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Advance Parole

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Approved Advance Parole
How long does it take to get Advance parole in hand after it was approved
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No issues at JFK with combo card
I traveled to a Caribbean island for 8 weeks. I returned to the US on Monday and I had no problems using my combo card. I was just redirected to another office for secondary screening only because I do not have the green card yet. The immigration officer looked at my combo card and passport, no questions asked and said everything is good, have a good evening .
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Used AP to Nigeria and back in the US
So here’s my experience, after so much fears and putting everything in line , I read a lot of good and bad stuffs on the internet but never read a bad experience about someone who was sent back using AP, so I decided to pray to God forgetting the risk, considering the fact that my case as been pending since 2019 after RFE I still went , I also have an overstay of two years , so the final day came, myself and my wife flew using delta airline , got home and through seeing my family and friends I took everything off my mind and enjoyed my stay , stayed 13days and the day came to move and I went back to being scared and optimistic, flew in through Atlanta airport , and in all honesty about 3 question where asked from us , for my wife he asked “who’s he to you” and my wife answered he’s my husband and one for me was “have you been to Europe “ and I said no because never been there , and he took us to another officer very close to him who asked of our house address from my wife and that was it , I wasn’t sent to secondary, the cbp officer said you can now leave sir/ma , stamped my passport and parole paper because I applied for my advance parole separately...

You can ask me questions
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Is it safe to travel on Ap ?
Just received ead/ap combo card. Is it safe to travel on it and come back ? Any things to consider?
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Do not be afraid to travel with Advance Parole
Hi. I am USC and my wife recently got her Advance Parole. It was our first trip outside of U.S. When we landed to JFK, the office just asked where we were (we were in MX for vacation) and took her to another room. Asked her if she was still married and she said yes and thats it. So if you have AP, do not worry, even during covid they will let you in.
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My experience
Hi l travel to my home country Jamaica for 5 weeks have no problem coming back it take around 10 mins to clear immigration..
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Travelled with AP from Italy
Hi, here my experience. I wanted to go back Italy (Banned country by US) for Xmas with my wife and son because was over a year without seeing my old parents.
We have three i\Italian passports and no one is US Citizen.

We knew and we were prepared to spend two weeks in a third country as Croazia, Turkey, Mexico or Santo Domingo but while there our attorney sent an email to CBP asking if with AP I can travel straight Italy-US or travel somewhere for 14 days. They replied since we have valid AP we don't need a to apply for a National Interest Exemption and we can fly straight. However I think there's a lot of confusion here. No one knows really the situation. We just printed that email and showed at the airport. Once you are on a place you are good. Arrived at NY airport the immigration process was so smooth.
Suggestion, contact the CBP and try to get something in writing.
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Advance parole to Nigeria
Please I’m here to find out about question that were asked using advance parole when coming back in and taken into secondary and if anything about how you got into the country with your b1/b2 visa was asked or why you overstayed etc , I have no criminal history whatsoever...thanks
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AP to Nigeria
Hi everyone! I want apply for advanced parole along with my mom and siblings. My biological dad/ My mom's husband is a US citizen, should I have anything to worry about? I am pending approval for my PR. It is an emergency visit.
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advance parole and travel document approved
I have an advance parole document in hand and the uscis officer told me I have to leave within 10 days starting 11/12/2020 and I should return to the US by 01/10/2020. I have previously applied for a regular travel document and it was approved today 12/15/2020 . question should I wait for the card to arrive and leave and come back whenever I want or even with that I'll still have to come back within the days stated on the advance parole paper? or can I leave now with the advance parole and have the card mailed to me there? thanks
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