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Advance Parole no Passport
Hi everyone,

I was a DACA recipient before getting married so I will post my timeline here for anyone that is wondering how mine is going. I sent in my application in July 2020, I got my combo card in December 2020 and now my case has been ready to get scheduled for an interview. USCIS used my previous fingerprints from my DACA application so I didn't have to go do them again, but, they didn't refund the biometrics fee. I haven't been to Mexico in about 10 years, I don't have a passport. I see some people get their passport stamped as "PAROLED" wondering if I were to travel outside the US, would I have an issue knowing I don't have a passport? Appreciate your comments and input.
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Biometric Appointment before AP or Combo Card??

Before getting your combo or AP did you have to get a biometric appointment done? We submitted for the AP with the change of status back in august 2020, we are at 6 months and have not heard anything. Trying to figure out if there is something like the biometric appointment that has to be done before receiving the AP ??
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After reading many positive post and comments I took to the flight to Africa for 3 months.I just returned to the USA today 14 February 2021 and was paroled inn in less than 3minutes of waiting in the secondary inspection roo.
I think nobody should be afraid using AP.
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I need a Male here with Vawa experience
i applied for vawa 2019 and still pending. i just wanna hear someone in the same boat especially for a man and their timeline and experience
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Advanced Parole and Waiver (criminal)
Has anyone travelled with an Advance Parole and a Waiver? I have a waiver from my E2 visa which is good for 5 years. However, I've just recently received my I-131 combo card and am very concerned that the CBP folks won't understand my waiver. Any experiences out there? A bit of an interesting experience!
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What is the process after submitting w/ a change of status?

My husband is in the process of getting a change of status through marriage. We applied for the advance parole with his change of status in Aug 2020. We have not heard anything since we have received our notification that our application has been received. AFTER submitting, is there anything we should be getting notified about or doing before his advance parole or combo card comes? What is the PROCESS after submitting? Timeline?
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How long will it take for my i-131 to be approved?
I have applied for my EAD and AP simultaneously throughout marriage on July 2020 in Texas
I have not received any news from my work permit nor my advanced parole. I’m very worried. Amy one esle have the same experience?
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traveled to Mexico with Advance Parole
Hi everyone!
Thanks to everyone posting positive feedback from their travel, my husband and I traveled to Mexico(land border). We were only there for a weekend. Both of us have combo cards/advance parole. We were both born in Mexico. We traveled back to the USA on Sunday afternoon and used the Calexico port of entry. We were sent to secondary inspection since it was the first time being paroled in. They checked our car and documents. They asked if it was the first time traveling and the reason for our travel. They were going to turn us away because we got there right before they closed. We didn't know they closed that border at 2pm, but they were nice enough to let us know we could wait for them to find someone to stamp our I-94. We waiting about 2 hours for them to print out an I-94 and have someone stamp it. They let us know when we travel to use the I-94 and our combo card so that we didn't have to wait that long. We were so happy to have gone! We have not been to our home country since we were kids. Because of Covid we didn't do much as this was only to see family we had not seen in years. We also traveled with our baby who is a US Citizen, we took his passport. We definitely plan on going back. It was still a nerve wrecking experience but we were so happy to have done it. Truly grateful. Let me know if anyone has any questions.
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Has anyone gone to Nigeria with an AP? Pls share your experience. I want to travel to Nigeria and I have been told to buy Delta airline ticket, but their own is very expensive. What other airline is safe to travel with, that is familiar with AP? Share your opinion please.
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Timelines and Processes of Advance Parole
Hello my husband and I were married in June 2020, I am an American citizen and my husband is here on his OPT. We applied for the change of status and the advance parole all together in August 2020. Our paperwork is showing to be at the National Benefits Center. It is showing that applications submitted in June had a 5.5 to 7.5 timelines for the advance parole. We are now at 5.5 months and looking to find more information. My husband has a family member who has been struggling with health and he is trying to see them asap. We have not heard anything about our application. What is the processes after submitting? Should we be seeing something before he get his advance parole to travel ? Does anyone else have a timeline similar to us or advice for us.
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