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I-131 and I-765 Sep 2019
Hi All,

I am wondering what is the processing time for AP and EAD. I already have one EAD and applied for GC EAD through marriage. anyone got EAD who applied in Aug 2019 or Sep 2019 or it is too soon to ask it from now?

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Renew EAD and Advance Parole
Hi guys. I just wanna ask a question . I have been waiting for my interview almost 17 months but after that Wich was in October 2019 and my PD Is may 2018. I didn't get any answer after the interview just a white paper saying to wait for 120 days for a decision. So I decided I wanna renew my EAD and apply this time for Advance parole Wich I didn't apply before. The first time I only apple for my EAD because I thought my GC wouldn't take me this long. But I am tired of waiting because I miss my family. I married a UC , family based
So I am planing to travel on March. I just send my papers today morning.
Do you know how long does it takes to renew EAD and get advance parole as well?
The first time it took 4 months. So I am worries how long it is gonna take now.
And do you of anybody who got denied i485 while was outside of US waiting for an answer and couldnt reentry to US ?
God's willing I am just praying and thinking positive but doesn't hurt to ask that. Thank you for your help.
I am planing to reentry San Francisco airport.
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Advance parole
Hello, does anyone have an experience with advance parole being rejected? I was advised by my lawyer that is not a good idea to apply for i131 because if it gets rejected it can delay processing time of i485.

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Refugee Travel Document Application Timeline
Hello. I applied for a Refugee Travel Document as an asylee and recently received it. I want to share my timeline with you:

July 3rd: Application sent by USPS.
July 8th: Application delivered to USCIS (P.O. Box in Texas).
July 10th: Receipt Notice Date. Case transferred to Nebraska Service Center.
August 16th: Biometrics appointment at the ASC.
August 29th: Fingerprint review complete.
November 26th: Application Approved. Refugee Travel Document Produced.
November 30th: Travel Document delivered by USPS.

I hope it helps. :)
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NBC August Fillers (Marriage-Based) Need Your Suggestions
Hello friends

I have applied for Combo card. PD is 08/26/2019.

It's been more than 100 days. However, looking at current processing times, I don't think it will be approved anytime soon.

The issue is I would have to travel to my Home Country in Feb 2020 and If I don't receive my Advance Parole by that time, I am in trouble. Can anyone advise what to do in this situation? Can we expedite Advance Parole Document? What are the criteria? Thanks
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Advance parole and denied application
My I485 application was denied because we did not show up for the interview (I was abroad that time). My lawyer said that I must be fine by travelling back using my AP (even though it says on the denial letter that my AP is automatically terminated). My lawyer said that since less than 30 days passed since denial, they will let me in. I doubted but still decided to travel back to the US with my husband. I got through the secondary inspection at the airport and the officer said that I'm paroled! I could not believe. The stamp says that I'm paroled and there's a date (until November next year).
I feel relieved now. but I wonder... Was my entry even legal? What if the immigration officer just did not notice my denied status and paroled me by mistake. I am worried now about possible consequences.
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What to bring with AP for travel outside of the country?
Hi all,
I got approved for my combo card a few days ago, and we are planning a trip outside of the country. My lawyer told me that I can just bring the combo card and the passport, but I am worried if I needed anything more. What should I bring along for travel outside? Also anyone have experience with IAD when coming back?

Thank you!
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Traveled on Advance Parole combo card
For any one who has any queries while traveling on EAD/Advance Parole combo card, feel free to go ahead and travel.

I drove to Vancouver on Dec 1st 2019 for a day trip from Seattle. On the way back at the US checkpoint, the officer told me that I will have to be Paroled and it is " A no big deal". I was directed to proceed to a secondary inspection.

It was around midnight and there was a shift change for the officers so had to wait about 10-15 mins. Apart from that, just a couple basic questions regarding my local address and what application for AOS is pending on thats it.

It was all so simple and the officer mentioned to feel free to travel as long as the EAD/AP card is valid.

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F1 - Advance Parole- Married to US citizen
Hi Fam,

I need your advice please. Here is my situation. I came in the US with a F1 visa and still maintain it till today. The thing is my I-20 is expiring at the end of the month of November, however i have the adjustment of status pending. I have been granted emergency advance parole to attend my dad funerals back home. I talked to my school DSO about it and the lady said if i don't attend school, i will be out of the status and my Sevis will be terminated. She asked for the notice receipt of my I-485 which i provided her with. I had to go home for my dad funerals. Do you think i will have any issues entering back the US with the emergency advance parole in my case? Will the DSO call immigration or something? Am just confused and scared. Any advise will be helpful.
Thanks and Happy Thanksgiving you all
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Travelled on EAD
Hi I am writing this if it can help anyone. I have recently visited my home country with my EAD (combo card having advance parole) and everything went smoothly. I have hesitant to go as was undocumented for a year but nothing happened the officer was really polite he guided me to the room for further checking but nothing happened the next officer just checked my card online and I was good to go. So everyone who got their cards and want to fly just go ahead and use it nothing will happened Best of Luck for everyone
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