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EAD/Ap. Hi good morning to all
Please help me in this , i have received my combo card last week without finger prints ,am here staying more than 7 years , now i realy want to see my mom and my father has a health issue . can i travel to india with this combo card , is there any issue whenreturn to US, PLease advice me how long i can stay with my parents,
Thank you Please help in this , thank you very much
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Hi, I have my AP and I have traveled two times last year. I traveled while my vawa and i 485 were pending. Now my vawa is approved. I want to go home and see my family because it has been more than a year but I am scared with covid that they might cause problems. Has anyone traveled with AP since COVID started? Can you share your experiences?
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Replacing my combo card
Hey guys my EAD/AP combo card was approved 3 months ago through vawa and I just lost it I would like to replace it Do u think I need to send advance parole application again ? what documents should I send them to replace my combo card ?
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Travel to El Salvador with health problems?
Hi all,

My father is a TPS recipient and was granted advanced parole to leave the country to go to El Salvador. We understand the risk he is taking by leaving the US but he is extremely nervous that he will be denied reentry into the US due to his health problems; he has cancer. He has no criminal records.

Has anyone on here left the US while having health problems?
Also, how was your experience reentering the country? Any problems?

Thank you in advance! Stay safe
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Hello family,

Good news of the day?? My ADVANCE PAROLE - TRAVEL PERMIT was produced yesterday!!!!

I’m so happy!!

Now question, is it safe to travel outside of the US with this document? My husband serves in the army and I have a military ID. Would that possibly back me up perhaps?

Anyways, I appreciate the answers and I wish us good luck throughout this journey. Hang in there everyone!!
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EAD renewal
when renewing EAD on item 25 " your current immigration status or category" what status you use??
Do you use the same immigration status on your last arrival( item 24?? or you use "adjustment of status applicant"??
thanks in advance
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Travel to Mexico with Advance Parole?
Hi all. My wife recently got her advance parole and we want to go to Mexico for a vacation! So I have two questions,
1) If we get the visa, will Mexico allow us to board to a plane from Mexico?(sorry if it is irrelevant, but hoping it comes across people who have traveled)
2) Will the immigration allow her re-enter since the trip was for pleasure?
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AP status stuck on case is received
Hey guys,

So my PD for I-130, I-485, I-765 and I-131 is June 17th 2020.

Biometrics was done on August 14th 2020 and my case status for I-765 changed to "show fingerprints were taken"

On August 26th my I-485 changed to "case is ready to be scheduled for an interview"

On Oct 22nd 2020, my I-765 changed to "new card is being produced"

The status for my I-131 and I-130 has not changed from "case is received"

I really need to travel to my home country for the death of 3 immediate family members. Do you think they will be sending me a combo card or just the work permit since there has been no update for my I-131?????
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I131 - Part 4.a.
Question: I am filling in the form for the renewal of Advanced Parole. For the item 4.a. "Have you ever been issued reentry permit or refugee Travel Document", should I say yes or no (I only had the approval for advanced parole).

Or should we skip this part blank as I am non-DACA applicant.

Thank you!
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EAD/Advance Parole Renewal Question
Hi Fam,

Quick question? To renew the the combo card, do we mail out the two forms (I765 & I131) together in one envelope or mail them out separately? Do we need to add any other documents than the ones listed below:

Many thanks for your help :)

PAssport copies
Photocopy of 485 receipt/ Approval Notice (i-797)
 I-485 Receipts
Copy of EAD/AP card
Marriage certificate copy
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