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Drivers license
I just got my combo card, I had a license but it has expired since 2015. It was in a whole different state. Do I go apply as a new applicant or can I renew?
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28 days
I just came back from Africa Nigeria using advance parole,I spent 28 day in Nigeria,when I arrived at the port entry,I was called into a little room and I was there for about 5 mins and my name my called and the officer gave me back my passport and my combo card,I overstayed my visa for 2 years,I came into the United States with a b1/b2 visa , don’t be scared to use your advance parole
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Crossing the Border through land with Advance Parole
Hello I have a question my husband was granted I-131 and he left to Mexico but he wants to come back through land not through the airport. Will he have an issue if he drives through with his advance parole instead of flying directly to the US?
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i have quick question to ask concerning my AP. when I applied my I-131, i was asked how many days i expect to spend outside the U.S i put 14 days. I would like to go visit my family for 21 days is that okay? my combo card is still valid for 1 year
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Infopass Appointment Question
Hi All,

I was checking if I can schedule an infopass appointment at local USCIS field office & stumbled upon this information on USCIS website:

"If you are inside the United States, you can no longer schedule an appointment online using InfoPass for domestic offices. However, you can check your case status, see our case processing times, change your address, and use other tools on our website."

Can someone tell if this is true? We can't schedule an appointment anymore???
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About Advance Parole
Hi people I just have a question my I-485 is pending and I plan to apply for advance parole I just wandering what will happen if they scheduled my interview and they approved my case and my application for advance parole is still pending whether that means that I still can to get for free even if my case in meantime is approved or I have to pay them 535 dollars when they approved my case even if I applied when my I-485 is pending...? thanks in advance for response... I appreciate it
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Advance Parole Travel -Newark-Dubai-Mumbai and back
Dear All,

Wanted to share my experience of travelling using AP/EAD (I-485 pending) combo card and expired visa.

Visited Mumbai for 3 weeks. Flew Emirates from Newark airport to mumbai Airport with tansit in Dubai.

On return no issues at Mumbai or Dubai airport.

On arrival at Newark Airport US immigration took only 5 mins. First officer reviewed documents and took finger prints then escorted me to secondary inspection which took only 5 mins. They review your documents there and hand you the passport and AP card after review. Very smooth process.

Feel free to use your valid AP/EAD card to travel outside.
Just make sure with airlines (specially transiting countries) that they allow AP dcument. Some tranisting countries insist that Ap holders apply for transit visa.

If possible try to fly direct or use transit airports that accept AP (Emirates does)

Enjoy your travel with AP
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Used travel advance parole to travel to Brazil
Hello everyone,

I am so thankful to God to this forum and all the people who posted your experience here. I was afraid to travel but I took a chance after reading some experiences here. I traveled to Brasil for 23 days I just came back 2 days ago. I spent Christmas and New year with my family after 15 years. I overstated my visa and I was skeptical that I could have problems to reentry in USA. I went tru Fort Lauderdale and the officer sent me to second inspection which took 20 minutes waiting and no questions all I had to show was passport and advance parole.
Please don’t be afraid of traveling go enjoy your family.
It is a such relief to be able to go home.
I hope this helps anyone who is not sure about using advance parole.
God bless you all!
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Advance parole
Hi everyone I was a regular reader of this site looking for answers to comfort my self with ppl that have used there combo card that have travel abroad. I have some good news for anyone who is looking to travel outside of the USA.i just came back from Jamaica using my combo card I when down on 12/25/19 and came back on the 01/02/2020. My port of exit and entry was jfk. While abroad I was enjoying myself but not enjoying my self cause my mind was about coming back and what to expect. When I checked in in jam at the airport I showed the lady at the airline desk my combo card and she just printed out my boarding pass and give me. When I reached at jfk I show a lady that was telling travelers were to go and she send me to immigration when I reach immigration I showed him my passport and combo card and he finger print my and ask me to fellow him to secondary processing that take about 10mins he handed me my passport and combo card and said I could go. Happy to be back in America. I didn't see my family for 17 years this is my experience I hope it is helpful to anyone looking to travel using their combo card GOOD LUCK.
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Travel with Combo card
Hi! I am thinking of traveling with my combo card.
My vawa process still pending, And I want to travel for 17 days to visit my sick grandmother.
Did someone ever enter from Charlotte NC Airport? Is it safe for me to travel?
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