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Advance Parole experience / I-485 approved
Here’s my timeline
08/07/2020 We received your form I-765, application for employment authorization.
01/28/2020 We aproves your for I-765
01/28 We ordered your new card
01/30. We mailed your new card
01/31 post office picked up mail containing your new card
02.03. Card delivered in hand (EAD) Combo card

08/07/2119 We received your form I-131 , application For travel document
01/28/2020 Case approved

08/07/2019 We received your form I-130 . Petition for Alien Relative
02/24/2020 Case was approved

08/13/2019 We accepted the fingerprint fee for your for I-485. Application to Register Permanent Residence or Adjust of status. Our national benefits center location is working on your case.
12/19/19 We received your response for form I-485 (This was something regarding my previous marriage. They needed a divorce decree signed by the Judge)
01/10/2020 We are ready to schedule your for I-485 for an interview.
01/13/2020 We received response for form I-485 (Same thing, but at this time my lawyer sent and response to them. Good thing I didn’t wait for them to send it. I went ahead
01/14/20 We schedule your interview , wait for letter in the mail
and sent it right way , my lawyer took a month to send it.
02/18/2020 Interview Day . Didn’t last long , about 10 minutes . They only asked where we met. Where I work. We have any kids etc. My lawyer was with us. Same sex . San Jose office.
My Status online didn’t change , even after interview kept the same interview ready to be scheduled.
06/26 On June 26 2020 we sent a response to your inquiry about why your case is taking longer than our processing time .
(I sent I inquiry because they said that I could after 120 days) The answer was straight forward , saying that due to Covid-19 was taking longer but on that date my case was assigned to an officer for review.

Now the happiest day of my life
08/03/2020 we ordered your new card
08/05/2020 case was approved

My journey!!!
Now, just at the beginning of July I decided to go ahead and travel using my AP card .
 I thought that because of COVID it would take much longer and I haven’t seen my family for 15 years. I bought my tickets without my husband knowing about it, he would not approve that decision. Why? Because I had some criminal convictions, that I had to expunge before applying . They say [if you have had any crime in the past don’t travel on a AP. I Did! (Urban Legend)
On August third I was over seas in Brazil, having a good time with my family and I got a message from uscis that almost made my heart stop. Because my case could have been denied and I was going to be in big trouble, I called my husband here in the USA and together we checked the website. We cried of joy and happiness.
So, Yesterday I traveled back , I stopped in Mexico City over night. Stayed at a hotel. Then this morning I had my flight o Atlanta.
CBP was fast and courteous here, I stayed for only 15 minutes with them. They asked me where I went , if this was the first time leaving the country and for how long. Then I went with a nice lady that made questions related to COVID-19 and finish said , welcome to the USA.
I’m right now waiting for my flight to SF after 25 days abroad.
I hope this will give hope to some of you out there , just be patient and it will come for you. Don’t wait to travel if you have a travel permit card, it was given to you for a reason.
Focus and faith!!!
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Use valid ap travel. New ap ending, can friend mail new ap to me?
Hi everyone,

I have a valid ap until sep 28, and new ap pending since June.

and I will travel soon, if my new ap get approved in Sep, can my friend mail it to me?

I asked Uscis and emma. Asked a higher level staff. She said AP issued by Uscis. While enter USA is cpb.

But my lawyer said I have to get new new ap then leave, or my new ap will be abandoned. ( but I read Uscis, emergency travel- caution part, it will not abandon in this situation)

Thanks very much.
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Travel on August on AP
Hello everyone, i'm on AP approved until 2021. Was wondering if you know if I can go back to Italy and come back without problems in a month during this Covid mess. Thank you so much! Enjoy :)
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question about AP
I actually had AP before I applied 5 years ago through DACA because my grandma was sick so I did it under humanitarian. I got discouraged and never went because my mom consulted someone from an agency and said it was not safe so the $ I paid and everything went to waste. This time I have a i130 approved and I mailed my i485 two weeks ago and just waiting for the notice of action letter. I did not mail the i131 AP along side with the i485 because I did not think about it originally I was just happy I had all my evidence and documents ready to do i485. Question on the AP application, is it specific to ONE country? and there is also a question on there if you want this as a single entry or multiple, not sure which one to put. What did you guys do? also, if anyone had a AP approved already, can you post your timeline? thank you .
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Is it to late to apply for advanced parole ?
Hi all, I was curious if I’m still able to apply for advance parole to travel internationally while I have a pending 1-485 and I just got approved for my work permit... Is it to late to apply since it’s a combo card now?
In the US married to a US citizen
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Advance parole I-797C form received without any text
Hi Guys, i just recently applied for my advance parole since i didn't apply for it when i applied for ead and i have my ead already plus i figured i would apply now just incase uscis furlough happens in august and things get backed up. I sent my paperwork for advance parole on july 3rd 2020. Uscis received it on july 7th according to usps and it was signed by r. Mercardo at lockbox office in Chicago. I attached the notification form so uscis would text and email me when they receive my package and accept it but they didn't. Today July 21st 2020, 2 letters randomly showed up in my mailbox. The first letter was my i-797c noa receipt acknowledging that uscis received my advance parole application and they are processing it with a priority date of 07/07/2020. My receipt number starts with ioe instead of msc like my ead, i485 or i130 and uscis created an online account for me which is different from the "check my case" account. The 2nd letter was a notice from uscis saying they are going to reuse my biometrics and that i don't need to appear for new biometrics anywhere. I knew they were going to reuse my biometrics since my ead was approved on may 27 2020. Just wanted to post an update just incase anyone sent advance parole application and haven't received the usual text or email even if you attached the notification form; i guess they aren't notifying anyone now.
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Flying to Hawaii is it domestic or International?
Hi friends! Just have a question, does flying to Hawaii is considered a domestic flight or International flight with officers checking your entry to the US? Thanks!
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Anyone denied entry to Us?
Did anyone get denied the entry to US after traveling with AP or maybe know someone who had this experience. I see all your comments and it’s really encouraging but my lawyer still advice not to travel. She presented it like a trap, like if I travel I will get deported.
I’m married to a citizen and we have children (also citizens). I overstayer my visa for like a year and have no criminal record.
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Traveling with AP based on Pending Asylum
Hi Everyone. I have a pending asylum application since abril 2016.

And until this time I haven’t been called for the asylum interview yet, I have 4 years and 3 months waiting. And I have the emergency to travel. No to my country of course! I’m going to another country to visit a family member who is sick. Should I request the AP? Is it safe when you are on asylum process? Had anyone traveled with this same situation?

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How long to travel on EAD
My husband has a pending i485 and received his advanced parole card and wants to travel to Brazil. He has Crohns and has been dealing with complications from that and the doctors here are taking forever to get anything done, he’s been sick for months and he wants to go to Brazil to see his doctors there and be around his family. How long is too long to travel with advance parole? He would like to be gone for 2 months. He did overstay his Visa for 8 months. Our status is “ready to schedule interview” but god knows how long that will take. Thank you.
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