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Combo Card extension
If my Combo card was expired and I got the 180 days extension can I travel out of the USA ? Does the extension goes for the AP also?
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Hello everyone
I want to ask did anyone travel with advance parole recently... I want to Nigeria and I have vawa pending any advice will be appreciated thanks
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AP cased closed
I applied for green card, EAD and AP

Just got notice for Biometric
Biometrics Appointment Was Scheduled
On June 18, 2021, we scheduled you for a biometrics appointment and sent you an appointment notice for Receipt Number IOE **** *. Please follow the instructions in the notice.

Case Closed Benefit Received By Other Means
On June 21, 2021, we closed your Form I-131, Application for Travel Document, Receipt Number MSC **** **** , because the applicant or petitioner received a status or benefit through other means.

I would like to know why my AP case was closed. Does anyone have an answer to this?
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EAD/AP combo card renewal
Anyone recently filed for EAD/AP combo card renewal? How long did it take? Also did you file 180 days or 120 days before the card expiration date? Thanks!
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Travel with Advance Parole from India during the travel ban
Hi, Does anyone know if the travel ban of April 30th from India to USA, applies for those with advance parole and currently in India?
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How to use advanced parole?
Hello! Can somebody tell me what do I need to use the advanced parole? Just the card or also approval notices? And how long can I be out of the country? I am still waiting for decision and my interview was completed two months ago.. thanks in advance.
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Ead renewal
Hello guys
How much does it cost to renew ead + advance parole
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Travel from Schengen area to the Unites States with advance parole combo card
Hello all,

I just wanted to share my experience after using my advance parole to enter US from the Schengen area. Beginning of April 2021, my husband and I traveled back to Greece to visit family. We are in the process of getting our Green cards for 2 years now and we both have advance parole EAD combo cards. My husband also has an H1B visa (faculty position in research) and he was able to secure a National Interest Exception from the embassy, allowing him to fly back to US directly from Greece. I was very worried about myself travelling back to US directly from the Schengen area due to the proclamation banning entry to pretty much everybody (exempt US citizens, green card holder and students) as the proclamation does not mention Advance Parole holders at all. Yesterday we took a flight from Athens to US via Paris (AirFrance and Delta airlines). The first checkpoint was at the Paris airport were our documents were checked by a US person from border control (CBD). I was surprised that they had someone there. After a careful check and a few questions we were both able to board the plane. They asked me if I also have National Interest Exception and I said no, I have my advance parole and apparently it was enough. I was sooo relieved! Then we arrived at JFK. At the border control we were taken to another room for extra questions. They asked again if I have a National Interest Exception and I said no, I have my advance parole. The officer insisted that since I am using my advance parole to enter US, my husband should be using his advance parole too (he is the Green card petitioner). He did not fight them on that and he also used hid advance parole to enter. After a couple more questions we were given our passports back and said we are good to go! From my experience I would say advance parole holders are able to travel back directly from Schengen area, without having to quarantine to another country for 14 days.
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Advance Parole

I’m hoping somebody will able to help me out. I applied for an Emergency Advance Parole on March 30, 2021 at the Atlanta Field Office. Lucky it got approved that same day, since it was an Emergency I left the next day. I came back to the U.S April 26th with no problems at all. I now have to renew DACA which I typically have an attorney do all the paperwork for me. Thankfully I now know how to do it on my own without having to spend over $500 on an attorney. My question is on For I-765 it ask for last entry to the U.S and obviously my previous entry was unlawfully but now it changed due to me being let back in the country in Advance Parole. Would I need to include that entry or should I just leave it as is. If anybody knows of this could you pleeeeease help me. I contacted my attorney just for that simple question but he didn’t wanna give me any info on it. In advance, TH YYYY X!
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AP Questions on Process

Originally on a F-1 visa, Married in June 2020
Documents were officially summited in Early August 2020
Mid August 2020 our online portal read received and that our documents are at the Texas center.

Since August:
The Biometric was completed at the end of March 2021
Tickets have been submitted to hear about our case.. no response back. We have been informed we cannot submit anymore, due to them being backed up.

I am looking for an idea of when to expect the AP card with or without EAD?
What are peoples experiencing?

Our portal has NOT been updated since the August received update... not even for the scheduling or the biometrics
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