with mother(aged 51 and retired) and father(aged 52 and doctor in private practise) both applied for visitor visa to the US last month and BOTH were refused visa under section 214 b stating that they wont come back since im the only son......the visa officer then didn't see any papers,not even the Affidavit of Support i sent ........

second time we consulted one immigration advisor who suggested us that only my mother should apply the visa second time as she'll able to show one emotional tie back in india(her husband)......taking this in mind,my mother reapplied the visa today and was granted a visa this time........though after an extensive interview during which she was able to convince the visa officer that she'll definitely come the end , the officer said im giving u the visa, didn't specify whether single or multiple entry which we'll come to know shortly when the passport arrives in mail..........
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Refusal of Visitor Visa for parents
My parents applied for a Vistor's Visa (B2). Since my passport had gone for stamping so my husband sent them the Effidavit of Support(I-134). All the papers were complete and my father had sufficient proof to show his strong ties to India. The Visa officer was convinced that they would return to India but she wanted to see my passport also , which they did not have with them. Their Visa was rejected on this basis under sect. 214(b) saying that they had insufficient funds to support themselves.
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Hats off to Immihelp
Thanx Immihelp...for putting the sample letters well in advance to show at POE. Gr8 job.

everyone here plz share ur visiting family POE experainces as soon as MAy 13th.
Wish the law doesnt get passed!!!!
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Mother got 6 months permit
My mom arrived on May 3rd at ORD and was given 6 months permit.She was asked how long the stay would be?
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Got visitors visa for 1 year
My parents got visitors visa for 1 year. I had send them the exact documents that are mentioned in this site. I'm wondering if it is better if they come before May13th.
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My mother-in-law got six months visa
My mother-in-law got six months visa at LA airport.
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Mom Arrived on SFO , got 6 months
My mom arrived on 04/22 at SFO airport and was given a 6 month I-94. The officer just saw the ticket which had a confirmed date.
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